Hello everyone..actually i thought to update it yesterday…but feels lazy so couldnt do it..now back with the update..so get ready to move on…

Next morning….

Pragya wakes up from her sleeps sees abhi hugging her tightly with a puppy face..she cant take off her eyes from him..she kissed on his forehead…and smiles…and slowly loosen his grip by just blewing air at his face which disturbs him…and he get turn leaving her..pragya gets up and adjust her saree and started to move at that time abhi caught her hands and pulls her which make pragya to fall over him..

Ab;hey fuggi ..where are you going me alone..

Pr;hey cheater cock..you are not sleeping na..then why you act so..

Ab;hey fuggi..dont you knew you havent make me sleep yesterday..

Pr;what..what i have done abhi…

Ab;you didnt do anything thats my problem..


Ab;when such a beautiful charming wife lies beside you how can i get sleep..which make pragya blushes..abhi wraps his arm around her..but blush too much fuggi..then i may broke your wish…

Pr;ohoo..that much i disturbs you..

Ab;ya ofcourse…you are getting into my nerves..your gaze at me..when your hot breathe touch my body..do you knew some powers which is sleeping inside starts to wake up and drives me..by saying so..abhi turns her and now he is top of pragya..both look into each others eyes…abhi.slowly kiss around her neck..then he lies beside her..pragya look at him and blush…

Ab;why are you waiting for..just go and get ready..otherwise i will break your wish…

Pragya smiles and leaves…

Abhi look at the direction she goes…after sometime…pragya comes out of washroom sees abhi lying at bed..

Pr;abhi..go and take a fresh..i want to change..

Ab;you can change here na..i have no problem..

Pr;that i knew but i have problem..

Ab;this is not fair fuggi..

Pr;its all fair my hubby..go and get ready..dont you forget to see her .

Ab;yes..and he rushes..

Pr;abhi..i knew you are hiding your feelings to see her..but i can find how restless is you..you havent sleep yet thinking about your sister..and you think that i will feel bad when you say it..but abhi..iam really happy that..i not only get a loving husband..i get a loving brother too..

Pragya open Wardboard and takes the saree which abhi gave to her (guys did you remember at the day abhi propose her ..he gave a red saree saying that its his sisters choice)

She gets ready..within that time abhi too comes out..and sees fuggi..

Abhi hugs her from back..pragya smiles..so my beautiful wife look even more charming in this dress..and kiss at her cheek..

Pr;k bas ko..yeah sab..and get ready we need to leave..

Abhigya comes out…

All are at dining table…

Da;good morning abhi and pragya.we thought not to disturb you both..

Pu;abhi..where you both are leaving..

Ab;just near by..

Ar;we are leaving..after biding adieu to us you both leave..

Pr;purab..arjun you both just wait till we are back..

Ar;why pragu..

Pr;can you do that for me..

Ar;of course..

Pr;maas..papas..dadi..we both are going outside now..as i knee still there is rituals to be completed..but we are going for something important..so please..

Ra;its k pragya..you are going with your husband na..

Ab;thanks maa..which make dadi neil and ragini in shock..pragya smiles..

They leaves..

Da;i told you pragya can make everything fine…

Screen shifted to abhigya..they both are walking on road..

Ab;fuggi..why you ask them to stay there till we rerurn..

Pr;because we are bringing bulbul there…purab have equal right to see her na..

Ab;fuggi..did you knew about their love too..

Pragya nods..

Ab;but you ask me to keep it as secret na..

Pr;haaa ..but i Change my decision..


Pr; because i feel that if we both are around her nothing will happen…abhi look confused..abhi..before seeing bulbul i need to tell you one thing..abhi..we need to be care about bulbul as its someone close to us is enemy of her..who is the reason of everything happen…

Ab;how can you say that..did you doubt on someone..

Pr;abhi..from dadi..and your maa..i get information of your past..abhi..you thought its because of your maa..and papa you lose bulbul..its not like that …you dont knew what really happens..

Fb shows..

Neil;no..this cant happen i wont agree for this proposal..its all because of you ragini..you gave freedom to abhis friends ..now look purab falls in love with bulbul..

Bul;what happen paa..you like him very much na always praise him..and says that the person who get son in law like him was luckiest..now what happens to that luck..

Ra;bulbul..do you knew to whom you are talking…

Bul;haa..maa..he reject him just because he is not equal to our status..he is orphan..is that all his fault no na…maa i love him..i want him in my life..

Neil;this wont happen till there is life in my body…

Bulbul brokes down and started to cry…
Fb ends…

Ab;this all i knew…

Pr;that i knew abhi..

Ab;do you knew as my maa and papa disagree for this proposal..bulbul itself commit suicide…

Pr;no abhi..there comes the things you wont knew…

Abhi look confused..

Fb shows..

Bulbul is crying in her room..neil enters…bulbul see her dad wipes the tears..as he touch her..she moves away..


Bul;i dont need to hear anything now..i knew what you are going to say..

Neil; bulbul..i came here to say you i have no problem for this marraige..

Bulbul get surprised..

Bul;are you serious paa..

Neil smiles..she happily hugs him thanks paa..and started to call abhi..neil takes the phone..

Neil;dont call abhi..he goes from house because of his anger on me na..he will come back at that time we can surprise him…

Bul;thats right paa..papa..can i meet purab…

Neil;go and tell him..

Bulbul leaves happily..

Fb ends..

Pr;after that what happen is you knew..you both seen a deadbody on railway track and thought it as bulbul…

Ab;i won’t believe all this..if my papa and mama are not culprit then they can tell me everything na

Pr;there is a reason for that abhi.

Ab;what reason.

Pr;abhi..from railway track they got a letter written by bulbul saying that..sorry papa…you are right…i was wrong…purab cheated me..he played with my life..now i wont like to live this life..so iam going away from you all…your papa and mama didnt tell this to you as if you came to knew you wont bare purab..already they lose their daughter and dont want to lose you..

Abhi get shocked by this..no purab cant cheat her..

Pr:yes abhi..purab is innocent thats my point..but there is someone behind all this..we need to find that person..now lets see her…when we bring her home we must watch everyones reaction from that we can get some clue…

They both enters a convent..

Pr;abhi you wait here..i will call her…pragya leaves..abhi is waiting impatiently..and walking left to right…it was that time abhi hears pragyas voice and look at that direction..

Yes..there is his bubble..his lovely sister..yes its bulbul..my life..my everything…abhi moves towards her..

Bulbul happily hugs abhi…congrats jiju…i cant attend your marraige..its my wish to see you..do you knew i was your fuggis informer about you…abhi is just staring at her..

His eyes are wet..

Bul;di..why jiju is crying…

Pr;because when someone sees her sister who thought not alive infront of him..they cant do anything other than that…


Pr;yes bulbul always you ask me you too must have a family why they havent search you and reach here..yes he is your family your brother and iam your bhabhi..

Bulbul look at abhi..

My brother..you are my bhai..

Ab;haa..you are my bubble and hugs her…they both cries…

Bul;sach mein you are my brother..is it because of that iam that much interested to serach about you..itd beacause of that i always wish to see you..

Abhi nods .as no words are coming out of his mouth…

Di..is that all true…

Pr;haa..bulbul..look at his eyes..dont you think it will be lie..

Bulbul place her hands on abhis face..and look at him..no di..its all wont be a lie..because i can see his love from this tears and eyes…

Episode ends…

Belated happy birthday sneha sis..actually i want to update all ff today specially for you..but i cant make it really sorry

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