Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 10th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 10th January 2014 Written Episode, Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 10th January 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Tau ji asking Simran not to worry as this all will end soon. He says we all are with you always. Simran says yes Tau ji, I m making food for everyone, will inform you when its done and leaves. Its night, Simran and Rajo make the food ready for everyone. Rajo smiles seeing Simran. Everyone come for dinner. Rajveer also comes. He asks Rajo to serve everyone. All the women are with Rajo and all the men are at Simran’s side. Dadi says you made everything which I like, how do you know. Rajo speaks sweetly to her and asks them to taste the food and give the review.

Everyone tastes the food. Dadi says its great. Rajveer says this is the taste for which I asked Rajo to make the food. Rajo serves Tau ji and asks for

his blessings. Tau ji is angry and says no way. Rajveer is shocked to see Tau ji’s reaction. Tau ji says if some people have become fools, then think you are lucky, but I m not so weak to give you that place which I have given to Simran with my happiness. Rajveer argues with Tau ji.

He says this is my life, only I have the right to decide about my life, I have given that place to Rajo, I don’t need your permission. Tau ji gets up and says this house is mine, I make the decisions here, so you also know this, that I can’t let anyone rule in this house. Rajveer says you are the head of the house, not the owner, I won’t accept your decision. Tau ji raises his hand and Rajveer holds it. Everyone are shocked.

Rajveer further argues with him and asks him to do everything after thinking. Hoshiyar stops Rajveer and says did you forget he loves you and trusts you more than me. Rajveer says yes, I remember, but not anymore. Rajveer hurts Tau ji and Hoshiyar slaps Rajveer. Everyone looks on. Hoshiyar says the truth is you don’t remember anything, your mind has gone bad, I did not know we will have to see this, else I would have prayed that you never come back, I don’t want a son like you.

Rajveer gets angry and leaves. Hoshiyar looks at Rajo and leaves. Rajo tries to fool everyone in her words and cries. Tau ji says yes, you are responsible for all this. Dadi tells Tau ji that this is happening because of you, you should have tasted the food made by her, but you did not. Tau ji leaves. Baldev says only the Lord can save this house now. Everyone leave the food and goes to their rooms.

Rajo shows her true face to Simran and taunts her. She says taste this food. Simran says you have hurt everyone and insulted food. Rajo laughs and says see what I do, how I make troubles for you. She says its my promise. Rano, Simran, jaggi and Gabru are having a talk. Simran is crying. Gabru is thinking about food. Rano asks him to think about Simran. Simran says Rajveer is going against me. jaggi says no one can change your love. Rajveer loves you from his heart. Rajo will have to go from this house, trust your love, Rajveer is only yours.

Simran gets confident and smiles. She tells Gabru that I will write a story for your film, a love story of Rajveer and me. Gabru claps and says it will be super hit. She says she does not have any proof of her marriage, we have to find out about it. jaggi says we have to find her past. Simran says I saw strange voices and I saw her going out silently, I should have followed her. Gabru says we should keep an eye on her. Rano says who will see that. Gabru says leave this for me. I will keep an eye on him. Simran says no, I will do this myself. Gabru insists and asks her to trust him. He says I will find her truth today at any cost.

Rajo comes out of her room and goes out. Gabru slept while waiting for her. Rajo goes outside the house. Simran follows Rajo and sees Rajo meeting a man. The man asks her not to worry as he will support her always. Rajo hugs him. Simran is shocked.

Simran plans with everyone that they will find the truth of Rajo tonight.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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