KAIRA yrkkh (chp 28)

Guys here u go with chapter 28:
The episode starts with everyone busy in engagement. Naira went with Gayu to select jewelry for everyone. Naksh and Rohan were busy in decoration work.
NAK: Kitna dukh hua tha rohan.
RO: What bhai
NAK: I know u loved my sister a lot.
RO: no bhai.
NAK: Stop lying to me atleast.
Rohan crying, hugged Naksh.
RO: Bohat dukh hua bhai bohat zayada. I wanted to kill that Kartik first, but then seeing Naira happy with him I melted prayed for her happiness considering her as my sister from that time..
NAK: I love u bro.

Naira came down
N: Bhai, Rohan! U guys are plotting against me na like u did in cape town!
NAK,RO: No no Naira.
N: I know! but this time u do what u want I have Rahul on my side and there is no better plotter and fighter then him. N my mendhak… I mean Kartik is also with me. So we will have takkar ki fight.
Naksh and Rohan got little sad.
RO: Okay! What were u saying your men..wht mean.
N: nothing, okay u guys plan I will inform him to be ready.
Naira called Rahul.
R: hey J.B! Whts up?
N: Rahul call kartik and put phone in speaker, hurry up
R: Okayy
N: Okay so guys, bhai and Rohan are in 1 team and plotting something to tease me but I told them (narrated them whole story). So be ready.
k: Okay Jaan.
R: k J.b
A: don’t worry di, we will see them.
Later naira and kartik along with family went to get ready. Now everyone was ready waiting for Goenka’s. everyone was chatting. Naira Naksh and Rohan were remembering the awesome time they spent together. They were laughing and enjoying. Naksh went to get juice for the three. Just then kartik and family entered and everyone welcomed them. Naira and Rohan were on the other side.Kartik was first mesmerized by naira’s beauty. She looked ravishing in pink lehnga and Hair bun. Later he noticed her talking to Rohan and was jealous. Rahul noticed it.
R: bhai they look cute together na
K: NOO!!
R: What happened , I am talking about Vivan and Gayu.
K: Ohh ok. Yes they look good
R: Who do u thought I was talking about.
K: No one. I will be here u wait.
Kartik went to Naira and Rohan.
K: Hi Rohan, hi Jaan.
Naira looked at Kartik. He was looking stunning in the black sherwani. She hugged him. He too responded.
N: OMG Kartik! U r looking sooo hot.
K: you too are looking wonderful Jaan.
They hugged each other again. Later they broke the hug.
K: Rohan excuse us, we will be back in ten mins.
they went to naira’s room.
K: Kya haar waqt us Rohan kay sath chipki rahty ho tum Jaan.
N: Kyu? Tum jealous hotay ho.
K: Nahi toh. Basi meh tumhe apnay ilawa kisi kay sath nahi dekh sakta.
N: aww my frog prince. Now promise puri shaadi meh tumhe us kay sath nazar nahi aau gi.
K: I love you
N: I love u too
K: I love u three four and infinity.

Naira later, kissed kartik on his right Cheek and lips. He too responded with same love. They both had some very romantic and intimate movement and later went down. They were blushing. Naksh came to them.
NAK: Hey kartik! Whats this mark of lipstick on your right cheek and why r u guys blushing, and where were u since soo long.
Gayu joined Naksh.
G: Arrey bahi! Where would they be. They were in Naira’s room doing…
N: diiii
k: Oh come on gayu.
G: Kartik tum toh pehley apni lipstick clear karo, phir baat karna.
K: Gayu!!!
NAK: Haan toh kiya wrong keh rahi hai Gayu.
N: Bhai!!!
Later kartik was going to washroom for cleaning and midway Natik stopped him
NA: Beta Kartik!
K: Ab to mar Gaya.
Kartik turned.
K: yes uncle
NA: beta what happened on your cheek
K: Uncle woo…( he sees naira and asked her for help)
N (shouting): Ahh Kartik! Papa! Ahh
Kartik and natik got paniced. Kartik was about to run to her but she signed him to go and clean lip stick. He cleaned it and came immediately with a glass of water and ran to her.
K: are u ok jaan, kahi phir se wo.
N(had no idea what to speak): yes…noo
K: you come with me.
kartik lifted her in his arms. They started whispering.

N: Ab kya hua hai mujahy.
K: I too don’t know. We will say your foot sometimes get stuck .
N: and haan, ussay 5 minute tak malnay she hi theek hota hai.
K: Hmmm, waisay I am enjoying, lifting u in my arms in front of every one and staring u lovingly.
N: aww
They reached naira’s room and told everybody about rubbing foot for 5 mins. Kartik did it and now naira
acted to feel better. Later everyone went down and Rahul brought rings.
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