Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 11th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 11th July 2013 Written Episode, Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 11th July 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Rajveer and Simran having an argument. Rajveer is angry on her and says I’m your target, you have cheated me. You have won me but you cannot win over my heart. I won’t be able to give you my love. Simran cries. He says Tau ji shot me by mistake, but if he says, I can give him all my blood, and I cannot see any tear in Tau ji’s eyes. The day when my Tau cries, that day will be my last day. Simran says enough, I know I hurt you, forgive me please. He says if you want to see me happy, go away from my life. Simran says do you really want this. He says I don’t have the habit to lie, go away. Simran cries and leaves his room. Tau ji comes to Rajveer and asks who came just now. I saw a woman going from here. He says a lady

came here searching for someone else.

Simran comes home and packs her clothes in a bag. The song.. Dil jude bina hi tutgae… plays in the background. Simran thinks about Rajveer’s words. She says I’m going Rajveer. She thinks about her marriage with Rajveer. She starts walking in the house. Hoshiyar sees Simran leaving the house. Simran steps out of the door. Tau ji sees her. Simran gets tensed thinking Tau ji will recognize her that she was in hospital. Tau ji asks whos is it. She says its me, Simran. Tau ji says new bahu, you, where are you going. Didn’t anyone tell you that the women is this house don’t go anywhere at night. He sees her bag and says where are you going taking this bag, tell something. Simran is silent. Hoshiyar comes and saves her. Hoshiyar says she is leaving the house. Tau ji is shocked. He scolds her and asks why are you leaving.

Hoshiyar says Simran got tensed by seeing what happened in the house. Tau ji says ok, I got it. She is fearing, but I did not shoot at Rajveer. I shot at Himmat, Rajveer came in between to save Himmat and he got the bullet. He says Himmat broke the rules of the house, so he was angry on him, he did not had any other option. Tau ji says think from my side, I have a big responsibility. This is not easy to keep the family united. He says what will I answer to your dad who took a promise from me that I will take care of you. Hoshiyar says you are right, she is our responsibility. Tau ji says this things happen in household, but it does not mean we are goons. Many people respect us, and if you leave the house, what will people say. Tau ji asks her to promise him that she will never leave the house. Simran understands and nods yes. He asks her to speak and promise. Simran says ok Tau ji, I will never leave the house.

Tau ji asks Simran to go inside the house. Simran is about to go in, Tau ji calls Baldev and asks him did he meet Shankar and is the news true. She is really going to come out of jail. Simran stands there and tries to listen. She thinks why is their sister in jail. Tau ji enquires about his sister. He sees Simran standing and asks her to go inside. She goes inside the house. Tau ji asks Baldev to come home.

The next morning, Tau ji and everyone are in the hall. Tau ji is worried about Simran. Dadi says how is she getting out of the jail, her punishment was longer. Tau ji says the government waved her punishment. jhumri is worried. Tau ji gets a call from someone. Daddu asks him what happened. Tau ji says Didi has slapped the jailer. Everyone are tensed that she will be coming home soon. Daddu wishes that she stays in the jail itself forever.

Baldev is packing things and preparing to take Rajveer home. Rajveer is lost in thoughts. Hoshiyar and jaggi come to take Rajveer. Rajveer tries to make excuses and send Baldev out. Hoshiyar asks Baldev to meet the doctor and ask about Rajveer’s diet. Baldev leaves. Rajveer asks about Simran, whether she left the house. Hoshiyar says who told you she left the house, she did not go, she is in the house. Rajveer is shocked.

Precap: Daddu asks Simran to make Boondi ke Laddu. Hoshiyar and Simran are shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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