KAIRA yrkkh (chapter 5)

So this is chp 5:
the episode starts with Natik stoping naira.
Na: whts going on between u and kartik?
N: papa we r just friends
Na:oh really! I don’t think so
N: but it is the truth

Na: then why were u soo paniced seeing him eating walnut?
N: because he is my good friend and he goes in very bad condition after eating walnut as I have seen him in rishikaish so I was worried and nothing else. Trust me papa
Na:ok, but if truth is some thing else I am not goina leave u. n yes I will get to know the truth in 2-3 days.
N: ok my dear papa.

Natik wonders he is thinking more but how can he forget what happened in kitchen and smells some thing wrong. Later naira calls kartik while going in her room. She opened the door and light were off so she went near window and started talking
N: wht the hell r u today it was first day when u came to my house and papa got suspicious about us.
K: its okay, one day he would know about us
N: but not so early
k: why?? Do u want to continue our chup chup ke romance wifey?
N: yes I want to go back to our house of rishikaish where we were free for every thing. Where I could stay with u easily.
K: really jaan!!!

N: hmmm
K: I forgot to tell u something I love u
N: I love u too 3 4 5 and infinit…. And she turns and finds akshara and annanya
A and AK: who r u talking with???
N: mama, di its its…(phone was on so kartik asked her to say pungi) pungi
A an AK: wht PUNGI???
N: yes I was missing them all so I called her.
A and AK: really!!!

N: yes u can talk to her, u wont be able to understand her so talk to negi uncle
N on phone : Pungi give phone to neghi uncle, mama want to talk to him
K: whattt???
N: namasty uncle, how r u, mama want to talk to u
A: Namasty neghi ji, how r u? is everything ok

K: ji namasty, everything is perfect.(meanwhile kartik was acting on phone luv kush kartiks younger brothers entered.)
LK: bhaiya whom r u talking with. We too wanna talk to her.
Akshara heard it and felt something fishy and ended the call. She was holding naira phone yet and was about to check it when her own phone ringed and she left.
A: naira, m your sister u can share with me, I and bua have seen u giving flying kiss to kartik.
N: wht wht wht r u saying i….flying kiss….kartik…he is my to be jiju do and what r u sayig..chi chi chi.
A: okk maybe we had some misunderstanding..
N: hmm maybe…
Later naira kissed kartiks picture and went down and sat with her family. They requested her to go and ask answer from gayu. First she refused but later went.
Later Kartiks family questioned him about gayu
MANISH(Ma): kartik gayu is a very good and pretty girl. Are u ready to marry her?
K: I want to think about her.

MA: okk take ur time n tell us soon
In gayus room
N: di, every one is asking answer, plzz tell
G: naira, what do u think I should say.
Naira gets an idea and calls kartik
N: di, I think that kartik is a very good guy if u like him u should marry him.
K ON PHONE: wht, have u gone mad, apnay hi pati ki shadi kara rahi ho

Naira giggles
G: naira I need some time,I will tell u all by tomorrow.
K: why tomorrow, nah hi kahni hai toh abhi kahay.
N: shhh!! Mendhak be quite.
Naira comes out and talks with kartik
N: hmmm u enjoyed. Now get how it feels when u tease some one.. n u were saying of us staying together for 2-3 weeks.
K: yes, I have to go to dads office there, as u know I m ceo of the company, so I am thinking of a way to take u with me aswell

N: ohh k… I am not gona live here then… I will also goI am missing our mansion.
K: mansion or romantic life in mansion hmmm.
N: shut up.( naira blushed)
K: hayye I wanna see your blushing face jaan.
N: bye..
K: stop saying bye in such a blushing way jaan, instead say I love u before ending the call
N: I love u, bye
Nairas face was as red as tomato and she went to her room. Both kaira were in their room thinking of way to go together to rishikaish

Hope so u liked i. Plz comment and tell. And any suggestions about how will they convince and go to rishikaish and there life there. N guys the comments are decreasing. If u want I can end it soon and can change plot and twists simply giving a happy ending. Your comments mean a lot. I want more comments plz

take care! Keep smiling! Keep reading! Keep watching yrkkh! 

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  1. Shivaya khanna

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