Kaisa Ye Pyar Hai (Episode 3)

Samrat in mind laughs alot..dat she mistook him as groom…bt he doesn’t clarifies..nd continues…she asks him dat drop me on highway..I hav a dinner ? meeting..he says yeah I knw..date meetings..haaaa..?

In angry mood she says yeah..my fiancé…samrat in full shock…?
Samrat asks fiancé means u r engaged ?..she hesitates nd finally says yes…in mind she says (ya.if u r getting married ? den even I should say yes m engaged…wat matters..ill get nxt mnth engaged…)

Kshitij is very nice guy..nt as wat kaira always wanted..bt still kshitij was perfect for her…

Kaira gets down frm d car..nd kshitij is also der..standing…he sys..hiii kaira…whose dat wid u..kaira says..let me make u meet my..client nd..my…my..she is confused..nd says my classmate..frm graduation ?…he sys ohh wow..samrat smiles naughtily ? at kaira ..Kshitij asks Samrat to join Dem..as it would b great fun…to knw her clg days…kaira interrupts nd says..no we wer only classmates..nt so close..still kshitij insists him to join Dem..nd samrat agrees..nd kaira gives him an angry look…samrat smiles..

They all sit together..kaira is so much uncomfortable…suddenly..kshitij says..Ohooooo u looking gorgeous in saree…i think u should wear it offenly…kaira smiles…

Samrat asks so wen u both getting married ?..kaira tries to start another topic..bt kshitij replies…my madam has nt done engagement ? till nw nd u asking me abt marriage ?…hahahahahhaha…
Samrat smiles happily…nd stares kaira…
They order food ?…nd samrat orders kairas fav food Chinese..nd kaira says dat m in no mood today to eat Chinese..nd kshitij dnt lyk Chinese..so samrat says ohkk ill order for only myself..u both order urs…

In mean tym kshitij asks so u getting married ha..? samrat replies yes…love or arranged marriage ?…kaira is too much uncomfortable…she excuses.nd leaves for washroom…
In dat tym…samrat tell him d truth dat he isn’t getting married ?..its just dat she mistook him as groom…bt dnt tell her let enjoy dis prank…Kshitij says ohk as u wish…

Kaira is in washroom..she asks god wats dis nw y is samrat again in my lyf..wat plans do u have for me..when i ws dying to Be with samrat..dat tym he ws away..nw wen i have learnt to live widiut him..den u again sent him back in my lyf..i hope he doesn’t create any prblm in my lyf..

Kaira comes back..nd joins dining…Kshitij says..kaira I have ordered Dal khichdi..will u eat.. D same kaira says yeah…as far till now Samrat knows kaira used to hate khichdis.bt today she ws ready..samrat ws seeing changes..

They finally finished thier dinner..nd kaira asks kshitij to drop her..nd they say byee to samrat..nd kaira says to him dat u dnt need to come to office…u must b busy in ur marriage ? rituals..just lemme knw d works on call..ill send my team…Samrat smiles nd leaves….

That nyt..Samrat who almost had forgotten kaira…remembered der whole relationship once again…he felt dat she ws priceless..y i left her…nd as far as he knws kaira ws mad in his love..nd by her behaviour he can notice dat still she loves him…he gets happpy..nd sleeps…wid a smile on his face…(dis was notice by his mom..after a long tym he was smiling..widout any reason)

On d other side..kshitij takes kaira to ice cream ? parlour..nd asks her which flavour…..she tells she is no mood so..he asks to d seller to pack all d flavours…kaira asks him r u crazy..he replies yesss..i m…nd finally kaira laughs out her heart…kshitij is so happy to see her lyk dat…they both goes to marine drive nd sits back till late nyt…nd eats ice cream..nd shares der whole day..happenings..

Precap:- kshitij asks Kaira..madam..will u really marry me…



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  1. Guys plzz let me knw..m I gng on d ryt track or..nt..

  2. Day by day getting interesting to read..Nice..Keep going yaar…
    Waiting for upcoming epis to know their Past relationship..Pls make this kshitij away yaar..i know I am saying this early because I don’t want him to come in between this two guys later..thats y..Sorry yaar if hurts u..
    By the way I want to know what is the meaning of Kshitij..Because I haven’t heard this name till now..Just asked..
    Keep going..waiting for next..Thank u and take care ?..

    1. For sure u will see..kaisam moments…?

  3. Hi..Aaliya..Kshitij..means Skyline…This is so early to judge kshitij..bt dnt worry..he will..solve kairas all prblm..nd his presence will also make kaira to understand wat is ryt..

    1. Nice name with Good meaning..
      I know Its too early to judge him without knowing his Intentions but my point is Y in Every love ❤ story a 3rd person has to Sacrifice his love ❤..on seeing ur precap I said that …Sorry if its hurts..i just said my point..i didn’t want to hurt u yaar.Sorry..
      Waiting for next part.thank u and take care ?.

      1. Nopes baby u didnt hurt me at all..its very nyc dat..u took so much interest..nd love fir dis ff..thnk u sooooo much..?

  4. Really good…update nxt part

  5. Nice going Shona, very good episode, keep it up, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads and take care

    1. Thnk u Roma..i have uploaded till 6 episodes…? thnks for ur live nd support…

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