KAIRA yrkkh (chapter 3)

So chapter 3 goes here:
Naira and Kartik both came out of the lounge. Both were still shocked about what has happened with them. How will they face gayu and family. While in the lounge everybody had a strange feeling about kaira, what was going on between both of them. Akshara was thinking how Kartik stopped naira in between and said about the guide one thing, and also what he was about to call naira something JAA! Every one was worried and Natik went to check both of them. He saw them in kitchen where naira gave kartik and also took one glass of cold water. After drinking water naira was about to break up in tears but kartik hugged her tightly, which made Natik shocked.
K: Bus Jaan bus, every thing will be okay. Don’t worry.
N: Budhu Mendhak, I know when u are here, u will make everything okay.
K: Then why are u crying?
N: Because I missed u sooo much. N wanna hug u from previous 20 days. Idiot..
K: Awwww! My wife missed me this much that she is crying this way. I missed u too. Now stop crying or I will also. I love u alott.
Natik was shocked hearing WIFE and JAAN from kartiks mouth for his princess. Later he continued listening them.
N: I love u too.
K: I love u 3 4 5 and infinity.

Naira blushes and then kisses him on his lips which turned to be a long lip lock. Natik couldn’t bear it so left to lounge fuming in anger and akshara asked him what happened but he didn’t said anything and asked her to call kartik and naira, but she said he went to washroom and will come on their own.
K: Jaan ander chalay warna sab samjhay gay ke meh tumhay bhagay kai lai gya hun. N stop blushing tooo.
N: ok. but Kartik please do something that gayu di won’t mind and no one could know about us and also we could do chup chup ke romance.
K: okay lets go lady love.
They both went in and sat seperatly. Akshara asked Naira to take Gayu and Kartik to Gayus room. Naira nodded but kartik got a plan to make his wife jealous.
K: Anti ji! Gayatri Ji can take me to her room by her room. Why to make naira ji uncomfortable.
Akshara asks Gayu and she nodes in yes later she asks natik who was lost in his own toughts replied in yes after a couple of seconds. Gayu tought he wants to spend time with me while Natik thinks wht is he up to do with my this daughter. Later Kartik and Gayu were about to leave when kartik winked at Naira and she gave him u r dead look which went un-noticeable by other family member. As Kartik and Gayu left, Naira made an excuse and went behind them. Kartik saw naira and intentially made Gayu slip and catched her and gave her a false eye look, which made Naira super angry and Gayu on cloud nine. Both Kartik and Gayu were n Kartiks room and naira was on door. Kartik kept on flirting with gayu and making Naira jealous. Later naira realized what was he doing and messeged him.
N: Oaay mendhak! Flirt with her later first tell her that u cant marry her.
Kartik smiled reading her message and gayu felt a little insecure.
K: ohh k: but why can’t I marry her. She is understanding, cute, loving and very beautiful Mrs Kartik Goenka.
N: u can’t marry her because I myour everything. I am your wife, your first love, your gf, your bff and every thing. So don’t even dare to think about it. And remember I am also ur sherni as well and I will eat u.

K: calm down jaan, m sorry.
While kaira were chatting, natik came out to see whts going on and found naira stick to door of kartik and gayu.
Later on when gayu asked kartik about his hobbies, naira requested him to explain and refuse her.
K: see Gayu u r a very nice and understanding girl. N u can find some one better then me. U r very good and beautiful, n if u want we can be good friends but I can not marry u because I love some one else. Actually me and that girl want to get married but after completing MBA. So if we will tell our parents they will get us married immediately so I m extremely sorry but I cannot marry u. see matches are made in heaven and mine an na…I mean that girls match is made in heaven. U will also find the one who is made for u but its not me. Sorry plz can we both refuse to this marriage by saying we have different toughts and future plans. May be not now but after I leave we can explain our families.
Naira give kartik a proud smile and flying kiss.
G: its ok kartik. I can understand and I hope u get married to that girl whom u love so I think we should leave.
Kartik nodes in yes and they both go down. After some time naira also goes. Everyone then went to dining table and akshara served them. Annanya asks gayu to sit next to kartik. But before gayu cound reach, naira went and sat next to it. Gayu, Annanya and natik were shocked at her action.

PRECAP: no idea
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