Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 10th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 10th February 2014 Written Episode, Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 10th February 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with everyone disussing the arrival of Guru ji. Rajo asks Tau ji to tell Guru j that she is Rajveer’s wife. She asks him to introduce her well. Dadi talks to Simran. Simran is tensed that her truth can come out infront of Guru ji. Gabru asks everyone what will Guru ji tell in everyone’s ears. Everyone gives their suggestions. Gabru is Guru ji asks Tau ji to give me money, Tau ji will agree, but Guru ji has to like my story, so think about a good idea. Rano says lets make a dharmic movie. Baldev and jaggi also narrate a story. Gabru tells them an interesting story. It keeps them glues to the story. Everyone like the story.

Gabru tells in in good style with suspense and keeping the listener’s interest. Rano says

what a great story. Gabru says a happy ending. Rajveer is still finding Didi. He comes to the hotel which the man told him. He asks the receptionist did you see her, tell me her room no, she is my mum. The man taunts him. Rajveer says reply me. The man promise me you will take good care of her. Rajveer promises him and says I will serve her and apologize too. The man tells him the room no. He says she is not in the roorm right now. She booked the room, gave the advance and left. Rajveer thinks it means she has booked this room to fool me, now I won’t get her, where should I find her.

Rajveer gets Simran’s call. He tells her everything how Didi fooled her. Simran says I know her better, we won’t get so easily. Rajveer says I will find out soon. Simran says Guru ji will know about my early life and education, then you know what will happen. Rajveer says don’t come infront of him. Simran says I can’t, I have to face him, Tau ji asked me to do Guru ji’s aarti and Rajo is trying to create problems for me. Chanchal says come Simran, Guru ji has arrived. Simran is tensed.

Guru ji is welcomed by Tau ji and the family. Guru ji blesses everyone. Tau ji stops Guru ji from entering the house and calls out Simran to do the aarti. Rajo says I will do the aarti. Simran comes with the aarti plate. Guru ji’s Bhagwad Gita falls and Simran catches it. She says your Gita Guru ji. Guru ji smiles seeing her. Simran welcomes her inside the house. Tau ji and everyone smile. Guru ji looks a Simran.

Everyone sit in the hall. Himmat comes and looks at Guru ji. Guru ji blesses Tau ji. Tau ji says I m lucky to have you in my home, thanks a lot. Dadi and everyone takes his blessings touching his feet. Simran goes next. Guru ji asks her do you read Gita. Simran is tensed. Everyone are shocked. Simran thinks of her mistake that she told Bhagwad Gita to Guru ji. She says no, I m not educated, how can I read. Guru ji looks at her face. Simran says Guru ji caught me, thanks he did not tell anyone, save me Lord. Rajo looks at Tau ji and signs to him. Tau ji thinks about her words.

Guru ji is shocked to know about Rajo. He says will you tell the truth or I say, about your marraige truth. Rajo is tensed.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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