kaisa ya ishq hai (episode 2)


Episode starts –
Fb is shown
Raman,gopi and yuvraj are 3 grandchildren of super rich chandrakala birla
Who dies without a heir…
Even though there is a fight between the parents these 3 always remained strong ….
Gopi’s dad was hanged for killing ramans mum…ramans das was hanged for killing yuvrajs mum….and yuvrajs dad was hanged for killing gopis mum..
These 3 kids forgot their past…and decided to make a new family…there enters pratima …she gives them love ..and makes them her own children….she already has 3 kids-saurabh,sharad and anuj…later is revealed that gopi,yuvraj and raman r pratimas real kids and saurabh is madhus kid.ssharad is toshis kid and anuj is yuvrajs fake parents kid…so all those ka real mum is pratima…sharad,saurabh and anuj are thrown out of the house….and are out of my ff
Fb ends
Present day
Ruhi is talking to her ishima about hatred of the birla family for the modi family
Just then meera comes n sits next to ishima..the phone is on speaker
They talk
Adi screams –ruhi!gopi bua!papa!yuvraj chachu….
Episode ends

Credit to: ayesha

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  1. nice but make it long

  2. I think I got somewhat clear… The episode is too good… And y do the families hate each other… Many questions… Waiting for tmr…

  3. Nice looking forward …

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