KAIRA yrkkh (chp 27)

Here u go with with chp 27:

the episode starts with naiira sitting in her romm annoyed. Gayu entered.
G: My dear sister stop thinking about jija ji and please talk to us. Very little days are left.
Naira was very much annoyed and she didn’t want to tell Gayu anything
N: di! I am feeling so sleepy, Please let me sleep.
G: But naira, why so soon?

N: just I am not feeling well, sorry,
G: Its okay, good night.
Now Gayu went and everyone slept. Naira was yet awake, thinking about what will Kartik do to make her talk with him. Just then her window knocked. She didn’t opened it as she knew its Kartik. Kartik himself opened it.
K: Jaan! Please I am sorry
Naira didn’t replied instead she just worte on a paper. Kartik read it: I am not interested in going with u any where so plz get lost or I will call Papa or Bhai. Don’t say anything as I wont even reply u Mr. kartik Goenka. Just leave. U have already hurt me alot
Kartik got very sad and was like crying. He
was about to leave. Naira ran and hugged him from the back .
N: I am sorry ! I acted a lot. Iam sorry. I have seen guilt in your eyes, which was meanless.
K: NO, I am sorry. How can I hurt u? I hate my self.

N: But I love u. n I don’t know wht have I said u in anger.
K: truth!!!
Natik was passing by. He heard naira talking to someone and stayed at her door.
N: no. the truth is that you are the best man I have ever in my life. And kartik trust me I can live without anyone but not u. I love u so much. Kartik u are most important one in my life.
K: Same here
N: Today is our last night before engagement, lets enjoy
K: How???
N: mm by watching movie.

K: no, not movie, movies…
K: yup! I forgot telling u Ania too came yesterday. Anti Uncle couldn’t came due to some reason.
N: I will meet her tomorrow. First lets enjoy movies
K: Yes! But you have to get good snacks as you know I..
N (INTERUPTS): I know u are a big bukhar.
K: Jaan!!!
Kaira hugged eachother and natik was sad as there is someone more important than him in Naira’s life. He left. Later Naira brought different tasty snacks for them. They sit on the small sofa in the room.
Kartik kept his arms on naira’s shoulder n naira held his hand. They were partially hugging.
After a while a romantic scene comes in the movie. kaira look at each other, they were so close that they could feel each other breath n their heartbeat getting faster…naira closed her eyes kartik leaned foreward to kiss naira …their lips meeting and both enjoyed a liplock.
Later they were enjoying snacks and movie and it was 4:00 at night and both slept in same position, hugging each other.

Next day begins with a bright morning. Everyone woke except Kaira as they slept very late.
BUA DADI: Today I will go and awake that chori as today is her engagement.
D: Ji Baisa! For sure.
BUA DADI: So I am going Devyani.
Bua dadi went to naira’s room. She opened the door and found kaira sleeping hugging each other and she shouted. Every one came up. Kaira too woke but were in half sleep.
K: Jaan! Let me sleep, don’t make noise.

N: Mee too Mendhak, after a long time I got a relax sleep.
K: Same here. Acha now we are woke so lets..
N: Okay…
family couldn’t understand what were they talking about. Kartik leaned towards naira with a motive to kiss her but Bua dadi shouted.
BU: Chora…Chori…
Hearing her voice they came into senses and found whole family there. They were embarrassed.
NAK: Ohh..Sister whats going on..
G: Yes Naira! You guys are so romantic.

V: how and when u came Kartik??
AK: Yes Beta Kartik when u came?
NA: At night Akshara. It was about 11:25 when Kartik came. They both had some discussion and later watched movie..no movies… with snacks.. right??(pointing at kaira)
KN: yes! But how u know Papa/ Uncle?
NA: because I was passing by your room.
Suddenly some voice came.

V: hamara banda hamay dijiyay aur apna apnay paas rakhiay.
V: Ji haan! Hum sham ko aay gai. Tub thak plz hamara banda hamay dijiyay. Subha seh dhond rahi hun.
Everyone turned and found Rahul standing there with a girl. Naira ran and hugged her.
N: How r u Anu?
A: M fine di how r u?

N: I am too good
A: Bhai! What were u doing here? We were finding u since morning.
K: I came here to give u guys free time for romance as I didn’t wanted to be kebab meh hadi like Rahul usually is. I know how much u searched for me and did how much romance.(Kartik winked)
Ania blushed and Rahul scratched his head. Naira too joined kartik in teasing them and kaira pulled Rania’s ( Rahul + Ania = Rania) leg a lot. Later they informed family about ania and Rohan entered.
R: Hello every one. How r u Moti and Kartik.
Naira hugged him.N: M fine how r u?

k: I am too fine. whts up?
RO: I am too fine and everything is perfect. Btw Akshara aunty u might remember me, I am the one who was the friend of Naira from cape town.
AK: Ohh yes beta! How r u u.
RO: I am fine.
A: Acha aunti ji now we will leave as we have to get ready for engagement.
AK: you may stay for some more time Ania.
N: No problem mama, as they have to get ready, they may leave, I have Rohan as a good company.
kartik was again getting jealous.
K: Acha ji! U enjoy your company till I come. I will see u on engagement.
N: K will see Mr. Goenka

K: As u wish Mrs. Goenka
Later kartik and rania left for getting ready for the engagement.
hope so u liked it. will post next soon. i am sorry,i was not at home, while lappy was at home, so sirry for being late

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