Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 26th July 2013 Written Episode Update

showwwwwww 26th July 2013 Written Episode, showwwwwww 26th July 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Simran breaking all the promises she made in the marriage. She says I will be your friend for 21 days then I will forget everything. Kaisa ye ishq hai.. plays..
Simran thinks about her marriage with Rajveer. He leaves, Simran cries and says I know you took my promises to show me that you don’t love me, but I know you love me, and I can never forget this, and for this I have a right on you and maybe the promises can be broken but I can’t forget my rights, never. Chanchal brings tea for Didi. She says Simran should have brought the tea, why you brought it. Chanchal takes Simran’s side. Didi says you have to call her for work. Didi says Simran should do all the work alone. She asks her to call Simran and says I will take tea from her hands. She asks to reheat the

tea again.

Daddu says give me this tea, I will drink it. He jokes on Didi. Chanchal laughs. Didi asks jhumri is Baldev fine. jhumri says he is fine. Didi says why is he sleeping till now. jhumri says he wakes up late. Didi asks her to wake him up and tell him to get ready as she has to go somewhere. Everyone does not like Didi’s behavior and makes faces. Simran is getting ready. Rajveer looks at her. Chanchal comes to her and says come down, make tea for Didi. Simran asks why, she says we don’t question her and just follow what she says, you also do this. She asks Simran to wake up soon. She says Didi wants you to work in morning. Simran says yes.

Baldev wakes up and comes downstairs. He is still feeling sleepy. Didi scolds him and says its afternoon and you think its night. She warns him saying you should never wake up late. Everyone are sitting in the hall. Tau ji asks jhumri to give tea to Didi. Didi says I want tea from Simran only. Simran asks Rajveer what did I do, Rajveer says maybe she doubts on you. Simran says I did not do anything, Rajveer says did you forget, you did a mistake by taking shagun by left hand. Rajveer says Didi is very smart. Simran says don’t make me fear, I m getting tensed. Simran says I have to go down, you wish everything is fine. Rajveer says you wait, I will go and see what does Didi want. Simran smiles seeing Rajveer’s care. Rajveer comes and asks Didi what does you want to drink tea made by Rajveer. Didi scolds him too. Rajveer gets angry. Everyone looks on.

Didi says you are taking your wife’s side, and she laughs. She asks Chanchal who made you a saas, you don’t have that saas thing, else Rajveer will be dancing on Simran’s fingers. Baldev says its not like that, they are newly married thats why. Didi says its good if he stops dancing. Didi says jhumri now I understand why you are childless. Rajveer comes to Simran. She says is everything fine, does she doubt on me. He says I could not find anything. Simran says why are you angry. He says she is calling you, go. Simran says you stopped me. Rajveer says don’t take it anything seriously what Didi says, there is no other option. Simran leaves.

Didi says I speak whats in my heart. Simran comes there with the tea. Didi looks at her angrily. Simran greets her good morning. Didi scolds Simran and says I waited a lot for your tea, if this is not right, then see what I do. She tastes the tea. Everyone look at her response. Didi likes the tea. Simran and everyone smile. Didi asks her to sit, Simran says how can I sit beside you. Didi likes her reply. Simran thinks about Rajveer’s words and neglects Didi’s taunts. Didi asks her what work do you know. Simran says I can do any work. Didi asks Simran to make food for her and says some dishes. Simran gets tensed. Rajveer hears this and thinks how ill Simran manage to cook this.

Simran is making the food. Didi comes there and says I know how to read faces. It looks like you are making this for the first time


Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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