KAIRA yrkkh (chp 18)

So here u go with chapter 18:
2 months later
A bright morning is shown in a huge mansion in Delhi. It is named as MALHOTRA MANSION. A boy is shown getting ready for office.
B: jaan mobile
A beautiful and cute girl with very long hairs comes in
G: Have it, u can’t do anything without me.
B: Because u r made for me.
The girl gives him irritated look. Later boy gets a call, the girl brings his watch and shows him and he forwards hand and she made him wear the watch. She then brought his coat and made him wear it. Later she asked him to go but he ends the call.

He holds the girl round her waist, kissed her on her forehead, nose and was about to kiss her on lips that a voice came,
V: Close the door and then continue your dirty picture J.B and Bhai, I don’t want to spoil my morning like this.
R: Yes J.b, Bhai
So the boy and girl are kaira.
Rahul left.
N: kartik I still feel very bad, we changed our identity of Goenkas into Malhotra’s.
K: I know, but we don’t any one to know us so we had to.
N: I understand…

Then an other huge mansion is show. A lady is singing aarti. She give parsat to her son and daughter in law only.
M: Akshara please give Parsat to us too, why do u only give it to Naksh
AK: Natik because of u all, my naira left us. Only naksh and tara were there who said sorry.
NA: Akshara we accepted them and asked for forgiveness too, but princess is not accepting us. I am feeling that they will come back soon.
AK: if they would have to come back, they wouldn’t had left us.
The scene shifts to malhotra mansion
K: Okay bye jaan, I don’t want to go but..
N: U have to.
Naira says good bye to Kartik and Rahul and goes to her room.
N thinking: I know 2 days later is my Birthday, and surely Rahul and Kartik will make it special one for me, but will my family remember it or not?
Suddenly the door bell ranged. Naira opened the door and a girl entered. Naira hugged her.
N: How r u my dear devrani.
G: I am fine di, plz call me Ania naa.
N: ohh k sorry Anu, and yes we are coming to your home this Friday with proposal.
A: what???

N: don’t u want to marry my idiot bro. don’t say no or he’ll die.
A: hmm, I think so yes, as I don’t want to take any ones life.
Ania and naira had gup shup and Ania left. Naira cooked food and till the time kartik and Rahul came.
R: hurry up, give me food, we have to go to shopping too.
N: shopping for what???
K: stop acting jaan, you know very well, your birthdays shopping
N: hmm
R: I can smell a very good perfume around did someone came.
N: Wah Rahul! U r a real true lover, better then your bro, he cant notice change in my perfume when I am standing in front of him and u can recognize Ania’s perfume when she left too.
K: Wht do u mean jaan.
R: akalmand key liay ishara hi kafi hai.
N: exactly!!
K: I cant understand u too, hurry up, have lunch, we have to go to shopping too.
N,R: Okayyy
Later kaira and Rahul went for shopping. Rahul secretly called ania there. Kaira noticed it.
N: Kartik! Have u seen their bonding. They are following us.
K: Hmmmm, lets tease them.

N: No leave it, let them enjoy their time, after marriage 4-5 months everyone gets unromantic, pointing at kartik.
K: U think I am unromantic, u wait and watch.
N; Okay will see.
They went on usual shops. Kartik on ladies, while naira on gents, and bought dress for each other. Kartik was on the ladies shop.
K: beta Kartik, ab toh puri dunya ko proof karna hai, that u r most romantic husband in the world. Ab meh sab Rahul wahul ki chuti kar don kga.
Later kaira were done with shopping for eachother. Kaira went to a brands shop. Kartik intensiouly went near try room. Naira was also standing near him. Kartik acsessed the situation and dragged naira into try room. Now kaira were in the tryroom locked.
K: what do u think jaan, I am unromantic, I am not.
N: I know, I was just joking, now come on open the door.
K: No, no not today wifey.
Later kartik and naira were standing very near to each other. Kartik kissed naira on her neck and later locked her into a lip lock. Both were very much enjoying romance. Later naira hugged him and requested him to now leave. Later they left, called Rahul and went back to their house. Everyone was tired so they went to their respective room and slept.
Later a bright morning is shown in both mansions. In singhania house same sad routine continued while in the mansion of kaira it was a happy morning. Kaira were sleeping peacefully in eachothers embrace. Kartik woke up and saw his clock. He called someone

K: Like every year, this year every thing should be perfect.
M: Okay sir, everthing will hope fully be fine.
Kartik ends the call. Naira woke up and was about to say something when kartik closed her mouth and locked her into a long lip lock. Both enjoyed it.
K: Good morning dear jaan, hurry up, breakfast is ready I have prepared it with Rahul’s help and u know go and change into this sari, u will surely look pretty. If u want I can help u in it too. N yes after it is a surprise for you.
N: aww thank you, but I don’t need any of your help, go and yes I am very excited for the surprise.
Kartik went and naira went to get ready.
Hope so u guys liked it. N how is this leap. How do u think will kaira get back or not. Keep commenting, will post next soon.

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