(KaiRa)(ff) Mujhme Rawa Hai Tu Epi 20

KaiRa Mujhme Rawa Hai Tu
Episode 20
Recap: KaiRa Sunday

Love or married life is not only about happy romantic moments every couple have their own ups n down apart from loving each other 24/7 there are so many things to do in life love is a genuine emotional not a physical need so n it is not needed to show off it can only be feel to express ur love u don’t need to b in physical relation or to say I Love U or i can to this or that for u
It only can be feel as its a beautiful feeling n a passion … It is just my perception i thought to share …. Comment me n tell me ur views
And sorry for no romantic KaiRa scene for today as i said above there r so many things to do other than romancing….N I M HAPPY ON COMPLETING 20 CHAPTERS YIPIIIIEE

Next day both wake up n follow their daily routine Kartik in Office 9am-5pm n Naira in house doing all work thn teaching dance to students 1am-4pm in acadmy It was kartik’s off time n he was leaving from office building n was about to start his bike tht someone tap on his shoulder as he turns he became shocked
Person: can we sit n talk for sometime right now
Kartik: sternly … I m sorry Mr.Kapur(imagine Ram Kapoor) but I m busy can’t talk to u right now
Mr.Kapur: ok when will u be free
Kartik: Sighs ok what do u want to talk
Mr.Kapur: not here there is a cafe ahead lets go their
Mr.Kapur go in car n kartik follow him on bike but bfore that he send msg to naira that he will b late today

In Cafe
Mr.Kapur order 2 coffee cups Mr.Kapur: so how is ur life going on
Kartik: Don’t waste time in all this n come to point
Mr.Kapur: why r u annoyed wd me ? He ask gently
Kartik: I m sorry for my rude behaviour but I know u will ask me to return back n blah blah bt I can’t argue over it wd u he said calmly now
Mr.Kapur: I always consider u as my son n friend know na
Kartik: I also respect u a lot
Mr.Kapur: I know tht bt u r doing very wrong
Kartik: he question.. become a self made person is wrong in ur eyes?
Mr.Kapur: no bt leaving ur family ur everything just to satisfy ur ego n anger is wrong
Kartik: Ego?U think I’m wrong..I suffocate in that house I can’t tolerate the presence of Mr n Mr Goenka…he get annoyed
Mr.Kapur: calm down kartik..I can understand ur point bt u should also try to understand his point anyways leave this topic By the way congrats
Kartik: for what?
Mr.Kapur: for getting marry…well I want to meet my bahu
Kartik: surprised… how come u know that??
Mr.Kapur: ah I just come to meet ur boss today he is my friend when I saw u there so I ask him he told me that u work there n also get married
Kartik: now don’t tell me he know Mr.Goenka n u ..
Mr.Kapur: relax I didn’t tell him but yeah Manish is coming to sign a deal of xyz project with him n U r handling that project right n u won’t like to face him Kartik: oh no.. I don’t want to face him .. What the Hell?
Mr.Kapur: I have a solution
Kartik: What?
Mr.Kapur: Leave the job
Kartik: Is it a joke … I can’t loose my job … I would have done that but Naira is also my responsibility now so its practically a bad idea
Mr.Kapur:o so her name is naira…nice.. seem like u love n care about her very mch
Kartik: Yeah .. she matters everything to me
Mr.Kapur:smiles.. I want u to join me I can give u a better job also
Kartik: sorry I can’t take ur favour
Mr.Kapur: its not a favour I know how much hard working u r … ur boss was so impressed wd u n ur work …
Kartik:but Ram uncle I
Mr.Kapur(Ram): see I’m very professional u know na so just go for it this is my visiting card I will b glad if u contact
Kartik: gets thinking..ok I will think n tell u
Ram: I hope for a yes
Kartik: smiles..ah uncle I have a request
Ram: I know u want me to not tell anything about u to manish right? Relax I won’t do that bcz I myself want u to return back when u will b willing n convinced not by any pressure or any force
Kartik: Thanks…well I will leave now naira must b waiting
Ram: yeah go but tomorrow u r going to have a dinner with us without any ifs n buts its a order ok
Kartik: ok we will come

Then they leave n Kartik reaches home n gets freshen up
Naira: u r late today?
Kartik: yeah wo actually ram uncle met me today
Naira: who is he ?
Kartik: My so called father Mr.Manish’s Friend
Naira hold his hand wd love
Kartik: well he is like a friend to me he is very nice I respect him a lot I m happy to meet him n then he narrates whole there conversation
Naira: so what have u decide to do?
Kartik: well being practical I don’t think that I can get a better opportunity again easily like this…
Naira: Hmm yeah but is it ok to take his favour?
Kartik: its not a favour naira I know him he is a man of disciplines
Naira: if that is so then go for it I m wd u in ur every decision
KaiRa smiles n hugs later they have dinner n slept happily

Precap: KaiRa at Kapoor Mansion

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