Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 19th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 19th February 2014 Written Episode, Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 19th February 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Tau ji and Baldev talking to Gabru. Gabru is dressed as a Baba and fooling them. He asks them to think about him. Tau ji says he does not do anything, he is not smart. Baldev says he always want money and want to make films. Gabru says give it to him, he will bless you. Baldev laughs and says I heard this for the first time. Tau ji says I don’t have any problem in giving him money, but he is mentally weak, he brings silly stupid films. Its like ruining money. Gabru gets angry and praises himself. Tau ji says do you know him. He says no, I did not even meet him, but I can see by my powers that he is talented, give him money. Tau ji says I will think. jaggi comes and says Tau ji and Baldev has to see the work. Gabru

says carry on, I will also leave soon. Tau ji and Baldev leaves.

Simran and Rajo are looking at Gabru. Rajo is waiting for Simran. Simran comes to Gabru and greets him. Simran and Gabru fool Rajo. Gabru gives her a taweez. Simran is happy. Rajo is shocked. Rajo thinks i will see how Simran makes Rajveer have the taweez, I will end your game today. She thinks where did Rajveer wear the taweez. Simran calls Rajveer and asks him to meet. Rajveer says I wore this taweez but I don’t have the strength to do this. I can’t get angry on you, I love you, let Rajo do whatever she wants. Simran sees Rajo and lets her know that she is meeting Rajveer. Rajo hears this and says I will see you today.

Rajveer meets Simran and hugs her. Rajo looks on. Rajveer says I can’t be without you. He says we are going out today, will you come. Rajo thinks Simran is controlling him. Simran asks Rajveer to return the taweez and wear a new one. Rajo sees the taweez and gets angry. Rajo comes and stops Simran from tying the taweez to Rajveer’s hand. Rajo takes the taweez and starts arguing. Simran says I have taken this for his good. Rajo says you think I m a fool, I know what it is for. Simran says you know everything now. Rajo says now see what happens. Rajveer starts acting.

He asks why am I here. He asks Rajo what did Simran tell. Rajo says nothing, she was doing blackmagic on you to control you. She shows him the taweez. Rajveer calls Tau ji and comes to everyone shouting. He drags Simran in the hall. Everyone are shocked. Tau ji asks why did you do this. Rajveer says you have to take the decision today else I will kick her out of the house. Rajo smiles. Everyone asks what did Simran do. Rajveer tells them what Simran did and shows them the taweez. He says she is doing blackmagic on me. Didi enters the house and looks on.

Rajveer tells everyone that Simran tried to make me hers by doing the black magic. Didi hears this. He says she has killed my happiness. She should be punished. Rajo is happy to see Didi. Didi smiles. Chanchal says you are right, she has done a big mistake that married you. Chanchal says from today I m dead for you, I m not your mum. Chanchal scolds Rajveer. Rajveer and everyone are shocked. Chanchal asks Simran to forget Rajveer. She supports Simran.

Didi comes to Simran and scares her. Simran is shocked. Didi says Rajveer did the right thing today. He says I m very happy today seeing that. She says I was fearing I will lose him by you, but I m sure he does not love you anymore, he hates you, if you have self esteem, jump in this fire. Simran cries. Didi says your face shows that you are gone. She says so you lost to me and accepted your defeat. She laughs and leaves.

Rajveer apologizes to Simran and says I love you Simran. She says I love you Rajveer. They are about to kiss.

Update Credit to: Amena

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