Ab,anything for you fuggi..thanks alot for everything…i knew you will change my life..but i dont knew you can bring everything which once i lost..thanks fuggi..love you..no one  in this world is much luckier as i..no one will get such a understanding lovable wife..you are my life .you are my world fuggi…without you iam a zero…


Ab;fuggi…you knew this much years i thought i lost her ..and living in that pain..then i can live some more days without her in the hope that she is somewhere…

Pr;abhi..iam not telling you to think that you cant get her…what i tried to tell is..

Ab;fuggi..just look at me..abhi placed his hands over her face..just look at my eyes..pragya did  so..fuggi…no need to explain anything now as this eyes..explain everything to me…and kissed on his eyes…fuggi..do you knew what i like you in most..this pair of eyes..which always intensly reach my heart…

Pragya smiles…

Arjun reached there…

Ar;if your romance and fight over..can you both have time to get inside the house…

Ab;haa..no problem na fuggi..

Ar:what a loving husband…

Abhigya enters..

Shanker; abhi..still there is some rituals..as you both have to find a ring from this …

Da;actually its not a game..its test who loves you more…in that case iam sure my pragya will won..

Pu;no dadi..my abhi will won..abhi prove it man you loves your di more than us..it was that time ragini and neil enters and purab goes…

Ra;purab beta..why are you leaving..

This question really shocks both purab and abhi..as they both always hate purab thinking he is the reason of bulbuls death..

Neil;purab..you stay here..and watch did your friend will win or not..

Purab was too happy as after this much years seeing his old uncle and aunty..

Abhi look at pragya..and thank her with their eyelock..

Ar,so guys lets start..pragu…show your love..bhai all the best..abhi and pragya started find ring from rosewater..as pragya is searching it seriously..abhi holds her hand and playing with it..pragya look at him and says to release her hand..but abhi is really enjoying her nervousness..

Pu;abhi..just realease dis hand then only she can find ..all started to laugh..abhi and pragya get shy..at last ring is found out..not by pragya or abhi..they both together find it…

Da;this is called real love…just they will remain like this forever…anf bless the both ..abhi and pragya look at each other..

Ra;pragya..come with me.let change this dress…she leaves..

Neil , shanker and dadi was in random discussion..where the purab and arjun are teasing abhi..

Ar;so bhai..is waiting for his romantic first night right…

Pu;haa..look he is looking at the direction where di has gone..cant stay with out di..

Ab;nowadays  you both have no works otherthan teasing me ..

Pu;haa..as such chances will come once in a life na..

Ar;dont worry we both will leave tomorrow..

Ab;tomorrow why?

Pu;hello ..do you knew how much days we stay here..how you knew na..do you have any idea its been one month you are here..

Ab,one month..

Ar;as you are busy with pragu..you dont find how time flies..

Pu;abhi..when you are thinking to return back…

Ab;that i dont knew now..but will confirm tomorrow..

Ar;oh..for that you have to discuss with pragu na..

Ab;haa…tomorrow is something special day for me..

Pu;what special..

Ab;that i cant say now..

Ar;are you both planning something….

Suddenly ragini came..

Ra:purab…i have kept abhis dress in dadis room..and make him ready and send to his room as pragya is waiting for him..
And leaves..

Pu;abhi..do you see aunty talk  with me as before uncle too..

Ab;ha..its all because of fuggi..

Ar;pragu..what she did..did any black magic..

Ab;yes..arjun..she knew some magic..magic of love..with that she will succed in anything..

Ar;just like you na…and giggles.k.now get ready fast my pragu will be waiting na..did you have any nervousness or need any tips..or something..

Pu;arjun..stop teasing him..look its 10 pm..do you want to call sruthi..

Ab;sruthi?? Who is that..

Pu;his new line..

Ar;thanks bro..for informing otherwise and kisses on purabs cheek…

Pu;threw a pillow placed at sofa towards him..


Abhi enters his room..his room is well decorated with small candles..and rose flowers..to make a romantic setup..abhi smiles by seeing all this..but his eyes was seraching someone..ofcourse his fuggi…he sees her at the corner of the room looking outside..abhi hugs her from back and placed his chin on her shoulder..as it was not a shock for pragya as she knew that its his abhi..

Ab;so my fuggi is waiting for his hubby right..pragya blushes..why are you this much shy fuggi..and make her turn towards him..pragya is looking down..

Ab;hey fuggi…look at me let me my beautiful wife…pragya raised her face..abhi kissed at her cheeks..

Pr;why this sudden kiss..

Ab;this is for making my purab happy..and thank you..

Pr;abhi..dont thank me forever as we are not two ..we are one from nowonwards..this sorry and thanks make a distance between us..

Ab;k madam..

Pr;so …my hubby is waiting for tomorrow morning na..to see his lovely sis..

Ab;how you knew that..

Pr;knewing you is so simple abhi..do you knew you are still not get matured..

Ab;not matured ?? What you mean..

Pr;what i mean is as you become as like your age..but insane you are still a child..

Ab; ohoo..do you want to knew my maturity..ah…

Pragya understand what he means..she nods no…

Ab;no thats bad na..if a person have a doubt about it we must clear it na..

Pr;i have no such doubts and no need to clear it..

Ab;no fuggi..and moves close to her…pragya moves back..abhi pinned her to wall..and moves the pleet of saree from her waist and pinned her..he place his another hand on wall and lean towards her..he just kissed on her forehead..then her eyes..on both cheeks then move to her lips…abhi just enjoy the sweetness of her lips in full pleasure…abhi take her in arms and place her on bed…he too lies beside her..abhi gaze on her making pragya shy..she turns her face on opposite side..abhi make her turn towards him and hugs her tightly..he moves his hands over her bare back…he break his hug and look at his fuggi…

Ab;what happend fuggi..why are you crying..did i do anything wrong…

Pr;no abhi..its not like that..actually iam too emotional..my happiness and sorrows  comes out as tears…now iam happy that i feel complete when i was with you…

Ab;wiping her tears…you dont cry from nowonwards as i dont like tears dropping from your beautiful eyes..which love morethan anything in the world..

Pr;so you fall in love with my eyes..not me right..

Ab;arey fuggi..i loves you..and you are everything for me..no one can be my fuggi..as she is best…

Pragya hugs him..she place head on his chest…

Pr;abhi..do you knew ..i always think to talk with you lot at our first night…

Ab;ha..you talk ..i will hear you..

Pr;but today i am not getting words to explain it..

Ab;k ..let me ask you one thing..what’s your greatest wish..that you want to full fill..

Pragya look at him..

Ab;come on.why are you confused you are telling to your husband right…

Pragya tells something at abhis ears..(sorry i too didnt hear it…as they told me that they both need some privacy )

By saying this ..pragya hides her face at his chest in shyness..

Ab;oh my fuggi..you have think this much..dont worry your hubby will fullfill that wish..

Pragya chuckles..

Abhi wrappes her waist by his hand and pulls her more close..pragya look at him..

Ab;dont worry..i wont proceed more as i want to fullfill your wish na.pragya chuckles..they both dozed off to sleep…

Precap;abhi meeting bulbul…

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