(KaiRa)(ff) Mujhme Rawa Hai Tu Epi 22

KaiRa Mujhme Rawa Hai Tu
Episode 22
Recap: KaiRa At Kapoor Mansion n their Moral Gayan
Kartik gets ready n they were having breakfast
Naira: so what’s ur plan today
Kartik: ah first I will go to office to resign then to Ram uncle n then I will return to u
Naira: hmm mjse bch k jaoge b kaha
Kartik: ye to hai tmhare ishq me qed jo hu mei or rihaai tou door ki baat zamanat b nhi milti
Naira: laughs on his statement…wese bato ka na mahal bnane me expert ho tm ab jldi jao late hojaoge wrna

Kartik: uff qsm se naira mjburi na ho to tmhe chor k office kbhi na jaun bs tmhari bahon me hi mr jaun he said all dramatically
Naira: rehne do bs abhi aise bol rhe ho roz agr 24/7 mje dekhna pre to tm khd hi bore hoke mje chor k bhago ge
Kartik: aisa kbhi nhi hoga me tmse door tmhe chor k kbhi nhi jaonga or agr tm mjse door gyi to tmse lr k zbrdsti tmhe wapis apne pas le aaunga
Naira: acha yni tmhara bs chle to tm mje apne sath bandh k rkhoge 24/7

Kartik: haye kash mera bs chl hi jaye
Both KaiRa laugh n naira make mess of his hair by her her fingers calling him pagal
Then he leave he first go n resign then he went to Ram where they talk some official stuff
Ram: ok so from tomorrow u will be joining me ok
Kartik: ok sir n thanks
Ram: smiles just then his phone ring he says on phone “yeah send her in”
Then a girl in red mini skirt with black top knock the door
Ram: hey come in beta
Girl: Hi uncle how..n she gets shocked seeing kartik .. OMG
Kartik u here
Kartik: turns n also gets surprised looking her.. what a pleasant coincidence alia
Alia played by Krishna Mukherje not a negative character
They hug each other
Alia: what r u doing in Delhi

Kartik: I should ask that when u came delhi from udaipur
Alia: just 6 months ago n u
Kartik: I’m in delhi since a month
Ram: how u both know each other
Alia: we r good friends from clg we studied in same class
Ram: oh then u will be working together now

Kartik the project that I just discussed with u Alia is our partner in that its her 1st project that she will handle wdout her dad
Kartik: oh then Mam I will be helping u to make it best
Alia: so u r also involved in fhis project but ram uncle u didn’t tell me about any third partner
Kartik: hey I m employee here the new Marketing head Alia: oh I always knew that u will do job then settle ur own business urself so ambitious u r ha

Kartik just smiles
Alia: well I need to share a lot of stuff with u lets go
Ram uncle give leave to ur employee for a day we will start working from tomorrow
Ram: yeah u both go carry on he is also joining us from
Both take leave
Kartik bring her to his house

Alia: oh so u r living here nice apartment I must say
Kartik: Thanks but all credit goes to Naira she manages everything so well
Alia: who is naira?
Kartik: oh I forgot to tell u she is my wife my love my life my everything
Alia: u got married she screamed
Kartik: yes can’t I do so
Alia: u didn’t invite me …I m leaving u r such a mean frnd
Kartik: arey stop ur drama n listen to me what happened after u went U.S for trip
Alia: ok start
Kartik: I had a Fight wd Mr.Goenka
Alia: cuts him uff..why u r always behind ur dad

Kartik: u know everything
Alia: ok leave that tell what happened next
Kartik: I left home n went to rishikesh to get some positive vibes there I met naira n he narrated whole story of their even Naira’s n Singhania’s truth
Alia: oh well quite filmy but cute story by the way where is she now
Kartik: ah in dance academy she teach classical dance
Alia: see a photo frame oh she is pretty I m happy for u
Kartik: thanks hey I forgot what would u like to have coffee tea
Alia: no no I need to go next time please

Kartik: but stay for some time naira must b coming
Alia: sorry but I have to meet someone its important
Kartik: ok then come I will drop u
Alia: don’t b formal ha bye
She goes n Kartik gets an idea n smiles

Precap: Lovely KaiRa comment if anyone want to have a intense romantic moment or I should make it simple

Pardon my Mistake n do comments plllzzz

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