Hello everyone..back with update so lets move on to story..

Bul;love..did he loves me..

Ab;you too loves him..


Pr;ya bulbul you too…she reamined silent..

Pr;look we wont compel you to love him even he too..but just try to understand him that only what i want to tell..

Ab;look bubble..dont get tensed or bad for all that happened..your di akka bhabhi and bhaiyya is with you for ever..

Bulbul hugs abhi and leaves…

Pragya started to pack things as  she want to leave..abhi hugs her from back..

Pr;so again my emotional baby came close to you for telling thank you…

Abhi smiles..sorry fuggi..this time your guess went wrong..this time i came to do romance with you..


Ab;what there to tell chee..iam doing romace with wife na..not with you..

Pr;but your wife is not interested for that now..

Ab;you cheater …your are telling lie..my wife fuggi always loved to do all this…

Pragya blushes..abhi make her turn towards him…he raised her chin and give a peck on her lips…

Abhi holds her waist and nuzzles her neck..his hot breathe is making pragya more sensitive and making her hormones to raise..pragya moarns abhi..abhi look at pragya and smiles…suddenly abhi hear a knock at door and moves away from pragya..

Its was neil and ragini..

Neil;can we both enter..

Pr;mama..pappa..why both are asking permission to us..

They enters..

Ragini hugs pragya
Ra;you are our best bahu..my abhi is lucky to have you..really sorry pragya..because of our selfishness you want to suffer alot..we havent inform abhi about you..its all..

Ab;mama..no need of talking about past..iam really sorry for the way iam treating you all these years…

Ne;no need of sorry abhi..i knew my abhi is good at heart..what he did before us is just acting…
Abhi hugs neil and cries…

Ra:abhi we must tell you everything openly..but we thought purab  did everything and if we tell that truth to you then we may lost you too…

Pr;maa…stop regreting about past..we are leaving tomorrow..we must do all arrangements for it..

Ra;k beti..you both take rest..

Screen shifted to purab…
Purab is sitting outside looking at sky…his eyes are still wet..bulbul is seeing this..he is crying continously..she cant tolerate it any more..she came close to him and place her hands  on his shoulder…

Purab turn and sees bulbul..he didnt tell anything..bulbul sit beside purab..

He havent look at her..he is feeling very tensed..bulbul placed her hands over him to make him feel better..purab look at her ..

Bul;purab…i dont knew anything..how much you loves me..and how much i love you…i cant recollect any past..but i cant neglect this drops of tears which are coming out of this eyes for me..each drop that comes out your eyes making me in pain..an unknown scar happening in my heart…i dont knew why…i dont knew anything..but i knew your love…i cant promise you that i will love you as  much you did..or i did  before..but i will never leave you alone.. and hugs him …purab too hugs back …

Screen shifted to abhigya…

After packing pragya sit beside abhi who is busy in his phone..by looking into her face itself abhi came to knew that his fuggi want to tell something…abhi hugs her to make her comfort..

Ab;fuggi ..just tell me what is bothering you..just tell me…no need of strain yourself .

Pr;abhi..the thing iam going to tell you is too serious..may be you wont believe me..

Abhi place his hands over her mouth…dont say so fuggi..the person whom i believe the most is my fuggi..if you said me even now is morning..i will believe you without questioning because that much i trust you fuggi…

Pragya get teary eyed hugs abhi..thank you so much abhi..for trusting me this much..do you knew till now iam struggling with myself the thing which iam going to tell may affect our relationship..now iam sure nothing bad will happen..

Ab;fuggi..what ever happens even the world around me say in echo that you are wrong i wont consider them..as i knew always my fuggi is right..only she is right…fuggi you dont knew who you are for me..even i too dont knew which extend i love you..fuggi..i love you madly deeply love you care you..without you i have no life..you are the factor of my life now..my life is around you..like earth spins around sun..i spins around you for ever…

Pr:abhi..is iam worth for this much love..

Ab;do you have doubt in that fuggi…only this fuggi have the right for all this…they both happily hugs each other…

Abhi now too feel that she too worried .

Ab;fuggi..now tell me whats the matter your worries wont end like this..

Pr;abhi..i find him???


Pr;the person behind all this play..who make us all to suffer…


Pr;the person is too close to us abhi..

Ab;fuggi..tell me who is that behind all this who make my bubble in this situation..

Pr;its none other than……




Ab;what arjun???

Pr,yes abhi..its arjun who did all this..he is acting before us abhi..abhi..he is playing a dirty game…he will again trap us with his foul play..we must not allow him to do that abhi…

Abhi was in uttershock ..he cant even think that he is..

Ab;fuggi..are you sure about it..

Pr;i told you na abhi..you wont believe me..

Ab;its not like that fuggi..i consider him as my brother..the arjun i knew cant be like that..

Pr;abhi..i knew its really difficult for you think so..but look at these..what you feel then..

Epiosode ends…

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    Superb! Interestinggggg too!

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