Kaisa Ye Pyar Hai (Episode 6)

Samrats says hi to all nd asks kaira so…did u met my bride..nd laughs..all r stunned to see samrat so much laughing nd happy..as they have nt seen him so much happy since years..samrats mom notices dis..nd gets happy for him…

Finally d time is passed nd all leaves frm der..nd kaira kshitij also sets to leave..at tym samrat asks kshitij cn he also come wid Dem..kshitij says ofcourse yes u cn..nd he allows him..
Kaira is quite she doesn’t say anything…kshitij asks kaira dat do we have water..kaira says no we dnt hav just bring water…he goes to bring it…
nd samrat ND she ws sitting in car as strangers..nd suddenly samrat breaks d Silence nd asks her do u love ❤ kshitij..kaira is stunned by his question bt manages to answer nd says.. NT nw bt ya one day for sure…samrat says..love doesn’t happen by planning..it just happens..if till nw u didn’t fall for him den hw cn u expect later u will fall..Kaira Doesn’t say anything..Kshitij comes nd gives her water..

Kshitij starts d car..in half way..der car stops..samrat asks wat happen Kshitij ask let me check..he checks nd tell nt understanding wat happen every thing seems to b alryt..Samrat asks him..we need mechanic..kshitij says dat near 2 kilometres city starts.. ill get him..Kaira tell kshitij take samrat also wid u..he says no dnt b alone here..as d road is empty..let b samrat wid u here..she says ohkk…

Samrat get downs frm d car nd walks on d road..kaira feels dat bcoz of her he got down..she tells him she dosent hav any prblm he cn sit in car..he opens d car door..nd sits..bt while closing d door..he ws looking into mirror..nd his hand gets stuck in d door..he Shouts aahhhh…kaira asks him wat happen he says nothing bt She cn see his hand is bleeding..she takes her scarf out of her bag nd ties it on samrats hand..nd she is so much worried abt him..she shouts him y dnt u start acting as big ones..always doing..sumthing hurting..he rplies..bt dis tym m getting wat I did..kaira says ..shut up samrat..Samrat smiles..she says is it a joke..dnt u see hw much u got hurt..he says its ohkk u touched d wound na..nw it will heal fast..In all dis talks kaira is holding his hand..nd when she realises she takes it back..she asks samrat to drink water..he says no..kaira again scolds him..u always want to do wat u want naa..nvr want to listen to me..samrat says nothing..nd asks her for water…samrat realizes d pain in her voice..love ND care too…Samrat tells to kaira close d window..its very cold..outside..ull get cold too..kaira silently closes window..

kshitij is waiting for the mechanic to come..as he was nt available..at the garage..Samrat asks kaira cn i play songs..kaira says do wat u want..Samrat asks her y u r talking to me rudely..kaira says plzz samrat dnt do dis..samrat asks wat..m i doing..she says dnt u knw wat u doing..he says no..kaira says ohk..den..nd gets down frm the car..nd starts walkig towards d city..samrat also gets down nd asks her wat u doing get inside d car..ull get cold..nd even dis area is also nt safe..she asks..dis is wat..i ws asking u..y d hell u caring for me..i m warning u samrat..stay away frm me..

samrat hold her hands..nd pulls her close to him..he says repeat wat u said..she says leave me samrat..he pulls more close to him..they cn feel eachothers heartbeat.dat much close..kaira starts crying…samrats says kaira plzz plz dnt cry..ill leave.u..he leaves her hand..bt still kaira is crying..he says i didnt did dis to make u cry..she says u always did wat u thot would b good..u nvr thot of my feelings..dnt knw hw he got dat much guts..bt he hugs..kaira as tightly..as he cn..in return kaira too hugs him..he makes her stop crying..shhh shhh kaira..nw stop crying..like a baby..even babies dnt cry dis much..it ws lyk..kairas feelings..nd hurtness ws coming out by crying…

Precap:-Kaira smiles…waves bye..to Samrat..at his Buildings gate…

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Thnk u soo much guys..for lyking my other story..Baat Humari Pakki Hai..?

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  1. Awesome epi yaar…kshitij u r a good boy u left them alone and went..
    Wat happened in past yaar..Kaira is so disturbed and I think Samrat didn’t respected her feelings in past and now is he changed?.. Precap seems interesting.. Waiting for next part eagerly..update soon..
    Thank u and take care ?..

  2. Nice episodep!!!

  3. Awwww Shona, it’s was really heart touching episode and that hug so lovely, I hope they resolve their issues soon…loving this story very much…eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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