Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 13th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 13th February 2014 Written Episode, Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 13th February 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Rajo thinking whats Simran’s truth that she is hiding. Everyone look at Tau ji seeing him come. Tau ji says Guru ji did not tell anything, but he wants to talk to Simran alone. He asks Simran to go. Rajo thinks what will he say in alone. Tau ji asks Simran to accept whatever Guru ji says. Simran goes to meet Guru ji. She is tensed. Everyone wait and think about Simran. Chanchal worries for her thinking maybe Simran’s future has much problems. Dadi says don’t worry, have patience. She says Lohari and Rajo are not letting Simran happy, they have added poison in her life. Rajo leaves.

Tau ji says its night, we should all go and sleep now. He says Guru ji asked us not to ask anything with Simran. Everyone

go to their rooms. Rajveer thinks I should know what Guru ji tells her, I will wait for her. Rajo sticks to Rajveer and takes him to their room. Simran comes out of Guru ji’s room crying. She runs to her room and cries. Its morning, Tau ji asks Guru ji to go with Baldev. He asks Guru ji to stay with them for one more day. Guru ji says I want to spread love. Tau ji says will Simran’s life be calm, I m worried about her. Guru ji says difficulties will come, be strong and fight. Tau ji says I trust you, I m sure nothing bad will happen. Guru ji blesses Rajveer.

Rajveer says bless me. Guru ji says its always with you. Guru ji says always support the truth, its hard but I can see everything in you, my best wishes are with you. I want the Lord to be with you and your wife. Guru ji leaves. Rajveer smiles thinking about Guru ji’s words. Simran is in her room. Rajveer comes to her. He says I did not sleep all night. He asks what did Guru ji say. She says nothing. He says tell me, it might be related with me. She says don’t ask me anything. He asks why. He says Guru ji blessed me that the Lord is with me and my wife. He says he wants our love to win, if you hide things, how will we unite. Simran says I can’t tell you. He says for our love’s sake.

She tells him everything what Guru ji said. Guru ji knew her truth and asked her why is she cheated this family. Simran says you are right, I did this for Rajveer and his love. Guru ji says but you lied, did you think when they come to know the truth, what will they do. Simran says trust me, I did not cheat them ever, I did not do bad to them, I have always served them. She told Guru ji about Lohari. Guru ji says Lohari will be punished but you also lied, its a sin, you will be punished. Simran asks will they tell my truth to everyone. He says no, I don’t want to hurt anyone. She says tell me so that I can get my happiness back, I want to get rid of this lie, I want to unite with Rajveer and bring Lohari’s truth out.

Guru ji says its possible, you can change your fate. Simran says is it. He says yes, but warns her of the future. He says you will have to pay for this. He says this house can break, ruin and anyone can die. Simran says no, I won’t be able to bear this. Guru ji says we can’t skip this, the future depends on your present’s decision. He says when death comes, it takes anyone. Rajveer is shocked. He says no, this won’t happen.

Rajveer explains Simran to do good so that the future can be good. He says I won’t let this happen. She says do you think Guru ji was talking about my death, when Tau ji knows my truth, he can kill me. But it will be right if i die. I won’t be able to forgive myself if anyone else dies. Rajveer says you are happy knowing about your death, think about me. I did even love you, I have many dreams to live with you, I won’t let you go. Simran says I have hurt many people by lying to them, I should be punished. He says even I have hurt you, I will also die with you, I will go before you to the Lord. She hugs him. Kaisa ye ishq hai……………. plays…………

Dadi tells Tau ji that she wants to know what Guru ji told Simran. Tau ji says only Simran knows about it. We have to ask her. He calls Simran. Simran comes. Tau ji asks her what did Guru ji say. he asks her not to lie to him as he hates lies and liars. Simran is shocked. Simran says Guru ji just told me that everything will be fine. Tau ji asks then why did you come out crying, I have seen you crying. Everyone looks on.

Simran thinks will it happen today itself. Tau ji scolds Simran and she tells him everything about her lie, that she is from educate and from Singapore. Tau ji shoots her. Everyone are shocked. Simran falls.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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