Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 22nd July 2013 Written Episode Update

Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 22nd July 2013 Written Episode, Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 22nd July 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Khanna getting worried because of Baldev. Khanna says about Dumbroos massage. Hoshiyar asks Khanna to leave. Baldev asks him to stay with them. Simran is making food with other women. Tai ji is sad thinking about Himmat. Dadi asks her what she is doing. She asks him to take food for Himmat. Tai ji says Himmat is in his room, not even opening his door. Tai ji is worried about Himmat. Dadi asks her to talk to Himmat. Simran says shall I also come with you. Tai ji says no, you stay away from these issues. Simran says I m this house’s bahu and its my responsibility, if I can be with you in joy, I can be in sadness too. Chanchal says take her with you. Tai ji agrees and takes Simran with her. Chanchal smiles.

Tai ji knocks

Himmat’s door. Tai ji asks him to open the door, else she will also not have food. Himmat opens the door and sees Simran also. Tai ji asks him to have food. Himmat says I? know you care for me, but I won’t have food. Tai ji insists. Himmat drinks water and says I m not hungry now, take the food back. Simran says what about your mother. Think about your mum. Simran says till you don’t eat, she will also stay hungry. Atleast eat for her sake. Himmat says you got the habit like Rajveer. Himmat asks her to stay away from her issue. Simran speaks well and says you don’t have any argument with me, I know you .love your mother a lot. Himmat says what will you do knowing about me. Simran says may be I can help you. Himmat says I have to live without my wife, I hear people’s taunts. Himmat shares his pains with Simran. Tai ji looks on. Simran says if I talk to Tau ji about this, then. Himmat says no benefit from it. Simran says shall I bring her home without talking to Tau ji. She asks him to trust her and see.

Himmat apologizes to Simran for yesterday’s incident. Simran asks him to have food. Tai ji makes him eat. Himmat says give me, I will eat myself. Simran and Tai ji leave. Himmat thinks against Simran and says I did not forget anything. He thinks of finding out everything about Simran. Khanna greets Tau ji and speaks in their favor, and says he will not forget their love and care. Tau ji says you were in difficulty and we helped you. Khanna says you have explained me the relations. Daddu says you became well, thats good. Baldev asks him to show them exercises. Tau ji also insists. Khanna is shocked and Rajender is tensed.

Khanna gets up and does few exercises. Khanna’s moustache falls. Baldev sees it and tells Tau ji about it. Everyone are shocked. Hoshiyar and Rajender gets tensed. Khanna is caught.
Tau ji looks at Khanna. Simran comes there. Tau ji says it was fake, what does this mean. Khanna signs Hoshiyar to say. Tau ji gets angry. Simran is shocked. Rajveer looks on and says now we have to tell everything to Tau ji. Khanna is shocked. Tau ji says yes, say. Rajveer says its my mistake.

Rajveer says he is my father-in-law and its my duty to help him, so I went to make his beard. By mistake, I had cut his moustache. So, he wore a fake one till he gets a new moustache. Tau ji is convinced by Rajveer and laughs. Baldev and everyone also laugh. Simran thanks Rajveer for saving his dad, she says you love me but you are not accepting this fact. Tau ji says you have cut hid moustache, its really funny. Tau ji gets a call from the jailer. He tells him about his sister’s release. Didi is released. She comes to the jailer and asks him why they have released her. The jailer tells its from the government’s side. He says you can go home today, Tau ji might be coming to take you.
The jailer says we will miss you. Didi says oh, so you are sad, I know to read the faces, you were waiting for this day. Didi scolds the jailer.

Simran asks about Didi and why is everyone fearing her. Rajveer says she has murdered her husband. Simran is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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