(KaiRa)(ff) Mujhme Rawa Hai Tu Epi 15

KaiRa Mujhme Rawa Hai Tu
Episode 15
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Recap: KaiRa in Delhi n their Arguement
After lunch naira started to make a list of things she required in kitchen as there were no utensils n grocery she was standing near kitchen counter when she felt two mascular arms wrapped around her waist from back
Naira: kartik..leave me i m busy she said in rude tone as she was upset
Kartik: no u r not busy
Naira: can’t u see i m making list
Kartik: i can see bt u r angry also bcz i almost scolded u
Naira: i m not angry … She struggle to escape from his grip but fails
Kartik: don’t try my love i won’t leave u ever
Naira: kartik plz I’m not in mood of romance leave me
Kartik: i m sorry na
Naira: why r u saying sorry when i said i m not angry
Kartik: he make her turn n making eye contact n hold her shoulders… I know u r upset bcz of me n trust me i never wanted to hurt u but just think from my perception too

Naira: hugs him… U could have explain me calmly na why u became angry then
Kartik: that’s why i m saying sorry na pls forgive n forget
Naira: its ok n she kiss on his chest
Kartik lift her up n make her sit on counter n hold her hands lovingly n naira looks confuse about his act
Kartik: naira see i really don’t have issue if u do job but i always wanted that my wife should be a housewife …who manage my home n take care of me n when i come back from office she; with her smile welcome me n offer me coffee n spend time with me .. N jst think if u will do job thn how will u manage ur office n house work together
Naira: but kartik i used to do 2 jobs earlier n with that i also take care of asharam
Kartik: OK then tell me kya tm cooking krti thi? Kpre dhoti thi? Safai krti thi?
Naira: nhi is sb kam ka wqt nhi hota tha pr mje ye SB kam kch kch atey hain
Kartik: see right now me koi maid afford nhi krskta tb tk ye SB kam tmhe hi krne honge or is sb k sath tm job kese manage krpaogi
Naira: hmm u r right…..
Kartik: mene tmse shaadi ye sb kam krane k lye nhi ki bt tmhe thora bohat adjust krna hoga meri salary srf 30,000 hei usme rent bills shopping sb manage krna hai
Naira: its OK kartik i can understand n i love to do all these work for u n i know its a start of ur career n u will bcome successful one day
Kartik: thank u for understanding me so well
Naira: no need to thanks acha ab jao ye saman le aao

Kartik: sees list n says hmm OK u get ready i will go n get a cab
Naira: I’m tired u go n buy all these things
Kartik: the mart is not so far n i will not be able to recognise things by name so u come we will do shopping together
Naira: uff .. OK i m ready come
They sit in taxi n reach a mart in 15 mins At mart they did shopping n come back home n started to settle the things
Naira: kartik i was thinking that we have no conveyance n see taxi fair is so high how will we manage?
Kartik: oh don’t worry i have a bike already
Naira: how u get money to buy bike?
Kartik: well i topped in my college n they awarded me a bike i had that bike since 5 years with me n while coming to rishikesh i gave that to my friend to take care of that
Naira: how could u give anyone ur bike for such a long period
Kartik: he is not anyone ..he is my childhood buddy n he has a showroom where he kept my bike n i also pay for that so chill
Naira: hmm ok that is good we will not have conveyance problem
Kartik: ah can u make coffee i badly need that
Naira: sure u go sit in lounge i’ll make coffee for us n bring Kartik: come soon … N he start watching cricket match
Naira comes there after sometime WD coffee n cookies and they have a good time soon there evening went well n night comes both were tired so slept happily in each others embrace

Precap: Kartik Office Day 1 n Naira all alone at home…

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    So lovely! All the cute cute couple scenes. Loved them?

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  4. Amazing episode……cute and sweet…. waiting for next episode

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