First of all without getting into my story..i want to express gratitude to all of you my silent as well as daily voters and commentators…actually i dont knew you all will accept my story this much..iam really happy for that i have started writing by reading srimathi sis ff…really i dont knew why i feel to write..and i first write in fake name ..later a changed to my name…what ever popped out in my mind i will scribble here..but its you all who accept it ..what ever the stupidity is..thanks alot for that…i dont knew why iam saying so but today iam little bit emotional..actually now adays iam not too much company with you all..and not giving reply to all your comments..but iam reading everything…there is a long list of person whom i need to thank at this moment…di, priyanka, achu,aniyathikutty (ani), lopez, lucky, mahi,roli sis, elsa (my juniour abhi, elinor, sneha,akshaya, sugan di, maya, abhigya, aliza, rajesh bhai, mukund , ammu, maha,pinky, iam his chashmish, adhi,adhithya, nivi chechi, sandy ,akshayakanan, aditi,sowji, poo, pragya,my jq, my cute chotu (did you remember me ), my sweet darlu, durga sis ,anu,sweety,vignesh,sangi, reshu,varsha sis..,trisha,prabhi, prathi,priyamvadha,lokha, suhani,my priya,misthi,masha,yogi,sethidisha, kavi,vaidhu,kristy (sorry i dont able to give you update on your birthday), nannu,pratheba, pavi,bavi, deepika, minu, nasima…i think i have mentioned everyone..if i miss someone really sorry..and i wish to knew is there any other silent readers for me..if you have no problem with it just break your silence..

Now its long para..na..get back to story…

Now lets get back to story which you all are waiting for..

Dont say so abhi..you didnt hurt me..and this tears are not for that this tears for your pain..i cant see you in this pain..abhi ..i cant hide that biggest fact from you now…

Ab;fact..what fact are you talking about fuggi…

Pr;abhi..the thing which you dont knew..no most of you dont knew..but only i knew..

Ab;are going to play puzzle with me..

Pr;abhi..dont say joke at this time ..iam talking something serious but you are making joke at this..

Ab;thats not joke i dont understand what you mean..

Pr;abhi..your biggest lose in life is what…abhi remain silent…your sister bulbul right…i want to say you that your sister bulbul is alive..

Ab; what..he didnt respond for sometime..
my bulbul is alive..where..where is she…

Pr;abhi..she is too close to us..

Ab , where..come lets meet her..she gets up..

Pr;abhi…pragya holds his hand..first listen to me..before meeting her i want to tell something…

Abhi can read from her face that what she is going to speak out is something serious and she is fighting herself to tell that to him..abhi make her comfortable by sitting beside her and placing his arms on her shoulder…

Fuggi ..now you tell ..dont stress…its me na..

Abhi…seriously..till now i dont knew that is bulbul your sister..when i talk with your maa..she show me your family photo then i recognise her..but i dont tell this fact to her because there is a reason..the girl you all say bulbul is not bulbul for me..she is my priyu…


Her name is Priya..i call her so..abhi..do you knew she is the only person which i share everything just like my sister…our confession that is what arrangements that i done for you..all is her idea..and its she who help me to collect all details about you…

Ab; what you are saying..she is not my bubble..

No abhi..she is your bulbul..no our bulbul..but i think she lost her memory..do you knew how i meet her…

Fb shows…

One day..there is a festival happens in their village..its their grand carnival in which lot of people come and enjoy their time..on that day..its a dance happening..a girl who ran and falls in the way..it was me who catch her..before she falls unconscious only a word she spoke is bhaiyya…

Abhi remember bulbul calling her the same ..he get teary eyed..

Actually her head is bleeding alot..we admit her in hospital..her condition was to critical and she need a major operation …we did all the formalities..and we can save her life..but she lost her memory..she dont knew anything about her past..we all tried alot to find her whereabouts but couldnt find..then its me who gave a name to her.and she is living in an ashramam near by…

Abhi is crying all the while…

Pragya place her hands on shoulder..abhi emotionally hugs her and cries..

Abhi..i knew what you feel now..before seeing her just make yourself understand the condition that she dont knew you are her brother and she cant see you like that..but we can try to make her understand all this..but it will take a time..

Ab;its k fuggi..i have no problem in that..the one who is considered as lost and will never return …she alive ..my sister is alive..she may cant love me as before but i can still love her na..i can see her na..i can talk with her na..thats all what i needed…

Pr;abhi..i want to say one morething.

Ab;whats that…

Pr;abhi..there is something happens with her..its not a simple things as sometimes she will get fear that someone is following her and trying to get her..because of this feeling usually she didnt talk with others and mingle too.but we are just like sisters she loves me lot..she always wish to see you..but she have a fear..then she asked me to meet her with you tomorrow ..so..

Ab;so..we can go only tomorrow..

Pragya nods..its k fuggi..if i can wait this much why cant a day…but still i have a doubt fuggi..how can dadi didnt see her all this while..

Pr;abhi..as this incident happens your dadi is with you as bulbul was missing..and because of her conservative behaviour..she didnt allow to meet anyone..but you dadi knew her well by my saying…And one morething abhi..dont tell this to anyone..abhi look at her in confused..abhi..i have still some doubts..need some clarification in certain things..so ..

Ab,anything for you fuggi..thanks alot for everything…i knew you will change my life..but i dont knew you can bring everything which once i lost..thanks fuggi..love you..no one in this world is much luckier as i..no one will get such a understanding lovable wife..you are my life .you are my world fuggi…without you iam a zero…

Episode ends…

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