Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 1st May 2013 Written Episode Update


Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 1st May 2013 Written Episode, Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 1st May 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Rajveer and Simran criticizing the food, Simran asks him what to add to the dishes to make them indian and authentic. He says he does not know as he is not a cook. They both start fighting. She says she has just come to help him out. He says she should have learn cooking and also know about indian taste. She says to help the cooks with some recipe else her job will be fired. He thinks of something, and calls his mother.

Tau ji becomes happy to receive Rajveer’s call. Tau ji gives the phone to Rajveer’s mother. She asks how he is, he says he is fine. He asks them to take care of themselves. She tells him to tell them if he has any problem there. He says yes he has a small problem and He asks his mother about the recipe

of Dal Makhani.

She overreacts and thinks he is cooking and became a cook in Singapore. His mother says she has not let her son enter kitchen and he has become a cook there. He asks her the recipe, but she shouts on him, and asks him to book a ticket and come. Simran is restless and constantly asks about the recipe.

Rajveer then calls Simran’s dad and asks the recipe. He asks him to help him out. Simran’s dad tells him the recipes and Rajveer notes down on a paper. Simran also calls her dad but get a busy tone on his phone. Her dad picks the call and says he is busy on another call. Her dad then continues to tell him the recipes.
Rajveer thanks him. Her dad feels happy to talk to Rajveer and says he likes Rajveer as he is straight talking man.

Rajveer’s mother, gets a dream that Rajveer is with a foreign woman. She cries and asks her husband to call Rajveer as soon as possible so that he does not get involved with any foreigner. Her loud cry is heard by everyone in the house and everyone gather there, they all come to her and ask what happened. They say its just a dream.

Rajveer makes the dal. Simran tastes it and likes it, she says she will keep the food condensed for two days, if the taste is same, then they will go ahead with the recipe. Rajveer says he will also taste. But the dal falls on his shirt. He goes to clean it to washroom.

Rajveer’s phone rings, and Simran picks the phone. Everyone are shocked to hear a female voice on Rajveer’s number. Tau ji also hears and is much shocked and hurt thinking Rajveer broke his promise.
Daddu and everyone ask Tau ji what he heard on the phone. Tau ji says Rajveer and a girl….
His mother cries a lot.

Rajveer comes there and is shocked to hear from Simran that she spoke to his family. Rajveer faints. His mother overreacts and she too faints while crying thinking Rajveer has become a servant of a foreign woman.

Rajveer also overreacts and says Simran that its a very big thing for his family to hear a female voice on his phone as they will misunderstand.
Rajveer’s dad says they should not get to the conclusion so fast, it is not necessary that Rajveer is dating someone, we should find out clearly. Tau ji is angry and thinks over it
Rajveer calls Tau ji. He hears his mother shouting and crying, she says he has ruined everything. Rajveer says Tau ji that they are misunderstanding. Tau ji scolds Rajveer and says he became a cook abroad, Rajveer says its his company’s work and explains Tau ji that there is a big factory in Singapore. Tau ji still scolds. Rajveer says Tau ji that did he think Rajveer is of loose character, he listens to Tau ji’s words as commands for him, Rajveer says Simran ust works with him, there is no such thing.

Rajveer says if he does not trust him, then he will come back home. Tau ji asks him to speak the truth. Rajveer takes his oath and says he is not lying. Tau ji becomes calm, he says he trusts him, but not any girl.
Tau ji asks him to tell the girl not to come close to him. Rajveer says ok and disconnects the call. The episode ends.

Jazz is happy with Rajveer. Simran says Rajveer asked the recipes from her dad, Rajveer is shocked to know that its Simran’s dad who offered him free food.
Rajveer gets a call from Tau ji and comes to know that he has sent few photos and girls and they decided to get him married.

Update Credit to: Amena

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