(KaiRa)(ff) Mujhme Rawa Hai Tu Epi 16

KaiRa Mujhme Rawa Hai Tu
Episode 16

guys ain’t u liking my ff bcoz response is very low I m updating daily but comments r not more than 6 to 8 it takes a lot of time to write n upload so please do comments or I will quit as I don’t want to waste my time thats all
Recap: KaiRa Husband Wife type Convo
Next morning both were peacefully sleeping in each other embrace when alarm rings n disturb their sleep
Kartik: in sleepy tone hugging her tightly… Naira stop this alarm yar
Naira: rubbing her eyes … First u leave me i cant move
Kartik: i wont leave u ever
Naira: kartik pls don’t start early morning leave me n she struggle to release herself from his hold n she finally succeed She gets up from bed n stops alarm
Naira: get up kartik i m going to take shower now leave the bed
Kartik: covers himself with quilt n says u go i will get up
Naira goes n takes bath n when she come back finds him still sleeping
Naira: offo kartik get up its ur 1st day today at office
Kartik: listening to this gets up; o fish naira why u didn’t remind me that before n he gets up from bed n says now i will get late on my 1st day for sure
Naira: in disbelief says; i was trying to wake u up since i woke up n u r blaming me
Kartik: we will argue later now i will go for bath
He turns leaving angry naira behind but stops n back hugs her n kiss on her cheeks
Kartik: How could u manage to look beautiful 24/7 …?I Love U
Naira smiles n says : now go i will prepare breakfast
He gets ready for office n she prepares breakfast they take breakfast n he leaves for office after giving her a peck on lips n tight hug
Now Naira was alone at home she went to bedroom n started setting bedsheet n slowly her cleaning house process begins

On the other hand kartik reaches office n greet staff n soon mingled with his work he call naira immediately after reaching office n ask her to not call him he will call her when he will b free to which she says ok
Naira was sitting in lounge when she heard a knock at door she opens the door n finds a little girl of about 5 years standing there
Naira: who r u ?
Girl: My name is ria
Naira: smiles…yes ria tell me what u want??please come in
Ria: No i won’t come in my chachu says that a witch lives here
Naira frowns at her statement bt then smiles at her cuteness
Naira: ur chachu is wrong no witch lives here … i live here with my husband n do i look like witch ha?
Ria: whi to u look like princess n that uncle look like prince i saw u both hugging when i was going to school my chachu na totally mad
Naira: laughs at her n pulls her cheeks n says…aww u r so cute like a doll pls come in
Ria: no i just came to confirm about witch now i will leave mummy will b waiting for me
Naira: ok u go but where do u live
Ria: i m ur neighbour n lives in this apartment she says while pointing towards opposite side of naira apartment
Naira: smiles ok u go n come next time soon we will play then n she kiss her cheeks
Ria rings the bell naira was standing on door to greet her neighbour just then a boy opens the door he bends n picks ria up n smiles
Ria: chachu see she is not witch
Naira gave a annoy look to person n he get embarrassed
Person: ah ria u go ur mummy is waiting for u n ria goes
Naira was also about to close the door when
Person: hey miss wait
Naira says yes with attitude
Person: ah i m laksh ria’s chachu (cuz i love laksh from swaragini so imagine namish taneja or anyone else u like readers)
Naira: so ?
Laksh: ah wo sorry about witch actually yesterday when u shifted she was adamant to meet u n i thought not to disturb u so told a false story to her he makes a apologetic face
Naira: smiles..its ok .. i can understand by the way i m naira
Laksh: nice to meet u .. i will go see u later
Naira: yeah ok bye
N they both go

Then Naira’s phone rings it was Kartik…
Kartik: hey how r u?
Naira: i m missing u cuz there is nothing to do
Kartik: smiles i miss u too but i have a lot of work to do
Naira: then do your work why u call me
Kartik: bcz i want to hear ur voice my love
Naira: smiles u know what just happened
Kartik: ah stop i will listen when i will return actually boss is calling u take care love u miss u muah bye
Naira: me too bye
Then evening come n kartik also return they were chatting while having coffee then naira told about ria n laksh n then Kartik also shared his whole day story both were happy n then after dinner both slept early coz kartik was hell tired

Precap: An invitation for KaiRa

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  1. Nice chapter… can’t wait for more KAIRA scenes ??

  2. Love your FF reyaa!!!
    Plz don’t ever stop writing!!!
    It’s sooooooooo interesting!!!
    Plz post the next one soon!!!
    And ya one more thing ,,
    Less no. Of comments are not because people don’t like your FF, it’s just that they are all silent readers just like me!!!
    And I promise that from now on I will always comment on your awesome FF

  3. Vrushy

    Awsome work.
    Cant wait for next chapter.

  4. Fenil

    Amazing chp.
    Ria , Laksh part is also cute.
    Laksh is married or unmarried ? I think unmarried. Also want some jealousy.
    So Kaira going for bf,or lunch or dinner at Ria’s place…

    Overall nice ….don’t worry about comments , i also write ff on kaira but only for my love for them not for comments.

  5. So nice

  6. Soumya85

    Hii..Nice one even i m a fan of namish and swalak..I was not able to comment as I’m a tenth student and have to give boards…I have a question or I say a request-r u adding swalak too in this ff??.u can add so just asking

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    It was fab yaar

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    Hey it’s really nyc story line
    Pls continue don’t stop it
    I really wait daily for ur ff

    This part was really awesome
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  9. Awesomeeeee….it was really amazing. Can’t wait for next!!

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  11. Hales

    Wow! Awsum …i can see the tym managing changes comming aftr shaadj …lets see wat turn the story takes …m really excited to read ur ff ..plz dont end it …i love it ??

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