Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 14th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 14th May 2013 Written Episode, Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 14th May 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with a scene in the office. Jimmy giving a solid stare to Rajveer. Linda welcomes Rajveer, he greets her. Simran is dressed in a shalwar suit. Rajveer does not recognize her, she turns and Rajveer is shocked to see her. Simran smiles, and the song kaisa ye ishq hai… plays…
(Simran looks awesome in an Indian attire)

Simran comes to him and greets him in Indian style. Rajveer says he does not understand her. She says she wanted to become Indian working with him. He asks how are you feeling. She says she is feeling very good. He says she looks good in every clothes, even in western, but the indian suit touched his heart. She asks him am I looking good to you. He says you never looked bad to me. He asks her to wear a

saree. She asks how will she see herself wearing a saree. He says you don’t need to have a ghunghat. He asks her to do puja and then start the work.

Simran says she has brought a card for him. He opens it and reads it. She writes that she is thankful to him for changing her view of life. She asks do you like it. He says yes its good. He reads the content again, Simran smiles. He says its good. She says she understands what it take to make the life successful. She asks him to take her to show Singapore. She says she will show him the routes, he says ok. They smile.

Scene shifts to Tau ji’s house:

Baldev is exercising, Daddu says do exercuse Tau ji’s mind too. Daddu is annoyed thinking a girl will come and take care of the village being the sarpanch. Tau ji asks him to stop acting. Daddu says she will come and ruin everything. Baldev gives some idea to Tau ji. Tau ji angry. Daddu likes his idea. Daddu says instead of making a strange woman the sarpanch, why not make it from our house. The women are happy to hear it. Tau ji’s wife thinks she will become the sarpanch.

Scene shifts to Rajveer:

Rajveer and Simran are enjoying the sight seeing of Singapore. the song kaisa ye ishq hai.. plays again. Rajveer is happy to see Simran praying and doing the puja.
Simran tells him that its good to keep smiling as sadness never comes closer and gives him a laughing buddha.

Scene shifts to Tau ji’s house:

His wife asks him that she heard that they are selecting the woman sarpanch from their own house, she says she is not wishing to become that. She tells him indirectly that she wants to be the sarpanch. Tau ji thinks about it.

Baldev’s wife says she will become the sarpanch. She says she will not let him complain as she will win people’e hearts with her sweet tongue. Baldev says no.

Daddu taunts Dadi, he asks her shall I make you sarpanch. She says no.
Rajveer’s dad also thinks about the position and says his wife can become the sarpanch. Everyone are discussing who will be the female sarpanch.

Scene shifts to Rajveer:

Rajveer and Simran are spending time together. Both are happy. Simran holds his hand, and he smiles. The song plays in background.
Rajveer sees the good side of Simran. They go to see some flowers, Simran says she likes Orchids. He says if it brings smile on your face, I will buy it. Simran says later. A shopkeeper sticks to them selling a vase. Simran says we don’t want it. The vase breaks and the shopkeeper argues with him. Simran says we will not pay for it. She says don’t pay him. Rajveer does not listen to her and pays the shopkeeper. Simran is annoyed with him and leaves.

Rajveer calls Simran and asks her to stop. She asks why you paid him. He says its not money, its your respect. She says he was wrong. He says I did it for you, as I didn’t wish that you should go to police. He sits on his knees and apologizes to her saying what I felt right, I did, if you think I m wrong, then I am sorry, forgive me. Simran smiles, and sits down. She asks if I don’t forgive you, then. He says you are not that bad, I know. Simran laughs.

Rajveer says he cannot see any girl crying. She calls him an unique piece. They are surfing in a boat, and the boat stops. Simran shouts out for help.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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