(KaiRa)(ff) Mujhme Rawa Hai Tu Epi 5

(KaiRa) Mujhme Rawa Hai Tu
Episode 5
OK guys thanks for every comment n sorry for being late n here is a long update this time guys hope u enjoy it n please ur response is low so comment yar so that i may decide to continue or quit…enough of my yack yack here i begin with story

Recap:KaiRa met fight n KaiRa in Cafe as negi introduce Kartik
Both KaiRa were glaring each other then negi ask
Ng: do u know each other before?
Naira: no but yes unfortunately we met today
Ng: well kartik beta she is naira about whom i was telling u n naira he is our new manager
Both KaiRa gave a disappointed look to each other
Ng: naira show him room i have some work OK
Naira: follow me n makes face
Kartik: follows her
She show him a room
Naira: its ur room if u need anything call anyone but not me
Kartik: sure n i also don’t invite problems for myself
Naira: u mendak just behave or i will kick u out from here
Kartik: i can’t believe negi uncle was praising this teekhi mirchi .. Anyways now get out i need to rest
Naira stamps her foot n leaves

Naira in her room
Naira: this mendak na …Huh why gnga maiya u r testing my patience?
Then she slept
Next morning
Naira was drying her hairs with towel in balcony when kartik come to his balcony n saw her he smiles seeing her a song play in BG
Na wo akhian ruhani kahi
Na wo chehra noodance

Kahi dil wali batei b na
Na wo sjri jawani kahi
Jag ghoomeya thare jesa na koi
He smiles dreamingly then reality strikes him n he come back to his room
Kartik: whats wrong with u man..Why were u dreaming for that jungli bili? Huh concentrate kartik …
Naira in hall
Naira: negi uncle i m going..
Kartik also comes n greets

But KaiRa makes faces seeing each other n leaves
Naira was walking on road when she heard some screams she follow the sound n reach a shop
As she entered she becomes shocked cuz two boys were trying to molest a girl
Naira: hey leave her u both she picks up a rod n started beating them but one of them caught her n try to tie her mouth but then our hero kartik comes there to their rescue n after dishoom dishoom he save girls
Girl: thanks u both
Kartik: it was my duty … U go n beware next time n girl leaves
Naira: thanks kartik
Kartik: what .. U say thanks.. O am i dreaming
Naira: u started ur trtr again mendak

Kartik: oh actually i never thought that u can say thanks but no need for that bcoz i know what dignity matters to girls
Naira: tm itne b bure nhi ho wese…
Kartik: is bar phr dosti ka hath brha kr insult nhi krwana chahta n smiles naughtily
Naira: so mei brhati hu dosti ka hath thamo ge she also smiles n forward hand
KaiRa shake hands n smiles
Kartik: chlo ab chlte hai kafi rat hogyi hai

Naira: ha chlo
They started walking
Kartik: so now when we r friends so tell me something about ur self
Naira: like what??
Kartik: like anything u could share…actually i have no frnds here u r first one
Naira: o so from where u belong
Kartik: udaipur … N becomes sad

Naira: also become sad…oh so what r u doing here don’t u get job there
Kartik: i don’t want to live there.. I came here to chill n find job so stay back
Naira: from which thing u r running away that u stay back here
Kartik: I’m not running away from anything;He sounds low
Naira: don’t lie i can see that in ur eyes u have some pain that u r hiding
Kartik: i also find some pain in ur eyes too … What r u hiding?
Naira: i think we should talk when we feel comfortable I will definitely share my past when

Kartik: cuts him… When u feel i m trust worthy.. I think u r right we both should leave it on time
They smile n reach ashram n go to their respective rooms n sleep
Day by day their friendship grow they fight like tom n jerry also but they were jai veeru also who help each other they both share their past also one evening it was raining n KaiRa were chatting just then on a joke cracked by kartik naira laughs so kartik lost in her smile starts singing in rain
Koi lrki hai jb wo hsti hai barish hoti hai chnk chnk chn chn
Then naira sings
Koi lrka hai jb wo gata hai sawan ata hai ghmr ghmr ghm ghm
They both sing n dance

Then they reach their rooms n smiles thinking about each other
KaiRa’s POV: o god why i m thinking about that mendak/ms.rishikesh too much .. But she/he is so good na .. He/she helps everyone, respects everyone, take care of everyone, fights with me but i love him/her … Hey hang on i love him/her … No this can’t happen… But ah.. This is confusing.. But this feeling is so beautiful … I m in love … Yes i love him/her
I will confess so soon in a grand way after all i fell in love the most beautiful passion of world

Precap: Love confession

Pardon my mistakes n do comments ?

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