Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 11th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 11th February 2014 Written Episode, Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 11th February 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with everyone greeting Guru ji. Guru ji does some Pravachan. Gabru says I will offer him some role in my film. Guru ji asks Tau ji why did you call me here. Tau ji says to meet Rajveer’s wife. She asks where is Simran, call her. Guru ji says that girl who welcomed me with Aarti. Tau ji says yes, that girl. Tau ji tells something to Rano. Rano tells Rajo that Tau ji will introduce you after Simran, wait for some time. Guru ji asks tell me something about Simran so that I can understand. Tau ji tells about Simran and her background. He praises Simran and says she has bear a lot of pain in past one year. Rano goes to look out for Simran everywhere.

Rajo sees Simran is hiding. She thinks I can’t meet Guru

ji till Simran meets, but I will meet him. Tau ji asks everyone to call Simran. He asks jaggi to call Simran. Rano says Simran is no where. Tau ji says she was here, where did she go. jaggi says I will see. Rajo comes with tea and snacks for Guru ji. Tau ji scolds Rajo and says I told you to come after Simran. Rajo says why is Simran not here, if she does not want to meet Guru ji, why should I wait. Tau ji says go from here. Guru ji calm down, its fine if I meet her before. Rajo introduces herself as Rajveer’s wife. Guru ji if she is his wife, who is Simran.

Tau ji says Simran is Rajveer’s wife, I chose her for Rajveer. He tells him everything what Didi did with Simran. Rajo says I m Rajveer’s wife, ask him. Guru ji asks what do you want from me. Rajo says I want to ask you my future, will I get my right or not. Guru ji says show me your complete face. Rajo removes her ghunghat. Guru ji applies chandan tilak on her face and looks at her. He closes his eyes to know about her. He says will you tell your truth to everyone or should I say. Rajo says what. He says about your marriage. Rajo is shocked.

Rajo says I told you. He says you lied to me, you did not marry Rajveer till now. Everyone are shocked. Simran hears this standing far. Rajo gets tensed. Rajveer walks in. He sees Guru ji. Rajo runs to Rajveer and says see what is Guru ji saying that we are not married. She asks him to speak anything. Tau ji says your truth is out, Guru ji does not lie. You are a liar. Rajveer says no, she is not a liar, Guru ji is lying, Rajo is my wife, I married her. Everyone looks on.

Tau ji says are you in your senses, how dare you call Guru ji liar. Hoshiyar asks Rajveer to apologize to Guru ji. Rajveer says I know I married Rajo. He apologizes to Guru ji for calling him a liar and says maybe your powers are not working. Rajo smiles. Rajveer says the truth is we are married. Guru ji calms down Tau ji and says we have to believe Rajveer, he knows the truth himself. Guru ji smiles. Rajveer leaves. Gabru asks Guru ji to solve his issue. Guru ji says I m tired and need rest. Gabru says fine, we will meet later. Tau ji takes Guru ji to his room. Rajo is happy that Rajveer came on time and saved him.

Gabru comes to meet Guru ji in his room. Guru ji talks to him. Gabru asks him about his career and films. Guru ji explains him that you have to go ahead not thinking about the consequences. Gabru says I don’t understand what you are saying, tell me in yes or no. Guru ji says you have the answer. Gabru is happy. Guru ji asks him to complete the film.

Rajveer thinks what he did, he can’t apologize to Tau ji. He talks to the Lord asking him to show him a way and help. jaggi comes to him and asks what happened to you, why are you doing this, you are hurting Simran, why are you supporting Rajo and Didi. Are you Rajveer or someone else? jaggi gets angry. Rajveer says even I don’t know who I m. Simran talks to jaggi and says how can I go infront of Guru ji, he will know my truth, what do you want, should I lie like Rajo, she lied that she got married to Rajveer. jaggi asks how do you know that Rajo is lying.

Guru sees Simran’s face and does her tilak. Simran is tensed. Guru ji looks at her. Simran thinks it looks like Guru ji came to know my truth..

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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