Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 13th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 13th March 2014 Written Episode, Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 13th March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Rajveer calling Simran. He asks her not to teach that girl. He says Tau ji trusts you a lot, when he comes to know about this, his trust will break. She says no one will tell him, everyone loves me, they will give all the votes to me. Didi gives the posters to some men and sees Rajveer and Simran hiding behind the well. She is shocked to goes to see them. She scolds Simrran for being so shameless and spoiling her son. She also scolds Rajveer for not caring about Rajo. Rajveer says try to understand, I m asking Simran to take her name back so that you can win. She says are you telling the truth. He says yes. She says fine, be careful that she can trap you in her trust, she is very clever. He says I understand.


sees a necklace and is angry. She says this necklace will be the reason of Simran’ss death today. She puts the snake in the necklace box. Gabru runs after Rano to apply her Holi. Simran asks whats going on. Gabru says I m obeying Tau ji, I m practicing Holi. Rano says its our first holi, it should be great. Rajveer says Yo Yo Honey Singh is like me. Simran imagines herself with Yo Yo Honey Singh. Rano says how do you know. Rajveer says I told her. Simran says we have to decide for tomorrow’s campaign. They leave. Gabru promotes holi program on Life OK. Rajo says now I have kept the snake in this box, I hope I will meet you in next birth. She laughs.

Rajveer brings Simran to the room. Rajo sees them coming and hides. Rajo leaves. Rajveer says this is your gift. Rajo looks at them standing far. Rajveer says its the same necklace. She says thanks, you love me so much that you made the necklace fine. She says I don’t value your love. He says ask my heart how much good you are, atleast see it once. Simran smiles and lifts the box. Rajo smiles. Rajo sees Rano coming and leaves. Rano stops Simran from opening the box and says Tau ji is calling you and Rajveer. Simran says fine and keeps the box. They leave. Rajo says whats special now.

Tau ji tells Simran that these people came to meet you. Didi comes. Simran smiles seeing the girl. Didi sees them. Tau ji asks do you know this girl. Simran says yes. Tau ji smiles. The people praise Simran and says we will vote only for you. Simran says I don’t ask for votes. She says you have to decide who will make the village better. Didi says stop this speech. She says why are you fooling innocent people, why don’t you show them your real face. She speaks against Simran and says you all are not seeing her real face. She says she will divide the village if she becomes the sarpanch. The people say we will come later. They leave.

Didi sees the girl signing to Simran. Tau ji scolds Didi for making fun of his name. Didi says I m saving your name, Simran is making fun of you. Tau ji argues with her. Didi says ask her how does she know the girl. Rajveer is tensed. Didi scolds him for supporting Simran and not her. She asks Tau ji to ask her what is her relation with that girl. Tau ji does not ask Simran. He says I won’t ask her and won’t trouble her, you can leave. Didi says fine, you will kick her out of the house very soon.

The girl Wazeero’s dad asks her how does she know Simran. She says she came to do campaign, so I met her. Her mum asks why are you asking this. He says Simran was smiling seeing her as she knows her very well. He says I have a doubt on her. She says she is very nice. He scolds her. She says she cares for everyone. He says she is doing this to get votes from us. She says don’t say this about her. Her mum scolds her. He says what did Simran do that she is favoring her so much. Rajveer tells Simran that Tau ji trusts you blindly, if he knows everything, his respect will be ruined.

He says if anyone doubts on you, it will be a big problem. He says don’t teach Wazeero. Simran says don’t ask me this, her heart will break. She says don’t worry, I know you, till you are with me, nothing bad will happen. She smiles. Didi tells Rajo that Rajveer is with Simran and lying to them. Rajo tells her that Simran is about to die as she has kept a snake in her room. Didi is shocked knowing everything. Rajo laughs.

Rajo sees Simran and Rajveer with the box. Simran opens the box and is shocked. Rajo smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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