Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 28th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 28th February 2014 Written Episode, Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 28th February 2014 Written Update

UpdatThe Episode starts with Tau ji asking Didi what have you mixed in the kheer. Rajveer is running towards the home. Didi gets tensed and says I have mixed sugar in it. Simran says Didi is lying. Tau ji asks why did you go in Simran’s kitchen. Didi says fine, I will tell the truth. She says I also wanted to eat the Kheer so I went there. She says I have eaten some kheer and came to know it has less sugar, so I have mixed it. She cries trying to fool everyone. Simran says don’t trust her Tau ji, she is lying. Didi says we are siblings, how can I think to kill you, trust me. She says I m not so low to do this. Tau ji says its ok, no more explanations needed, I trust you. He says you eat this Kheer and show me. Didi is shocked.


says I will forget everything, come on eat this and show me. Didi looks at the Kheer and says Simran should eat it first. Simran says it has poison, why will eat it. Didi says it does not have poison. Simran says then eat it and show. Prove me wrong. Didi says fine. Rajveer reaches home and sees Didi with the Kheer. He looks at Simran. Didi cries and says Rajveer its good you came, see how they are blaming me. She says don’t forget anything, remember everything. She eats the Kheer and says see now I m fine. She says I have eaten this Kheer and nothing happened to me. She says it does not have poison. She faints getting unwell. Everyone are shocked.

Tau ji tries to wake her up. She opens her eyes and says don’t shout, I m fine. She says I did not die, I m alive. She says I did not add any poison. Chanchal says its a miracle. Didi says its not a miracle, but the truth has come out. Simran is proved wrong infront of Tau ji. Didi asks him to ask Simran why did she tell this lie. Simran is shocked. Tau ji looks at Simran. Didi asks Simran to give an answer now. Rajo smiles. Tau ji scolds Simran for blaming Didi. He gets angry on Simran’s lie.

Tau ji says I m sad that I m giving you the village’s responsibility and you lied to me. Didi says make me the sarpanch and take her name back. Tau ji says no, I know she lied, but its her first mistake. He says anyone can do a mistake. He says we should give her one more chance. He says I can punish you for your second mistake, so don’t lie to me from now on. Rajveer looks on. Simran cries and leaves. Didi says see she did not get any punishment, its not fair. Didi signs Rajo to come with her. Didi asks Rajo to make tea for her. Rajo asks how did you do this.

Didi says I made her fall in her own trap. She says it was decided that we will give poison to Tau ji. She says Rajveer had to do this, but Rajveer was not at home. Rajveer and Simran have a talk. Rajveer says did you see she mixed the poison. Simran says no. Rajveer says Didi is very smart, she did not mix poison, but sugar. Simran says how did she come to know our plan. Didi says Rajveer left his phone at home. She says Rajveer is my son but Tau ji did his upbringing. She says now I feel Rajveer is under Simran’s control.

Rajveer says Didi has a doubt on us. Simran asks Rajveer to be clever with Didi. Chanchal tells Dadi and Tai ji what happened. Tai ji says I think Simran is getting into greed. Dadi says I trust Simran more than myself, she will not blame anyone without any proof. Tai ji says it means Simran was right. Dadi says I gave birth to Didi, I m sure that she can go to any extent for her profit. Rajveer tells Didi about his friend’s accident. He says trust me. Didi says fine, I believe you. She asks him how did the accident happen. Rajveer says by his bike speeing. She asks his name. Rajveer says Sandeep. Didi asks where does he live. Rajveer gives the address.

Didi questions him further. Rajveer gets tensed. Didi asks in which hospital he is, and whats the room no. Rajveer answers everything. Didi says fine, leave all this, tell me will you be with you always. Rajveer says yes, I m with you. Didi laughs and says fine, prove it to me. Rajveer says how. Didi smiles and takes out a gun. She says like this. Rajveer is shocked.

Rajveer comes with the gun to kill the whole family. He asks Didi to say whom should he shoot first. Everyone are shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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