(KaiRa)(ff) Mujhme Rawa Hai Tu Epi 26

KaiRa Mujhme Rawa Hai Tu

Episode 26
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Recap: Naira n Alia argument

She was still in shock but somehow she manages to speak up
Naira: Kartik why r u saying sorry
Kartik: Because .. He fumbles…bcz alia is saying the truth
Naira: i know u must be joking but kartik its really not funny so stop this joke right here … She says in cracking voice her eyes were moist

Kartik: Naira actually i wanted to tell u that… he tries to hold her from her shoulders
Naira: cuts him…what u want to tell me ha … She yell holding her head n suddenly she collapsed on floor
Kartik gets worried n started to tap her face
Kartik: naira get up he was hell worried n naira was not responding
Alia: Kartik pick her up n make her lie on bed in room

He do same alia brings water n sprinkle on her face she gets conscious
Kartik hugs her
Kartik: Naira i m sorry i was just joking i didn’t know that this will happen with u i m sorry he was at verge of crying
Naira: breaks the hug jerking Kartik wd full force…joke u think it was joke? My heart was sinking …u shattered me in a moment wd ur so called joke
Alia: actually it was all my mistake i asked him to play a prank on u to test ur love i m sorry
Naira: fumes…u just get lost from here she yelled
Kartik: naira listen
Naira: cuts him….i don’t want to listen anything just leave me alone
Alia: naira i m sorry but
Naira: shouts..I said leave me alone

Kartik: Naira calm down n listen to me
Naira: no I don’t want to listen anything
Alia: but
Naira: fine u both stay here I will leave she was about to get up but kartik stops her n both alia n kartik leaves from room
Alia: I’m sorry Kartik it was all my mistake i forced u to play this prank but
Kartik: its OK i also didn’t think that her reaction would be so severe n i m sorry for naira’s misbehaviour wd u
Alia: its OK that is not a issue it was natural but i feel sorry
Kartik: u just don’t worry i will manage she is angry now but she can’t stay angry for a long time wd me

Alia: hmm i hope so anyways i will leave see u tommorow
N she went Naira was still upset n she locked herself in room she didn’t give a chance to kartik to talk to her he was so disturbed n regretting himself for his stupidity
He slept in lounge n naira in room
Next morning when he wakes up he saw breakfast ready on table n his clothes in room with a note
I m going for walk u go to office don’t wait for me bcz it will be useless for u

Kartik’s POV

She doesn’t want to talk to me she is avoiding me completely i know i hurt her but i m sorry for that she should give me a chance
Naira’s POV
I may be over reacting but i didn’t like such practical joke i m very possessive about him i don’t have anyone in this world except Kartik,when she said she wanna marry Kartik n he say sorry for his mistake i felt like i lost him , I love him n can’t live wd out him
Like that a week pass there was only silence between KaiRa … Kartik tries many time to apologise but she didn’t pay heed towards him

In office

Kartik was upset n lost which was noticed by alia
Alia: she is still angry
Kartik: hmm
Alia: she loves u … U keep on trying to convince her
Kartik: yeah anyways i have a meeting so i will leave
Alia: yeah u go i will also leave i have to meet someone
N they bid bye n leaves

In Dance Academy

Naira shares everything wd swara n was crying
Swara: oh god its been a week i m noticing that u r hiding something from me..why u didn’t tell me before
Naira: i was disturbed n i also don’t want to discuss that topic
Swara: ok i can understand that but i feel its enough naira now just forget that n forgive Kartik

Naira: yeah u r right since a week he is also disturbed i will talk to him tonight
Swara: that’s good u know we should not stretch the matters that it creates distances between person we should resolve our issues on time before the matter gets more complicated
Naira: yes swara u r right i overreacted but i was so upset
Swara: i can understand ur position but now u just forgive him i think he got enough punishment
Naira: hmm n after this he will never ever think to play such prank on me n That Alia if she comes in front of me then i will show her real naira how dare she do that
Swara: looks like kartik’s sherni is back
Both smiles then after sometime they leave n reach their building
Naira just entered her apartment n was drinking water when the bell rings she goes to open the door n found Alia there n fumes

Alia: may i come in
Naira: in dry tone says yes
They come n sit in lounge

Precap: Naira n Alia conversation
Yes guys u were right about prank … It is really silly n impractical situation for me too but it was needed to make a bitter relationship between Naira n Alia ,Naira may be or may not be jealoused n insecure of Alia but if u love my ff u will love this track cuz now the roller coaster ride will be experienced by KaiRa which will lead to their separation
One more thing Alia is a positive character n not fully but somewhere she will b one of the reason of many other reason of KaiRa separation
N Yeah My semester has started now so i will not b regular but will post epi wd a gap of one day so that u don’t have to wait much
So Pardon my mistakes n please do comments guys

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