(KaiRa)(ff) Mujhme Rawa Hai Tu Epi 7

KaiRa Mujhme Rawa Hai Tu
Episode 7
Hey gus i m here with a new update i m trying to write a long update but i m always bzy so …. anyways pls comment guys ur response is low but few ppl love make me write this ff so from now onwards i will daily update
Recap:Kaira love n dilemma on love confession n kartik find unconscious naira
Kartik: tapping naira’s face n trying to make her concious but she doesn’t respond.. Naira wake up what happened to you ??.. He make her sit n hugs her n cry..
Naira opens her eyes but before she could say something kartik says
Kartik: why god ??why u always snatch those people from me to whom i love unconditionally? Naira i love u .. I love u so much ..

Naira gets happy n hugs him back n says: I love u too
Kartik realises the moment n breaks hug n cups naira’s face
Kartik: Naira r u OK? Why were u lying unconscious ?? What happened to u?
Naira: arrey stop so many questions under one breath ufff relax..
Kartik: then answer me na.. He was hell worried
Naira: wo i came to relax here cuz i was stressed but then i don’t know how n when i slept here… She makes a cute puppy face
Kartik: gets annoyed .. How could u be so irresponsible naira … U know how much i was worried … I was searching u here n there like a mad n u…

Naira: i m sorry…her tear escaped from her eyes cuz he was shouting on her
Kartik realises that he became rude so wipes her tears n says: plz don’t cry i didn’t want to hurt u i was just worried….he hugs her..she also hugs back both feel warmth of each other
Kartik: still hugging questions her….u said u were stressed so came here to relax.? What’s the matter?
Naira: i came to think how to confess my love n propose u
Kartik breaks hugs looks lovingly at her n hold her hands n kneel down on his knees
Naira becomes confused

Kartik: i love u naira.. i love u so much..i want to spend every second of my life with u..i want u to be my life partner for every birth…I want to live n die with u…i promise i will try to never hurt u..i will give u so much love so much happiness that u will forget even the spelling of sorrow n pain.. So ms.rishikhes will u accept this mendak’s proposal
Naira make him stand n looks into his eyes..sincerity n love was clearly evident n she was overwhelmed with happiness
Naira: yes.. Cuz i love u too

Both were happy but before kartik could utter a word he felt her soft lips on his he was shocked by her bold move but reciprocate the kiss…Both were kissing passionately..they were enjoying the smooth lovely moment both were so lost then it turned on rough n wild there desires were increasing they were craving for more love but break the kiss due to lack of oxygen both were looking at each other then hugs passionately
Kartik starts giving her open mouth wet kisses on her shoulder n neck but then naira realised time n gets apart
Kartik: embarassed..I m sorry if i crossed my limits actually
Naira: no it is OK .. But don’t mind we should wait na its early n should go back everyone must be worried at asharam
Kartik: i can understand we should wait … N yeah lets leave.. N heads to leave but
Naira: thanks

Kartik: for caring about ur emotions?
Naira: yes but also for one more thing
Kartik:for what?Naira: for proposing me at the most romantic n special place for me…n that too as i expected
Kartik: so u liked a simple proposal at special place
Naira: yes .. I never wished for a grand proposal…but for a true genuine lovely moment
Both KaiRa smiles n leaves after taking a selfie
Both reach asharam n also get scolding of everyone for being irresponsible which they both listen hiding their smiles n go to their room but sleep in balcony looking at each other lovingly n talking whole night at phone

Precap: KaiRa Love is in Air

pardon my mistakes n do comments n thanks to all who r liking commenting n following my ff

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