Kaira~She Loved A Monster (chp 50: Keerthi Convinces Manish And Suwarna)

Keerthi took Manish inside and he and Karthik shared cold looks whereas Keerthi stood holding her father’s bicep.

Pitah se hai naam tera

Pitah pehchaan teri

Jiye jis sahaare pe tu

Pitah se woh saans mili

Hai pitah, rab tera

Ho Ishwar Allah, Jitne bhi Rab hain

Noor tera tujh mein hi sab hai (x2)

Rab hai hai

Tu hi sab hai hai

Rab hai hai

Tu hi sab hai hai

Kr: papa ko itni nafrat bhari nazro se mat dekh chhotay, aaj tu is dunia mein hai to sirf papa k kaaran hai

Kr: bas Keerthi di, mujhe kuchh nahi sun’na.

Kr: kyun chhotay? Ye sirf mere nahi balkay humaray papa hain, tu maan k na maan.

K: kaash k us waqt aap hoti jab vo meri insult kiya kartay thay.

Kr: but he cares for u chhotay, bachpan mein tu bhi to unki ungli pakar kar chala karta hoga na? Jis ke kaaran tu dunia mein hai, aaj unki shakal tak dekhna gawara nahi tujhe?

K: just stop it di, mujhe unko maaf karnay k liye thora time chahiye. Or aap ne hi to kaha tha na k main or ye ek doosray se door rahein?

Kr: kaha tha, par ye nahi kaha tha k vo tere bacho’n se bhi door rahein, unko poora haq hai un par. (Turns to Manish) Jaiye papa, aapko koi nahi rokey ga. (He went) waise chhotay, tu ne inka koi naam nahi socha?

K: socha hai, Kaira, Nikhil and Naina

Kr: wow chhotay, teri intelligence ki toh daad deni paregi, haha

K: hmm, main abhi aya

He went and she too went to balcony remembering about Naksh. She held his arms and twirled him many times.

Nks: aray meri maa, pehle batao hua kya hai?

Kr: chhotay ko 3 babies huay hain.

He started laughing.

Kr: kya hua?

Nks: aadmi bhi pregnant hosaktay hain?

Kr: hain?

Nks: abhi tumne hi to kaha

Kr: u idiot, vo bachay bhai k bhi hain

Nks: as if I don’t know

Kr: chalo na tum bhi to milo

She pulled him with her and everyone were shocked to see him.

S: Naksh tum?

Nks: namaste aunty and uncle.

He took her and Manish’s blessings.

Nks: actually I forgot to tell u all and Keerthi too that Naira is actually my little sister.

Kr: really, u didn’t tell me also

Nks: I forgot, now can I meet my neices and nephew?

Kr: ofcourse

He went forward and took all the babies one by one in his arms and kissed them and then kissed Naira’s forehead.

Nks: where’s jeeju?

M: he must be outside.

Naksh stood up and went outside.

Kr: ma, papa, why don’t you both unite? If you both unite then bhai won’t be so aggressive, just keep your behavior nice for him, for us.

S: no beta its impossible.

Kr: leave it, talking to you both is totally useless, its nonsense, because of you both I got a childhood where I was deprived from motherly love and bhai got a childhood where he broke his relationship with papa, you can’t even do this much for me Maa, if you didn’t do my upbringing then at least do this, and papa, you understand me right? Then why don’t you make her understand? I want to have all family members together.

M: the history is such that we can’t do it even if we want to.

Kr: OK fine don’t do, but remember soon my marriage will be done, I will go, I m not saying you’ll be out of my life but truth is that all I care about the most is of you papa, when in childhood you did so much for me then I call off this marriage, I won’t marry till you all unite even if I get old till then.

She stormed out of the room banging the door hard.

M: we should unite for them Suwarna , we can do this

S: OK, nothing is more than my children to me

M: they are our children.

S: but don’t think I m ever going to forgive you.

She turned her face away from him. Karthik was calling Akshara and Naitik and was done talking with them when Naksh tapped on his shoulder as he had his back towards him.

K: who are you?

Nks: your brother in law means Naira’s elder brother as well as your sister’s would be husband.

K: oh, but Naira never told me about it

Nks: now you got to know right? Now will you give me a hug or will this awkwardness increase?

They shared a hug when Keerthi came there.

Kr: guys, I did a little emotional drama by which I believe mom and dad will unite.

Nks: seriously? Great job but what are you talking about?

Karthik suppressed his laughter while she narrated everything to him.

Kr: now for them I have called off our marriage but not really.

Nks: wow, ek din aap humko yoon mil jaengay, phool hi phool aangan mein khil jayengay humne socha na tha.

She blushed and he pecked her cheek and Karthik went to give them private moment. Akshara and Naitik came to their house later on. Naira had regained her senses and was playing with her babies. They hugged her and played with the babies as well.

Nks: kisi ne bohat sahi kaha hai k behno k bachay hojanay k baad behen se ziada us k bachay pyaare lagtay hain.

He giggled and she playfully hit his shoulder.

N: shukar manaiye tondu bhaiya k filhal main khari nahi hoon nahi to bin saabun k dhulai kardeti aapki.

They laughed. Karthik came to her and kissed her hair hugging her lovingly.

K: moti, dekho ab kitni patli hogai ho

N: lagta hai aaj tum dono ko maar khani hai, Papa dekhiye na

Nk: beta please mat chirao usko, zara sa gussa to ayega na, or Naira tumharay bachey ek dum tumhare jaise cute hain

N: thank u papa

Ak: finally aaj mera barso’n ka khwab poora hogaya

She too hugged Naira and smiled happily.

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