Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 16th May 2013 Written Episode Update

Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 16th May 2013 Written Episode, Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 16th May 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with upset Rajveer seeing Simran hugging Jimmy and holding her hands while talking. He looks at the orchids and gets very agitated. he throws the orchids on table and leaves the room. Simran comes and gets very happy seeing the orchids on Raj’s table. She quickly opens up the box of halwa for Raj which is prepared by Mr Khanna. When Raj comes into the office cabin Simran smiles all happy and Raj is still upset. She asks sweetly if he came after a fight and Raj lashes out saying, “that’s what you think about me that I always fight with everyone and I cant do anything else.” Simran asks for whom Raj has bought the orchids and after giving a long glare he throws the orchids into trash bin. Simran screams, “you have gone mad and

you don’t know what are you doing.” Raj shouts too, “yes I’m loud, weird and behaves like animal.” Simran is unable to understand this sudden anger and Raj clearly declares, he would prefer to be alone now. They started fighting over making noise and after another argument, Raj leaves the cabin.

Scene shifts to Hariyana, Raj’s house: Tauji, Baldev and postman are talking about the female nominee of Sarpanch of the village. Tauji gets furious hearing the name of his son Bharat whom he has thrown away from his house and family for defaming him. Tauji threatens Baldev, he shouldn’t have included bharat’s name in the list of family members and he should cut it right now or else Tauji will thrown Baldev out of house as well. Scene shifts to Dadaji and Dadiji, they are again having a tiff as dadaji calls his wife chudail . Tauji is still upset over the mention of Bharat.

Scene shifts to Mr. Khanna. He seems a furious Simran coming back home. he asks weather she even gives halwa to Rajveer or not? Simran isnt talking but Mr. Khanna keep teasing her. Mr. Khanna soon gets Raj and Simmy must have gone through an argument again. he says Raj is good by heart and he knows it. he must have said something by heart to Simran and she reacted. Simran says, since he didn’t give her the orchids so she didnt give him the halwa either Mr Khanna is amused and starts laughing, he says love stories starts from animosity and turns into love Simran gets mad saying how could Rajveer’s fav actress is Asha Parekh and he wants a wife like her role in Mein Tulsi Teri Angan ki and Mr Khanna says, “why are you bothered with whatever type wife Raj wants’ Simran tersely says yea why I would bother and leaves the place.

Next day in office, Simran and Rajveer are busy exchanging angry glances and words. Raj gets angry when he finds Simran’s coffee mug on his desk and says madamji. but Simran gets angry and says, I have a nice name given by my parents – Simran. dont call me madamji. Raj mumbles angrily n gives the coffee mug back on Simran’s desk.

Scene shifts back to Hariyana, Tauji’s wife Rampyari is upset seeing her son Bharat’s photo and that time Tauji comes to room calling her name. She drops the photo on the floor scared. Tauji doesnt notice the photo but Rampyari is busy hiding it, tense. Tauji notices that and asks, why she is crying. She tries to avois but Tauji assumes she is upset over the decision of making Baldev’s wife Sarpanch instead of his own wife.

Scene shifts back to office, Raj sees Jimmy hugging a lot of other girls and realizes this is not Hariyana and a mare bug between a girl and boy probably means nothing and starts feeling bad thinking probably he misunderstood Simran.

Rajveer is telling Simran a idiom of their village, “har dost ko gale lagana and har dushman pe talwer uthana munasif nehi hai” Simran is clueless and asks, why are you telling ME this he says if you like it sorry and if u dont still sorry Simran says I love you to Rajveer

Update Credit to: Phoenix

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