KAIRA yrkkh (chapter 6)

So chapter 6 goes here:
The episode starts with a bright morning. Naira woke up and called kartik while Natik came to wake herup but she was already awake and talking with someone on phone.
N: good morning
K: good morning jaan, how r u?
N: m fine, how r u? and when do we have to go to rishkaish?
K: I this tomorrow or today there is also a flight of 5:00 p.m. if your family agrees so we can go today or then tomorrow. BTW what abt gayus answer?
N: u book the flight of today. I hope so I will convince them. Di is confused. I think she might say no as u convinced her soo well.
K: hmmm ok I will book flight of today

N: Ok m going to convince family, bye, love u.
K: me too bye, love u jaan
Both kaira went to ask their parents about going to risikaish.
N: papa mama I want to ask u something

Natik tought she came to tell about her and Kartik, N: princess u r free to ask anything, whts the matter?
N: papa, actually there is a dance competition in risikaish and I want to go there. Today there is a flight at 5 pm.
Na: but how I send u alone?
N: papa I m not alone, kartik is with me.

AK: wht kartik? Why is he going with u?
N murmurs: because he is my husband
N: because he has some office work n is judge of compition too.
AK: ohh k
Natik smells something fishy, NA: ok, but can I also join u?

N suddenly: NOO papa!!!….. I mean I have to stay for two weeks and the last day of second week is competition so u will get bored.
AK: she is right natik, let her go.
NA: ohh k princess.
N gets super excited: thanks mama papa, I love u, I will just inform kartik.
NA: why r u soo excited to inform kartik.
N was still excited: not to inform him but u gave permission so I am super excited.
Naira leaves and was about to call kartik then realized that he might be making his parents agree. While in kartik’s home

K: dad I have a very important meeting , so I have to go today and will come back after two weeks.
MA: but first u have to tell us the answer about gayus proposal.
K: I will tell u after coming back, I need time.

MA: kk, go n do packing.
Kartik comes out and calls naira,
BOTH TOGETHER: maan gaye… yeah we will be together…I m soo happy.. do ur packing..no need…everything is at our home.
Now it was time for flight. Naira came down only with her handbag which was shocking for all.
Na: where is ur suitcase.
N: No need papa, every thing is there.
Every one tought she is talking about ashram so let her go. Later kartik came and greeted everyone.

K: hope so ja..naira told u about everything so can we leave.
Every one nodded in yes and kaira left. In plane
N: kartik plzz stop calling me jaan every time, one day u will say it in front of all.
K: don’t worry, we will make an excuse, or else wht to call my life except jaan, hmm
N: kartik u, u r sooo…
K: handsome na
N: no, a story maker.
K: jaan,

Later naira rests her head upon kartiks shoulder. Both slept hugging each other. While natik was still worried about what’s going on between his daughter and kartik. Later kaira reached risikaish. As naira stepped out of airport, she was filled up with her every memory. How she came here, how she met kartik and how first they became bff and confessed loved to each other and later how he became her life and now for him she could leave any one. Her eyes were filled with tears and kartik hugged her tight. Soon they reached there mansion. It was a huge beautiful mansion with goenka villas sign board. Naira opened the door and was filled with their every moment from when she entered this house till leaving it last time. Both kaira stepped in their house and were very much happy. They remembered all the quality time they spended together and their romance. They got flashbacks of enjoying coffee together, of their bedroom, In kitchen and etc.

Later they went to their room. Kaira changed their casual dress and naira was taking out her hair pins while kartik entered back hugged her.
K: finally,after many days I will be with my wife, m soo happy.
N:me too.
Kartik and naira shared some romantic and intimate movements and later slept.

Hope so u liked i. Plz comment and tell. N I will show some flashbacks later when kaira will reveal story to parents. N yes one more thing I am sorry, in introduction I said kartik was in rishikaish for 2 years but no I want to add he was there since 6 years. I am sorry.
Take care! Keep smiling! Keep reading! Keep watching yrkkh! 

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