Everything is fare for you cheater…all get shocked by this voice and just turn in the direction from which the voice came..

Chiku…you..what a pleasant surprise…atlast you have time to meet your darling ..too bad chiku…

All this while he is giving death glare towards abhi..

Darlu..you just stay here..dont go with this rockstar..he is a great cheater cock..you dont knew the real him which i see..

What??what happened chiku..said bulbul..

Pri..di.you too here..chiku hugs bulbul…

Iam not cheater cock…said abhi..

No you are rockstar…pri di..you all dont knew him well..he will do anything to get sucess …

What i did chiku..??

No more words rockstar…darlu…dont go with him..just stay with me..i dont want to see your life a living hell..

Abhi was really shocked by this..

Chiku.tell me what happened..what this baddy rockstar did with you..

Fuggi..you are calling me baddy..

Mr.abhi..just close your mouth..not a word anymore..

Abhi obey her order which make everyone to smile..

Chiku…tell me na..

Darlu…do you knew why i stay away from you..this baddy na..he told me that you dont loves me ..and he is already married with you and you belongs him..so just try to love others..

Pragya look at abhi…while abhi make a puppy face with naughty smile…

And he told me pinky loves me alot and he will help me for getting her..do you knew she dont have such a feelings and he too dont help me in it..now tell me darlu..he is cheater cock right..

Ofcourse he is chiku..she fold her Hands and stand like she is going to punish him for that..

Abhi..what you did was a foul play..and you must be punished for this..hey na ..what you say??

Everyone stands with pragya …

No one is there for me right..

Abhi…i told you dont open your mouth…

But ..i too must get a chance to clarify from my side right..

Arj;haa..pragu..he is right..we must hear his side too..then we must decide his punishment..

Ab;thank you arjun atleast showing some patience…and about clarification..what will i do guys..when he is showering this much love towards and getting close with her..i will get jealous na..because of that i do so..

Everyone chuckles hearing his reply..even chiku too..

Chi;hey rockstar..are you ashamed to say so..you are getting jealous for such a little boy…darling ..iam really feeling pity for you to have such a kiddy husband who have grown up in size not by brain…

All started to laugh even pragya too…

Smile..smile as much you all can..

Oh..suniyee..do you feel bad my sweety na..dont cry…

Fuggi…look iam not a baby anymore..

You are rocky…

Chiku..i will kill you…

Its my pleasure rocky…di..hows this…??

What di..and what you mean by hows this…

Pragya make a naughty smile…even dadi sarla shanker bulbul join in it..

Bul;my poor bhai…you really fall in my dis trap..


Bul;ofcourse puru..this chikus play of romacing with di..and getting close with her..all this are preplanned..we did all.this purposefully to see bhai in jealous..its brain work is one and only my bhabhi..and we all support her..

Pragya look at abhi..while abhi was full of ….

Abhi..look dont follow me..you cant catch me..

You fuggi…you wont escape for this…you played with me na..

Arju..look ..just save me na…

Sorry pragu..i cant help you…

Puru..plz just stop him na..

Sorry di..i cant..

No one will help you here…i will catch you…as said abhi holds her saree pallu which make her stop..

Abhi..iam really sorry..i just .

You just..you must be punished for this right and your punishment is..abhi gave a sudden kiss on her cheeks..infront of everyone ..which shocks pragya..and everyone smiles .


Ra,come lets leave na..then it will be getting late to reach there..

Neil;yes..we want to check all arrangement too na..

By biding adieu everyone leaves..and soon they reach at mehra mansion..which is already decorated for function and finishing works are going on there..

Welcome fuggi to the world of mehras…

All smiles..
Ra;you both just wait here..as there is some rituals for bride to enter the grooms house ..bulbul come with me..

They both leaves..pragya looks around..abhi hold her hand…

Fuggi..we are going to start a new phase of our life..
Pragya smiles.

Ragini and bulbul make the arrangements and pragya enters house by kicking the rice filled pot..and make her marks on floor by standing in kumkum solution…

Pur;bulbul..you make di get ready..me and arjun will help abhi ..

Ab;no need of that guys we both manage alone ..and if she need help i will help her..

Bul;oh that much love bhaiyya..look dont shower this much..you go with them and about my bhabhi i will manage that..

Bulbul take pragya with her..

After sometime..

Every arranagement are ready…everyone get ready.then where is our couple…yes they too are ready for it..abhi comes out of his room and look towards the room pragya is …soon that door to open..there comes abhis princess ..angel..charming fuggi..looking like a gorgeous ..

Abhis jaw get down by seeing her..she just raise her eyes and he her abhi..who is handsome ..dashing in his outfit .the way he look at her make her to blush harder..

Arj;did you knok-jhok enter can we move on..as all are waiting for you both..

Abhigya smiles and reach the stage..one by one everyone enters..all started to greet them…abhi drools on his angel..

Ar;pragu..till now you wont break that suspense..

Ab;haa fuggi..thats right whats that suspense…

Pr;the suspense is just before you eyes.just look it…

Episode ends…

May be 2 parts more for the curtain to put down

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