(KaiRa)(ff) Mujhme Rawa Hai Tu Epi 4

(KaiRa) Mujhme Rawa Hai Tu
Episode 4
KaiRa telling just a summary of their relation which I’ll explain 4 u(ab sb batein nhi bta skte ? family ko smjha kro)
FB starts
A boy is standing near gnga n praying just then a girl comes n collides wd boy both fell into gnga
They come out drenched fully
Boy: hey r u blind or what?
Girl: I’m not blind u idiot it was by mistake
Boy: ik to glti uper se attitude ha
Girl: see i don’t have time for ur trtr
Boy: what a arrogant girl u r
Don’t your parents taught u some manners

Girl: becomes teary eyed…n says I m sorry n leave crying
Boy: did i hurt her ..she was fighting with me then why she become emotional suddenly.. Kartik tje parents ki bat nhi krni chaiye thi… I will say sorry
Girl at some hill crying
Girl: why ? Mama why u do this to me?N that idiot make me remind of u all today .. only bcz of u mrs.akshara singhania i’m suffering a lot..n cry
Kartik comes following her there n call her
Kartik: hey girl..
Naira turns n wipes her tears
Kartik comes near her n says: I’m sorry actually.. I was disturbed n was praying when u
Naira: its OK n turns to leave but he hold her wrist.she look at him n her wrist then he left her wrist by saying sorry
Kartik: i know i hurt u..i shouldn’t have taken ur parents name but it was a slip of tongue i m sorry
Naira: its OK..me b rude thi Kartik: so friends
Naira: itni jldi..na jan na pehchan tm lrke b na bs
Kartik: hello..me koi aisa vesa lrka nhi hu..tm lrkia na kitni dur ka sochne lgti ho
Naira:huh ..well tm lrke hi hme aisa sochne pe mjbur krte..or tm me aisa kx khas nhi Jo mre dost bno
Kartik: ha to me konsa mra ja rha hun tmse dosti krne k lye
Naira: ha so why u offered ur friendship
Kartik: yeah my mistake … i forgot u r a jungli bili so sorry ms.rishikhesh
Naira: n ur a mendak who do trtr all time
Kartik: u mind ur tongue
Naira: u also behave

Kartik: huffs .. I can’t waste my time with u .. Go to hell i m leaving .. N he leaves
Naira: from back shouts .. Ya yeah go who stop u mendak
Naira also leaves
Naira reach ashram
Naira: hi negi uncle
Ng: hi beta u came late tonight where were u
Naira: wo sorry … Anyways i got ur medicines take it
Negi: i m really lucky u take care of everyone so much
Naira: no its me that i found u .. Its my duty to fulfill all ur responsibilities U gave me shelter u raise me up .. Its ur favour on me that i can’t return
Negi blesses her
Negi: oh i forgot i have appointed manager for our cafe n guest house
Naira: why uncle? I told u i will manage why to waste money by giving him salary
Negi: no beta u do tourist guide job then at evening u teach dance to students in academy then cafe n guest house work is a burden on u
Naira: but
Negi: no ifs n buts come i will introduce u to him i have guide him all work u just show him room he will stay here
Naira: OK come
Negi take naira to cafe where KaiRa come face to face again
Kartik: o u here not again .. He was disappointed
Naira: yeah not again ..

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