(KaiRa)(ff) Mujhme Rawa Hai Tu Epi 23

KaiRa Mujhme Rawa Hai Tu
Episode 23
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Recap: Kartik meets Alia old good friend of him in new office
Kartik decorates their room with lots of naira n his pics on one wall to surprise naira
Naira returns n saw him in lounge watching tv
Naira: hey u come early today
Kartik: yes
Naira hugs him but kartik blindfolds her
Naira: what r u doing
Kartik: Surprise

They come into room n as naira saw the wall she becomes happy
Naira: hey this is so cute I love it
Kartik: but I love u
Naira: I love u too
Kartik: I love u 3 4 5 infinity
She smiles n kiss on his cheeks
Kartik: you shouldn’t have kiss me there he says passing a naughty smile
Naira: understand what he is upto so say….yeah i should not have kissed u actually
Kartik pull her from her waist towards him locking her in his arm leaning to kiss her on lips but she pushes him
Naira: u give a good surprise but u won’t get anything now Kartik: when u r wd me i don’t need anything else
Naira smiles on his statement
Kartik: but that’s not fair atleast i deserve a Long lip lock …he says making puppy face
Naira: everything is fair in love n war… she says showing attitude
Kartik: Again lock her in his arms … N i will win this war of love he says huskily making eye contact
Naira: comes close to his face both were feeling hot breathes of each other …she give a slight peck on his lips which make him lost n she grab opportunity n escapes from his hold saying Catch me If u can
Music plays in bg of Zalima
K:Jo tri khatir trpe pehle se hi kya use trpana o Zalima o Zalima(he starts to chase her n she bagan to move far) Jo tre ishq me behka pehle se hi kya use behkana O Zalima o Zalima
Ankhei Mrhaba batei mrhaba

Me so mrtba diwana hua(he hold her frm waist touch n kiss her eyes)
Mera na rha jbse dil mera tere husn ka nishana hua(he pin hr to wall burries his face in her neck n shoulder)
Jiski hr dhdkn tuho aise dil ko kya dhkana O Zalima o Zalima jo teri khatir trpe pehle se hi kya use trpana o Zalima o Zalima ( she pushes him n move to go but he back hugs but she again esacapes he was chasing her again)
K: Sanso me tri nzdiko ka itr tu ghol de ghol de
Me hi q ishq zahir kru tu b kbhi bol de bol de( he caught her in lounge n push on couch n comes on her top making eye contact n feeling her sensually tempting her more by moving his hand on her upper body)
N: Sanso me tri nzdiko ka itr tu ghol de ghol de
Me hi q ishq zahir kru tu b kbhi bol de bol de(she escapes from his hold n stands up moving backward here she act like Mahira khan did in song)
K: Le k jan hi jayega meri qatil hr tera bahana hua(he lift her in bridal attire)
N: Tjse hi shuru tjpe hi khtm mere pyar ka fasana hua(she moves her finger sensually on his face)
K: tu shama hai to yad rkhna me b hu prwana o zalima o zalima jo teri khatir trpe pehle se hi kya use trpana o Zalima o Zalima(he make her lie on bed n comes on top n catures her lips)
Both were kissing passionately then they break the lip lock now both were completely turned on…he kissed her neck shoulders n then he undress her n she also undress him both were lost in each other n their love he was gently kissing her every inch of body n she was mourning in pleasrue she was equally participating in making love n then they consumate with full love n passion

Precap: cz tomorrow is valentine day so another KaiRa love Special Epi will b uploaded

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