kaisa ya ishq hai (episode 1)


KAISA YEH ISHQ HAI is a ff written by me….i have all the episodes handy n will post everyday…my name is Ayesha sachedev…and my sis ananya writes awesome ffs…im not sure if I can write like her…but anyways…there will be no intro and the truth or mystery will be shown in flash backs…

Episode 1-
A beautiful lady is shown in a s**y nighty…she is waking up another beautiful girl in a night suit…
Lady-meri gudiya get up na
Girl-mamma,im not ur gudiya…im ur cupcake..vidya di..is ur gudiya
The small girl is none other than our little rashi(from sns)played by mishti from yrkkh…..so u can guess the lady is none other than our bahu gopi-who has a modern avatar…
Gopi-okay haan meri cupcake get up na?or ill tell raman mamu and yuvraj mamu not to take u out
Rashi-sorry haan..
Suddenly a photo falls out …it shows all r lead couples…
Meera-mamma,we love u always
Vidya-papa,I don’t want to go…
Ahem-u cant choose u have to come with me
v-wait papa can we give a last time hug
they both hug gopi
gopi-meri gudiya and meri princess next time we meet u give me this wala hug only okay?
m-but why do we have to go?
g-u don’t have to go anywhere…princess mamma is going with rashi
just then ishita enters crying
g-ishita bhabhi..what happened…she sees pihu in ishita’s hands
ishita-pls go gopi bhabhi I don’t need love from ur family…neither does ahem bhai or suhani right?
Ahem and suhani-ya right ishu di…
M and v-how dare u bua?
Till that time they have pushed gopi out…
Raman-gopi ?gopi(present)
Fb ends
g-raman bhai(hugs him)

Episode Ends

Credit to: ayesha

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  1. so sad , meera and vidhya living wid ahem , and rashi wid gopi . but overall ur ff is nice . keep updating regularly

  2. Its awesome… But a bit confusing…

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