Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 24th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 24th May 2013 Written Episode, Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 24th May 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with a scene in Rajveer’s house. Everyone are celebrating Rajveer’s arrival. Simran calls Rajveer and the phone rings. Baldev picks up the phone and asks who is speaking. Simran does not say anything, He puts the phone. Simran asks her dad to call. She says it will be a big thing if a girl calls Rajveer. His dad says ok and calls. This time Jhumri picks up the call, and she says they are celebrating Rajveer’s arrival. He says I m Rajveer’s boss. She says I m Jhumri, his aunt. Khanna says he had to talk to Rajveer about an important call, Jhumri tells Rajveer that there is a call for you. Rajveer is shocked. Everyone are happy.

Rajveer goes and speaks and says hello. Simran is happy to hear his voice. He is shocked to

know its Simran. He smiles as he feels happy. Simran, with tears in her eyes, keeps quiet. Tau ji comes and says Rajveer to hurry up. Tau ji asks whose call is it, Rajveer gets tensed. Rajveer says its from my office. Tau ji says he will explain them, and he takes the call. Simran hears Tau ji’s voice, Tau ji asks her to call later. Simran does not talk. Tau ji scolds her and Simran gives the call to her dad. Khanna speaks to Tau ji in English, and he gives the phone back to Rajveer. Rajveer says he won’t return to Singapore, and there is nothing important to him than his family. He says let me be with peace, and you too be with peace. Tau ji is happy with Rajveer and praises him. Simran cries, Rajveer is sad too.

Everyone ask Rajveer what he brought for them. His mum says he got tired, don’t trouble him. Jhumri says she was fearing when she heard a girl’s voice on his phone. His mum praises him, and says Jhumri is joking. She says its a good thing that he came back. Dadi also says the same. She sees the laughing Buddha and Rajveer says its a gift from a friend. Rajveer sats its easy to make friend, but to keep it is tough. Rajveer’s father hears this.

The next morning, Rajveer is sitting with the laughing Buddha. His sister calls for him, and his sister tells someone came to meet you. He sees and is shocked that its Simran. Kaisa ye ishq hai.. plays.. They both look at each other.
Simran says you did not meet me once before coming here, she says answer me, he says I have answered you in the letter. She says I don’t think about it. He says I cannot make the relation even if I want. You should understand it. She says I don’t want to understand as I came to know that you love me too, and I have left Singapore and came to you forever, to make you mine. And you cannot to your family about me, the scene shows Rajveer is thinking all this.
Its actually kaki, and Rajveer touches her feet and makes an excuse and leaves. His father notices few changes in him.

Rajveer is in his room, and his father comes and talks to him. Rajveer says he was not getting sleep in Singapore, and now the same thing is happening. His father says you get the best sleep at your home, are you fine, Rajveer says yes, why are you saying all this. He says even I don’t understand, but I feel you heart is still there in Singapore. Rajveer says its not like that, it takes time to adjust. Rajveer’s father says tell me if something is troubling you. I know you, to make Tau ji happy, you sacrifice yourself. If there is any problem, tell me, I will talk to Tau ji. Rajveer says no, I m fine, there is no problem. He says your Tau ji has seen a girl for you. Rajveer is shocked.

He says he wishes that he marries a educated girl who help in achieving his dreams. Rajveer thinks of Simran. He says, but the girl is uneducated. He says if you don’t like, I will talk to Tau ji, i will even fight for you. Rajveer says its not like that, family’s happiness is more important to me, than my happiness. If the girl is not educated, it does not matter. Even Maa, Dadi are uneducated, but they are very good. Tau ji chose the girl, and he must have thought about it. Tau ji comes there and says good to Rajveer, he says your father looked into your heart, but your answer made me happy. Tau ji says we will decide the engagement and wedding dates tomorrow. Rajveer is shocked.

Jazz asks Simran to call Rajveer, Simran calls him and says Rajveer…. just tell me once you love me. Simran tells her dad that she is going to India, she is very happy.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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