Kaisa Ye Pyar Hai (Episode 5)


Kaira tells kshitij lets go..he asks whr..she tells I dnt knw..whr..bt u take me somewhere…he says ohkk maam as u say..they both says byee to Samrat nd leaves..

Kshitij is happy by her jesture..nd thinks der relation is gng on ryt track…

Kshitij takes kaira to lonavla…they enjoy der..very much..while returning der car gets..punctured..so they takes bus..to return home..in bus..kaira sleeps on kshitij shoulder..very peacefully..she slept as she nvr slept so much peacefully in back 2 yrs….(she ws avoiding d reason..bt in her heart she ws happy to..see Samrat..after yrs..)Kshitij just keeps staring nd caressing her face..as her hairs wer coming on her face…kshitij ws so happy dat at least..she is finding a friend in kshitij…

The bus stops..nd kaira wakes up..she says…we r late…lets go home nd hav dinner..kshitij says he will go home..she insists to have dinner at her place..he agrees..

For some tym at least kaira has forgotten her past completely..suddenly..her inbox..shows notification 1 msg..nd its Juhi…”maam tomorrow morning you hav meeting wid samrat and his family..at d venue..dat is der farm house..away 10km frm Mumbai”..Reading dis she gets nervous…as she will hav to go..bt der juhi also would nt b der..she only have to go..

Kaira asks..kshitij dat wat he is doing tomorrow…he says..i have 2 meetings..bt If u say I cn cancel it…dis answer gives a glow on kairas face…dis is observed by her mom..dat she is lyking..kshitij..day by day…

Kaira aks him to accompany her..nd he agrees..kaira feels relieved after dis…

Kaira says byee to kshitij..nd kshitij leaves..having a broad smile on his face…

Kaira ws too tired so she sleeps..

Nxt day morning..kaira cls nd asks kshitij dat whr he will meet her..he says Ill pick u frm home only..she says ohkk..kshitij winds up his meeting faster Dan usual days..nd goes to pick up kaira…

He cls kaira..dat he has come so come on gate..they both leave..kshitij is quite nd kaira too..den kshitij asks kaira dat she cn Play songs or even cn sleep he wont mind..den kaira plays radio..nd der journey starts…samrat cls kaira dat would u lyk to travel wid us..to farm house toh I cn pick up u…kaira tells him noo..need..kshitij is taking me..samrat says ohkk nd keeps d cl..

Kaira ws confused abt samrats behaviour…as dis ws NT expected frm his side..den she looks at kshitij nd thinks..hw unconditionally he is Caring for me..nd m takeing advantage…of kshtij..nd she says sorry Kshitij…he asks why..bt..she says..nthing lyk dat only…he says just keep smiling..

Finally they reaches venue..kshitij asks her ill b in car u goo..she says…no..u too cum wid me..den he agrees..on gate..she meets survi..(to b bride)..he congratulates her..nd proceed towards farm house..den he introduces Samrats Brother..nd her..to b husband..kaira fully confused nd shock..she asks wat..den who is samrat he says my brother in law..Kaira doesn’t knws hw to react..Kaira apologised to survi as kaira misunderstood her groom..Survi says its ohkk..bt Samrat toh dnt look at gals only..frm ehr he’ll get married..Kaira fully shock to hear dis..bt she continues her work..nd here samrats mom comes..Kaira greets her Namaste..md smiles..Samrats mom asks her hws she is nd all…nd suddenly Kshitij comes after parking car..nw Samrats mom asks who is he..kaira ws nt understanding as wat should she introduce him..Before She say anything..Kshitij says friend..nd dat moment kaira looks at him..lyk wat is he..hw he cn do so much things for her..they both smiles at each other…

They all together had der lunch..nd den discussed all d plans..nd executions..Kshitij ws impress by her presentation..nd skills..to manage..things..suddenly he asks kaira plzz will u arrange things In my marriage too…Kaira smiles ND says yess..at dat ryt moment..samrat enters d room..nd d smiles turns into..no emotion on face…Kaira itself ws unable to understand wat ws shefeeling for samrat..hatred or love..?..She recalls herself..no..no..no..it cant b love…i cnt love him…

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Guys I have started a new..FF..Baat humati pakki hai..plzz rply der..whether I should I continue it or NT..thnk u..for ur love ND support…

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  1. Hey shona, u hav a gud rytng skil. . . N so gud is ur stories 🙂

    1. thnk soo much liya for appreciating it…:-*

  2. Oh Finally misunderstanding got cleared..Pls make Samrat to fall for her yaar..
    Pls Kshitij don’t get misunderstanding yaar..She isn’t loving u ..i hope u too get cleared soon..
    I am waiting for their past story..
    Waiting for next part..Thank u and take care ?..

  3. Hai Shona..honestly saying I haven’t read the story at first but when u said u have written it then I checked there and I like it and I commented too ..pls continue yaar..take care ?

    1. thnk u aaliya for ur precious time..for reading it..:-*

  4. hey shona veru gud story fr plz continue nd post nxt part fast nd kshitij is better than samrath………….i like kshitij md kaira.he loves her unconditional ly

  5. hey shona veru gud story fr plz continue nd post nxt part fast nd kshitij is better than samrath………….i like kshitij md kaira.he loves her unconditionally

  6. Hi Shona dear, lovely episode, finally kaira know about samrat, it’s getting quite interesting. …can’t wait for the next episode, excited, eagerly waiting, love you loads

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