KAIRA yrkkh (chapter 8)

So this is chp 8:
The episode starts on the gate of Singhania sadan where naira hugged kartik and he left and naira entered the house hugged every one and had some family time. Later naira asked about Gayus answer.
Na: she said yes princess. Now your friend will be your jiju.
Natik said to check nairas expressions which were completely shocked.
N: what.. I mean wow.. its good.. I will congratulate her… after getting freshen up.
Na: Princess get ready tomorrow we have to go kartiks home too for asking his answer.
N: Okkay
Naira called kartik and told him everything. He said he will say no to the singhanias tomorrow but she should go and ask gayu why she agreed. Naira went to gayus room.
N: di, I heard u said why…I mean how u were confused
G: yes naira I was very confused but mama and mami helped me a lot. They told me to close my eyes and keep a hand on my heart and check if its kartik so I love him and should say yes and I did the same and realized that I love kartik ji and said yes
N: what ???
G: hmmm
N: congrats.

Naira went to her room in shock condition and started to cry loud. Her heart was broken , later she called kartik and told him ever thing. Kartik calms her down and explained her not to be tensed when her family will go to kartik’s home he will handle situation but naira didn’t got relieved yet. So kartik was about to called Rahul and asked him to come soon as he is the person who could calm naira down easily and also he is the man with whom she is comfortable to share everything but later stopped as he knew he is busy and they fight a lot but love each other too and will sacrifice any thing for each other’s happiness. He thought maybe Rahul will marry Gayu sacrificing his love for sake of naira so he stopped. She too don’t share somethings with kartik because she thinks he will get sad and feel bad. But to make her relax, kartik will have to go to her so he left for singhania sadan. Naira was sitting in her room locked, crying. Her family tought she is resting as she would be tired. She was murmuring, how di can love kartik how. Kartik reached singhania sadan and later nairas room through window.
Naira was shocked seeing him. She hugged him tight forgetting all the world around.
N: How can di love u? when u will say no, her heart would break.
K: don’t worry, how much I know her, I am sure she will cover up soon.
N: But why everyone gets in trouble because of me. If I would not have met u in risikaish then everything would be fine. you would never had loved me and the same u and di could meet and marry each other. Its just because of me.
K: Nothing is because of u. if you were not here I won’t be here. I am only made for u, only for u. there would be someone else made for gayu but we are made for each other only. N nothing is because of u. now stop worrying and crying everything will be fine soon.

Naira noddes in yes and to make the situation lighter kartik asked
K: so are u coming to your sasural tomorrow?
N: No, r u mad. How can I enter my sasural without grahparvaish, like Rahul did ours in risikaish?
K: U come, I will manage some how
Then naira’s phone ranged. It was Rahuls call. She puts it on speaker.
K: hi Rahul, how r u? before u both talk to eachother I may warn u not to fight so loud that naira’s family would come up
R: hi bhai, hey J.B how r u? n do we fight so much J.B?
N: I am fine idiot, we don’t fight so much okay Kartik. Btw when r u coming
R: hmm tommorw..
Later kaira told Rahul that Gayu said yes and she loves Kartik and naira’s family will go to Goenka villa tomorrow. Later on call Rahul and kartik promised naira to give her a proper grahparvesh in Goenka villa and they will hold the situation which made naira relax as she knew when these two brother are together they fight with any situation. Later kartik left and naira slept.

Hope so u liked i. Plz comment and tell. N yes guys I forgot telling u yesterday that naira had shared everything about her past with Rahul too. N Rahul knows each n everything about naira and also about kairas love story from the start and supported both of them. N he is as same the age of naira means to be 24.
Take care! Keep smiling! Keep reading! Keep watching yrkkh! 

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    Loved the chapter it was so cute Karthik is so concerned about Naira and Rahul is great too I hope Singhanias understand them and I wanted to ask will you show kairas past it mean their love story eagerly waiting for next

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    Why ????? Kaira were soo good but why gayu did this i hate her

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    It was just amazing❤

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    Waiting for next one

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    lovely part
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    Hope it is only Naitik Gayu plan for Kaira to confess.

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