(KaiRa)(ff) Mujhme Rawa Hai Tu Epi 25

KaiRa Mujhme Rawa Hai Tu
Episode 25

Thanks for liking n commenting to all .. I wont be able to give update tommorow so here is a long update for today please guys do comments plllzzzz n tell me ur views yeah n its a Silver Jublie Episode 25
Recap: KaiRa Valentines Day
A new bright lovely morning comes disturbing the sleep of love birds, peacefully resting themselves in each other embrace having a smile of satisfaction on their faces
Alarm rings n Kartik cuddle her more tightly

Kartik:murmurs…why this morning comes so early
Naira:wakes up..trying to escape from his grip…Kartik leave me i need to take bath n then i also have to prepare breakfast
Kartik: but i wanna sleep n
Naira: cuts him.. Ram uncle don’t like late comers right?
Kartik: oh no….he sighs..ok u go n take bath first

Naira: gets up n was about to go when Kartik holds her hand..Now what Kartik?
Kartik: closing his eyes murmurs…my morning kiss
Naira smiles n kiss him then she
take bath then wake up kartik n goes to make breakfast Then they have breakfast n he leaves n in office he started working along alia n ram
Naira was cleaning lounge when she found a bracelet on floor n picks it up
Naira: its not mine bracelet then whose is it ….. She kept it on table in lounge n gets thinking then she went to dance academy
In office
Alia: well kartik i think we should meet the other investor today i have taken appointment

Kartik: yeah ok just give me 10 minutes to finish my work
They were in building parking lot
Kartik: sitting on his bike.. u go in ur car i will follow u on bike
Alia: sits back on his bike…why to waste fuel when we have to go on same place n its been so long that i didn’t have a bike ride so lets go both smiles n leaves

In dance academy

Swara greets naira but found her lost
Swara: hey what happened u seems to b lost today?
Naira: no nothing is like that
Swara: says dramatically… i think we were friends but its OK if u don’t want to share anything
Naira: smiles..no swara its not like that actually i found a bracelet at home which is not mine
Swara: so is it bothering u…wait don’t tell me that like a typical wife u r doubting kartik

Naira: no i know he is loyal n he only loves me n i do trust on him also but i was only worried that how that bracelet come into my house
Swara: may be kartik got that for u as a gift n later forgets to give u
Naira: yeah i didn’t think about it
Swara: Naira u na.. U were just getting worried without any reason u should ignore small things
Naira: yeah u r right…well i think we should leave now

Then they both leave from academy n reaches home
Naira was sitting on couch n waiting for kartik reading a magazine just then door bell rings she opens the door n saw Kartik … Hey Kartik.. n was about to hug him happily but stops seeing alia WD him n ask who is she?
Alia: its better if we sit n talk inside … She says in serious tone
Naira: confusedly ask to come in
And they get inside the house

They sit in lounge naira looks at kartik face who was looking worried
Naira: kartik what happened u looks tense n who is she
Alia: i m alia kartik’s childhood friend n ex-gf
Naira gets shocked n looks at kartik bcz kartik told her that he never had any sort of relation with any girl but she composes herself
Naira: so what if u r Kartik’s ex-gf i m his current wife n he only loves me she says WD full attitude

Alia: yeah but do u know that i m having a 1 year old illegimate child of his with me
Naira again looks at Kartik who was looking down at floor n then at alia who was giving stern looks
Naira: i don’t believe u … I know him he can never cross his limits u r lieng ..she yells on alia
Alia: i m a girl why would i lie about myself ? Why would i defame my self..she yells back
Naira: i don’t know what is your motive behind this but i trust my husband..she was so furious
Alia: really … Then ask him to say something …ask him to give u justification .. Why the hell he is silent when i m alleging on him …she shouts aloud
Naira: there must be some reason behind his silence n i don’t need any justification better u leave from here n never ever show me ur face ..she said angrily grinding her teeths

Alia: i won’t leave until i get what i want..she yells
Naira: OK tell me what the hell u want then?
Alia: i want him to marry me n give his name to our child
Naira: what rubbish…it was enough for her to bear she can’t share his Kartik with anyone even in her dreams

She was about to slap alia when Kartik holds her hand n hugs her
Kartik: i m sorry for this mistake naira
Naira becomes numb completely motionless a tear escape from her eye many things were going on her mind …If alia is saying truth? ..If Kartik will leave me? She was happy in her life then how suddenly her life her fate can ditch her badly? Her world shattered in a moment

Precap: Naira to collapse

well till now my story was simple n sweet but now KaiRa will experience the real hardships of life from now onwards u will see many twists tell me whats ur take on my story via comments

Pardon my mistakes n do comments

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  1. Fenil

    Great Reyaa
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    Can’t wait for next

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    Wow just loved it
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    Wow!! It was nicely described how naira is feeling betrayed….this must be a prank!
    But its a very silly prank spclly kartik also involved ..so now kartik has to apologise in a grand way to naira for this plan
    Keep writing! Waiting for ur next one ?

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  8. I think it’s a prank!
    It was really good!

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    It was awesome..love the way they both fight??I think this is a prank by aliya and karthik..waiting for next chapter egarly..and congratulations for golden jubilee wow

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