KAIRA yrkkh (chapter 4)

So chapter 4 goes here:
The episode starts with naira sitting next to kartik. She started giving him his favourite food. Kartik whispers in her ears.
K: jaan, tum or itni sharif ? meine tumhe itna tung ki but yet u r soo sweet and even talking to me. N then giving me food too.
Naira hits him on foot and whispers
N: shut up. Issat raas nai aa rahi. Tumhara bahut dil hai gayu di kay haat se serve karanay ka. I m very angry with u. just talking in front of family. I am only ur guide and nothing else. Bhul jao tumhari koi wife bhi hai. Go n marry the one u want.
K: itna gussa!!! M sorry jaan.
N: no never just get lost.
In just then akshara brings cupcakes and serves everyone. Kartik took walnut one which made naira shocked. He was abut to have a bite when naira snatched it.
N: are u gone mad. Wht r u doing? Why r u eating when u have allergy. N the medicine was also finished.
K: I m fine. I just want to taste it. Don’t get panic ja…naira ji.
Na: how do u know princess about the allergy n finished medicines.
N:Wo papa..
K: Uncle. In rishikaish I once ate walnut nd I got allegy so she helped me and the medicine finished in front of her
Na: ohh k.

Naira gets relaxed and later everyone enjoyed tea. Later it was time for Kartik and family to leave but kartik didn’t want to leave naira and most importantly when she was angry so he requests Gayu to get him water which naira more angry
N: look at him, Gayu plz give me water, he could ask me too but ussay toh aaj har cheez gayu kay haat she hi achi lagti hai.
Kartik acts of water falling on his clothes and goes to washroom of nairas room and signs her to also come. When he leaves naira make an excuse.
N: ohh papa mama, he went to my rooms washroom, even the water is not coming, I will inform him.
She leave towards her room and murmurs that I wont leave this frog today. Naira entered her room but couldn’t find kartik so she cried his name and looked around he came suddenly back hugged her.
K: sorry wifey! Sorry for every thing don’t be angry plzzz
N: no not at all leave me and get lost. What do u think making me jealous means making me attractive for u. no never infact u made me angry and irritated. And yes why u were trying that walnut cupcake, but if something happended to u, what will I do.
Naira started to crying and instead of coming out of his holds hugged him and requesting not to do it ever again. Kartik hugged her back and cleared her tears.
K: I m sorry jaan. I didn’t meant to hurt u. I am sorry it was a part of fun. N that cupcakes, I know the time u r with me no one could hurt me. Now I am leaving for now. I will think of a plan to live together for one or two weeks and inform you tomorrow or at night.
Naira forgived him and kissed him on cheeks and same was odne by him. Later both of them went down. Now kartik and family were leaving that mishit stopped kartik
M: Kartik bhaiya u r soo sweet. Will u be my bff.
Gayu interrupts: why r u making relations with everyone so fast Mishtu
M: because he is so sweet. Tell na bhaiya.

Kartik looks at naira for approval and she says yes and smiles at her husbands cuteness.
Naira whispers to K: Waah bhi waah, mendhak ne toh bari jaldi friends bana liye.hmm
K: baas tumhara mendhak hai hi itna sweet kay har koi uss say friendship kay liay marta hai
N: hayye!!!
Later everyone bid eachother good bye and kaira gave each other a flying kiss which was un noticeable by family except akshara and Anaya. As they left every member of singhania family sat in lounge. Maheshvari family except Annanya left. Later every one started discussing about kartik and his family.
Na: waisay achi family hai aur kartik bhi sanskari hai. App ko kya lagta haikai wo haan kahay gay yah nahi.
N murmurs: papa mujh se puchiay ans to naah hi hai.
Ak: wht are u murmuring naira say loudly
N:nothing mama.
Baisa: and our gayu is also not less then any body. They will surely say yes.
Ak: d u want to get married to kartik Gayu?
G: mami, I need some time to think.
Na: there is nothing to think gayu he is a very nice boy, but take your time and tell us till the day after tomorrow. You can ask naira about him as she knows him well.(murmurs very well ) right princess
N: yes papa yes.
Every one went to their respective places while natik stops naira.

Hope so u liked i. Plz comment and tell. N what do u think will natik say to naira? And what will akshara and annaya do? Any idea? Plzz comment and tell. Your comments meant a lot and suggestions too.

Take care! Keep smiling! Keep reading! Keep watching yrkkh! 🙂

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