Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 16th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 16th July 2013 Written Episode, Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 16th July 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Rajveer and Simran having a heated argument. Simran says what can we I do, I cannot stay with you and I cannot leave this house. You should talk with your family. If you want, I will go away from your life for always and you tell your family that I met with an accident and you did not get my body. Simran looks at Rajveer. Simran says did you feel bad hearing about my talk. Rajveer says I m feeling bad that you want me to lie again.
Simran says you have only this options, either keep me here, or lie to them. The decision is yours. Rajveer says ok, its better if I lie once. If I have to lie, then why to wait for tomorrow. He leaves. Simran cries.

Dadi and everyone are sitting in the hall. Dadi talks with Daddu

and everyone laughs. Everyone say they liked the laddoos. Daddu says did you send the laddoos to your elder sister. Tau ji says why did you talk about her. Daddu says its my mistake, I take my words back. Daddu says will you keep your sister here of to her in-laws house. Rajveer and Simran come and Rajveer says I have to talk something. Tau ji asks what. Rajveer says I got a good job offer, which I desired, but… the job is in Delhi and I have to go and stay there. Tau ji says whats the need to stay in Delhi and work there. Hoshiyar says maybe its because he worked in Singapore, I think we should send him.

Rajveer’s mum disagrees and says I cannot send him far. Tau ji asks her to listen to him. Tau ji says I trust Rajveer, whenever we gave freedom to him, he has been more responsible towards us. He did not do anything in Singapore. He has always kept his promises. Tau ji says let Rajveer do something in his life. Tau ji agrees with Hoshiyar, on one condition. He says Simran will stay here with us. Rajveer will meet her every week. He asks Rajveer does he agree on this condition. Chanchal says I have a request. She says you have permitted him to go, but don’t send him alone. Who will take care of his work there, he will be working in office, who will work in the house. Tau ji says do you want me to send Simran also. He says Simran will be left alone at home. There is no relative there, if anything happens, then who will take care of her. How will she stay in such a big city. Tau ji decides that Rajveer will go to Delhi alone and Simran will stay here.

Rajveer leaves. Hoshiyar looks at him. Simran asks Rajveer not to go. She asks him to stop.Rajveer scolds her and says you always lie. He packs his bag. Hoshiyar asks about Delhi. Rajveer says its Simran’s idea. He asks him to ask Simran. Rajveer gets angry. Hoshiyar says anger increases the problems, he asks him to think calmly. He calls Simran a problem. He says you decide what you have to do. Simran cries.

Chanchal asks Simran to pack Rajveer’s belongings well. jhumri says he will be in trouble as he is leaving Simran here. Rano says we will send Simran with him. Daddu asks for tea. Tau ji comes and asks for tea too. Chanchal asks Simran to make the tea. Tau ji asks Rajveer from where is he coming. Rajveer says from bus station. Tau ji says today your wife will be making tea, you also have it. Hoshiyar comes and looks at Rajveer. He asks him does Simran knows how to make the tea. Rajveer says I don’t know, if she does not know then… Chanchal asks Simran to take fresh milk for tea. Simran asks from where. Everyone laughs on her. jhumri says you have to take out fresh milk from a cow. Simran is shocked to see the cow. Rano says the cow kicks, be careful.

Rano gives Simran tha bucket and asks her to get the fresh milk from the cow. Simran introduces herself as Rajveer’s wife to the cow and requests it to allow her to take some milk. Hoshiyar calls Rajveer and asks him to help Simran, else it will be a problem. Hoshiyar says you have to help her, be cool, if everyone know about her, what will happen, so it for this house’s sake.

Simran is trying to take fresh milk from the cow. Rajveer comes there to help her.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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