Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 10th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 10th May 2013 Written Episode, Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 10th May 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Rajveer and Simran in the kitchen. Kaisa ye ishq hai …. song plays…
Simran and Rajveer see each other as if they have lost their hearts. Rajveer thinks about Tau ji’s words that he better stay far from the foreign girl.
Simran thinks how her dad breaks the egg. She is unable to crack the egg, and spoils it. Rajveer smiles and says you can’t make anything. Someone knocks the door and Raveer receives Jaggi msg to warn him that Tau ji has sent someone to enquire about Rajveer. He is shocked and does not know what to do. He asks Simran to hide anywhere and tells someone came to enquire about him. Simran asks stop it, and why should I hide. He says I know you did not tell anything, but Tau ji will kill me if he

knows you are here.

Simran gets a jerk in her leg, and she sits. Sonu shouts and says its him, from his village and Tau ji had sent him. Simran goes inside the room saying she understands his problem. She is unable to walk and Rajveer picks her up. The song.. kaisa ye ishq hai.. plays again… and their staring starts. He says we will see what happens, first I will do first aid to you, then I will see my fate. Simran looks at him and smiles.

He opens the door with Simran in his arms, Sonu is shocked. Rajveer says everything to him, that Simran brought food for him as she works in his office, there is nothing more to it, she fell and I m just helping her. Tau ji calls Sonu and asks did he meet Rajveer. He says yes, Tau ji says is there any girl with him. He says no, he is alone. Tau ji talks to Rajveer and he says everything is fine. Tau ji says you will always make me proud and blesses him.
Rajveer thanks Sonu. Tau ji says he knew our Rajveer will not do anything like this, but now I m satisfied, today I m feeling very light.
Dadi says Tau ji to call policeman. Tau ji asks why and calls policeman and says Maa wants to talk to you. Dadi scolds Policeman and says if you send your relative to enquire about Rajveer again, then I will not leave you. She says I have trust on my blood, my Rajveer. She says not to do it again. Tau ji also promises that this will not happen again.

Some village people come for Tau ji and greet him. They say that this time in elections, a woman will become the sarpanch. Tau ji is angry and says to meet with DM. He says if a law can be made, then it can be broken or modified, he will not let a woman become a sarpanch.
He asks them to leave and let him think.

Rajveer brings Simran home, her dad asks how she got hurt. Simran says they were walking and a kid came and bumped into them. She lies. Rajveer notices she lied. Her dad’d phone rings and he leaves. Rajveer asks why you lied, she says it does not hurt anyone. Rajveer says lie is a lie, and he felt burdened saying lie to Tau ji. She says you have not told anything wrong. He says if I was there, I would have apologized to Sonu. He says its important and leaves. Simran thinks he is so funny, but he is different.

Rajveer comes home, and says he has done good after apologizing to Sonu, his heart became light, he thinks he is hungry and goes to the kitchen and smiles thinking of Simran.
He says Simran is not bad from heart but she is not interested in making food, as she does not understand that there will be a problem in her marriage.
Simran thinks Rajveer is an amazing guy, he does everything from his heart. Her dad asks did she say anything. She says no, and laughs.

Everyone in the office welcomes Simran with flowers. Rajveer gives her a gift. She sees it and asks whats in it. He opens it and shows Maa Durga idol, that blesses her and will help her out in difficulties. She asks why all these gifts for her. Jazz said that the clients liked her presentation and he promoted her. She confesses that that idea has not her’s, it was Rajveer’s idea and he should be given the credit. Rajveer says its not like that, she saw me getting emotional for my family, and whatever he said she heard, and it is her hard work.
Jazz says he has given a party in the evening and asks them to work till then. Jazz leaves.

Simran looks at Rajveer, as everyone leave for their respective works. Rajveer hols her gifts. She asks him why did he lie today. He says if I would have lied, then I would have to tell a long story to everyone, but my lie did not hurt anyone. They repeat each other’s lines. He says he will say sorry to Bhagwan ji. She asks him do you have suit. He says yes, I have. Tau ji made me a good suit. She asks him to wear a suit. He says you said, its done. She kisses him on his cheek, kaisa ye ishq hai.. plays… Rajveer is shocked as how to react. Simran smiles, and leaves. Rajveer looks at her.

Jimmy and Simran argue, and she says she wants to dance with Rajveer. Rajveer asks her whether she will dance with him. Simran smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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