(KaiRa)(ff) Mujhme Rawa Hai Tu Epi 28

KaiRa Mujhme Rawa Hai Tu Epi 28
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Recap: KaiRa resolving their issue n a possessive Naira ################

A relationship always becomes stronger only after facing some hardships some ups n down. If we didn’t taste bitterness we couldn’t know the taste of sweet if we didn’t face hatred we can’t value love . To lead a happily ever after live we first need to live the life with facing difficult circumstances. One should be able to understand what actually life is…he should learn from his bad experiences n shouldn’t repeat same mistakes again n again…..
Alia was still hugging him n crying Kartik was trying to make her calm down n he succeed in that after some time
Kartik: Now tell me why the hell u were crying like that
Alia: He dumped me n …She again cries
Kartik: u were having a b.f n u didn’t bothered to tell me..he was surprised
Alia: coz he dumped me a a weak ago we met
Kartik: that means almost a month ago … He was confused
Alia: yes…she said sobbing
Kartik: then why r u crying now … R u missing him … See if he didn’t value u then why r u wasting ur tears for that jerk
Alia: cz i loved him a lot
Kartik: but u should also hate that bastard for dumping u
Alia: fumes…dare u abuse him.. N tell me if naira leaves u will u hate her
Kartik: she won’t leave me
He said confidently
Alia: suppose if she
Kartik: definitely i won’t hate her

Alia: Then how could u ask me to hate Abhi
Kartik: so his name is Abhi
Alia: yes Abhi… Abhishek Verma
Kartik: why he dumped u
Alia: he said that he needs a break from our relationship he needs some private space, he feels that marriage is a burden which he can’t handle n after marriage love just vanishes…she said all making a disappointed face
Kartik: What kind of stupid theory it is?
Alia: exactly i also say the same n then we instead of discussing the matter started to argue which leads to a major fight … He became furious n ends up dumping me ….
Kartik: that’s really sad then now what ?do u want to patch up?
Alia: after 2 days of our fight when i went to his house i found that he left for world tour leaving a letter for me

…. In letter he said
“Alia I m really Sorry for hurting u I shouldn’t have been that harsh WD u that day but i seriously believe we need a break from this relationship see day by day we have started arguing a lot n sometimes fights too much i feel that if we will live apart from each other for sometime then we will b able to value each other more than before may be we realise the worth for each other or may be we realise that it was only infatuation which we were calling love, this break will help us making a better decision for our relationship’s future …. I m leaving for world tour for 1 month after i return i will tell u my decision that i wanna continue WD u or not so till then take care love u bye”
Alia was upset
Kartik: hey relax he will return
Alia: its been one month n 10 days n he is not back i even can’t trace him no one knows his whereabouts i want him WD me right now

Kartik: relax have faith on ur love he will return
Alia: u won’t understand kartik if he doesn’t return then
Kartik: then what will u die for him who doesn’t value u … See u can’t force ur love over him
Alia: i even don’t want to do that but i will really die if he didn’t return or else Dad himself will kill me
Kartik: but why will he kill u? He yelled in frustration of not understanding Alia’s reaction
Alia: in same frustration yells… Cz i m pregnant damn it
Kartik: shocked … What
Alia: cries…yes i just come to know today
Kartik: but how???
Alia: how?what kind of question is that?
Kartik: i mean he left a month ago na
Alia: yes but i m 3 months pregnant …what the f*ck
Kartik: why u did that actually
Alia: we were drunk it was by mistake that we make out n i even can’t abbort cz doctor tell me now its late for abortion
Kartik: ah …. Its really a serious issue
Alia: exactly… His mom is also worried cz she also don’t know where he is
Kartik: he must have went WD his some frnd try to trace him
Alia: he went alone….he is a introvert person who loves loneliness u know i was his only g.f n only girl who is frnd n besides me he have 3 more frnds only
Kartik: really…u loved such a weird person …. Really love is blind
Alia: will u shut up
Kartik: sorry but u only can wait for his return now..
Alia: Exactly i don’t have any other choice but till when i will hide this … She cries
Kartik: relax he will return back to u only n i m always there for u
He consoles her
On the other side Naira was restless n then Kartik comes to home after he freshen up naira was serving him dinner they were having dinner when
Naira: u come late today
Kartik: i was in office … Work load is too much
Naira: Alia was also wd u
Kartik: yeah … Obviously we work on same project na
Naira: Kartik … She said softly…
Kartik: hmm

Naira holds his hand n kiss on its back he gets surprise by her act…
Naira: See i m not complaining like typical wives but now a days u r not givinge time… U know how much lonely i feel
Kartik side hugs her kissing her forehead
Kartik: i know that even i feel sorry for that too but u know na i m busy these days
Naira: i know but please try to manage some time for me too …. U often come back late n then when u return u picks up ur laptop n starts stupid works of ur again
Kartik: smiles.. Ok tonight i won’t touch laptop we will spend quality time together now have ur dinner
Then they chit chat n do a bit romance but she finds him lost somewhere she ask him but he diverts the topic… She was sure that something is fishy … N Kartik was hell worried for Alia but he also don’t want to make his lady love upset so he stops thinking about alia n gave his all attention love n affection to Naira

Precap: KaiRa to argue

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