KAIRA yrkkh (chapter 7)

So this is chp 7:
The episode starts with our love birds kaira sleeping peacefully in each others embrace. The sunlight falls on Naira’s face and she feels the best laying next to her husband. Then she wakes kartik by kissing him. Both hug each other and then naira went to kitchen while kartik went to get ready for office. Naira lovingly prepared breakfast for kartik, while after getting ready kartik prepared tasty coffee for both which was full of love. They both sat on table for breakfast.
N: I wish I would never went to Udaipur. I missed my life here a lot.
K: but jaan, by going there u found important people of your life, your parents and family.
N: but for me u r most important now. N I cant leave without u.( Naira kisses kartik)
K: so lets tell them.
N: no not know, I just got my family back after 10 years, I don’t wanna lost them again. I don’t wanna tell the, soo early as I am not able to face everyones reactions.
K: relax jaan, we will do romance chup ke till you agree to tell family. BTW what are your plans for today.
N: hmmm, I have decided to go to ashram after u leave, then will come back n cook something for today, n will be free. n I am missing my dearest enemy your bro Rahul Goenka the Great, whenever I got free we would fight and then laugh. I miss him
K: really I should record it to show him that instead of fight u feel some thing else for eachother. I miss him too. He would be busy in Dehli today. Jaan he would also be here but this new project is quite hard and there is an important meeting for him to attend in dehli. He is the only person who supported us in our marriage and everything. He is the best bro in world.

Suddenly a voice came,
V: any doubt, I am the best, n yes for supporting u two I can leave mom dad too. N yes me and bhabi love each other too.
K , N: RAHUL!!!
R: Yes its me bhai and u jungli billi. U both would be sad as I came here between ur romance hmm.
Kartik and Naira hug Rahul tightly.
N: How r u idiot? N what u called me BHABI.. I am yet shocked, n we are very happy u came..
R: m fine. n yes I said u bhabi just to make u happy. Leave it what’s up jungli billi.
N: how dare u call me jungli billi.
Naira and Rahul fight and share some fun movements. Later Rahul questions them about have they told families about the truth and they tell him about while they told him about gayus proposal and what happened. Later Rahul said hope fully every thing will be fine. the days passed with kairas romance and naira and rahuls fight.

R: why r u guys leaving so soon.
N: because my parents do not know that I am married and they think I am alone here with my friend Kartik not husband. Soo they r worried about me. U can’t understand anything idiot. Btw u too are leaving after three days for Dehli.
R: Hmmm, I will miss u m not like u, u have bhai but I even don’t have a girl friend
N: wht happened why r so excited looking this idiot.
K: why don’t we get gayu an Rahul married. They are almost of same age and Gayu will best suite for him.
R: no no no, I actually like someone else
R: a girl named as Ania. She is my business partner, daughter of Mr. Setty. I like her but don’t know about her feelings, I haven’t even confessed.
N,K: wht really!!! U even didn’t told us.
R: I realized my feelings here, when I missed her soo much.
N: Ohh idiot! U r a chupa rustem too, show me her picture.
R: not now! Next time, but tell me will u guys support me??
KN: foresure.
N: I will miss u. plzz come soon. Your brother only flirts with my sisters whenever he is in my house and even do not come to meet me. So plzz come soon, that we can spend some quality time together. N yes don’t forget me for that Ania.
Naira makes a face
R: never my jungli billi never, I will come soon and take care and go its time for flight.
The trio share a hug and kaira left. Naira was yet having sindoor in her mang plus mangalsutra which kartik placed in risikaish. She thought to remove them but forgot.
In plane kaira were sitting in same position as they were while going. Kartik kissed naira’s forehead and found sindoor in her mang and asked her to remove it or else they will get caught. Naira got sad as she again had to remove her sindoor and mangalsutra which kartik made her wear with such love and kartik consoled her. Later kaira reached back Udaipur and went to Singhania sadan.

Hope so u liked i. Plz comment and tell. And how was the entry of Rahul. Hope so u liked it. N yes the role of Rahul will be played by Zain Imam and the role on Ania by Jasmin Basin. Your comments mean a lot.
Take care! Keep smiling! Keep reading! Keep watching yrkkh! 

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