(KaiRa)(ff) Mujhme Rawa Hai Tu Epi 27

Kaira Mujhme Rawa Hai Tu Epi 27
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Recap: Depresssed KaiRa

Both were sitting on couch silently then Alia speak up
Alia: see Naira me n Kartik r best friends since childhood we r so close to each other…that day what we did was wrong we shouldn’t have played such prank on you n Really Sorry for That ..please forgive Kartik he is very upset n she makes a pleading face
Naira: do u want to say anything else…making a serious face
Alia: umm.. No
Naira: dry tone …then listen to me now ,its my n mine husband’s personal matter n i don’t like any 3rd person interfering in my matter… But yeah i m sorry i misbehaved wd u that day in anger
Alia: no ur anger was justified but i hope u forgive me
Naira: i m not upset wd u
Then alia looked at the side table n found her bracelet
Alia: oh so i dropped it Here n i was searching it in whole world
Naira: is that urs but when u dropped it here
Alia: when i came to ur house for the first time… U were not present that day
Naira: oh ..anyways what would u like to have tea coffee or
Alia: stands up…no i will leave i m getting late n i hope u guys sort out this issue soon
Naira doesn’t say anything n she leaves Now Naira was frustrated

Naira’s POV
So now Kartik have started hiding thing from me why he didn’t tell me about Alia n who gave her right to interfere in my personal matters … she was so exhausted
Then Kartik returns at home after getting freshen up n comes to naira n sit next to her on bed holding her hand which she jerks away
Kartik: enough naira its been a week n u r not talking to me don’t u think its too much now
Naira: exactly now its a high time that we talk n sort out this stupid mess created by u
Kartik: i m sorry it was a really bad joke i wont repeat that mistake
Naira: OK i forgive u for the prank but tell me why u didn’t inform me about alia
Kartik: bcz i didn’t get time to tell u
Naira: u bring her home too but u didn’t bothered to inform me
Kartik: i don’t know how did this skip from my mind…but alia is my childhood bestie we studied together n now we r working together
Naira: working together? She was surprised as well as angry…u hide everything which is related to alia
Kartik: why would i hide that?
Naira: then why u didn’t tell me
Kartik: i wanted to tell but it skipped from mind in giving u surprise n valentine day i didn’t get time to share it wd u
Naira: still angry i hate u
Kartik: but i love u
Naira: hugs him never ever repeat that
Kartik: sure then they have chit chat n Kartik shares about his bonding wd alia n naira obviously felt jealous

Naira’s POV

she is his frnd BT im wife i m his love his life i trust him he is only mine i m not insecure but a bit possessive bcz he is my whole world he means everything to me
Then again their normal routine started days were passing alia often visits them at home but naira always remain reserve towards her kartik many times ask her to befriend WD alia but she always excuses …she hated their closeness but never complain

She never let kartik feel that she is insecure even she herself never admitted that fact now Kartik used to get busy WD office work he returns back late at evening
But naira never complain coz she know he is very ambitious n doing hard work to achieve his goal sometimes she feel bad that kartik is not giving her enough time but keep silence cz she believe that he loves her only
Now 2nd month of their marriage completed n 3rd started
One fine day alia n kartik were in office when Kartik notice alia is upset
Kartik: hey what happened
Alia: nothing its just i m tired
Kartik: stop lieng to me n hey why r ur eyes so swelled he cups her face
Alia: hugs him n started crying hard
Just then Naira comes she saw them hugging n left wdout saying anything they didn’t notice presence of naira which irked her more

Naira’s POV
what the hell was going on there why they were so lost in hugging each other that they didn’t notice my presence no Kartik cant be disloyal towards me but…stop overthinking naira he loves u only n she is just frnd BT u r wife

Precap: alia to share smthing wd kartik
Guys i m very close to separate kaira, i don’t want to drag my story by keeping a long jealousy track cz i’m gonna wrap up my story very soon may be 40 epi will b last if i didn’t think to extend it. I know i gave a stupid ff . Recently i joined my university’s literature club n I’m very bzy WD that i have to write articles n also i m editor of magazine so I’ve to do many things bzy bee u see so ….
Pardon my mistakes n do comments

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  1. Hales

    The emotions could be felt by the way u wrote! Eagerly waiting for next

  2. Soumya85

    It was nice

  3. it’s amazing….update soon

  4. AnikaSaini

    It was good
    Separation ??
    Don’t end ff so soon please
    Post next asap

    1. Reyaa

      Thanks…well i don’t wanna drag my ff but will try to write enoughn will start a new soon

  5. We love your FF!!
    Plz don’t call it stupid!!!
    It’s awesome!!!
    I would request you not to end it so soon
    But the rest is then your choice!!!
    By the way eagerly waiting for kaira’s separation

  6. Ayesha24

    Please keep it a happy ending with their reunion though you want to end it soon.. and no its not a stupid ff.. i really loved it.. their lovestory in rishikesh all those parts are amazing and now too so pls make a reunion as beautiful as their love story…

    1. Reyaa

      Well i can’t say about reunion … N relax many chapter r still remaining if i end it soon then soon i will return WD new one too

  7. It was awesome dear ..I always liked ur ff.

  8. Vrushy

    Awsome update .
    Can’t wait for next.

  9. Vinni05

    Emotional one
    Can’t wait for next

  10. Kirtana.sainath

    Awww kaira separation?? Hope we hAve the milan soon too..

  11. Sethidisha002

    crap always make seperation

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