KAIRA yrkkh (chapter 2)

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So chapter 2 goes here:
Naira and family were completed with preparations and Gayu Naira Ananya and Mishti went to Nairas room and started chit chating about tomorrow.
A: Gayu if your marriage gets fixed with that guy, u are going to be very lucky as he is the most handsome man I have seen. He looked so dashing in that photo right.
Mishti and Gayu nodded in yes while naira had no idea about him while whispered in her heart

N: May be he is handsome but not more than my frog prince.
Mishti and Annanya kept teasing Gayu while naira got bored and started chatting with her mendhak
N: Hey! Whts up?
(As u all would know now that Kartik is nairas husband so I think I should no need to give a longer introduction of him)

K: HI! Nothing special. I was just thinking of that girl.
N got very angry: Wht how dare u? I wont leave u. u r very stupid idiot mad. I am missing u and u…thinking of other girls. I hate u.
K trying to explain: arey nahi nahi. I mean how to reject her not about her beauty I even haven’t seen her picture and even don’t know her name. Trust me Jaan.
N: Awww… its okay my budhu mendhak. I love u.
K: Hayye mar jawan. Abb to jee chah raha hai aakay tumha lip to lip kiss day dun. Ab toh 20 days ho gai. I miss it a lot.

Naira smiles and blushes which gets noted by her three sisters. Annanya signs Gayu to snatch Nairas phone. While naira hides her phone as she sees gayu coming near.
G: Naira kya chupa rahi hai. Apna phone dikha
A: Haan Naira kis se baat kar rahi thi tu. Tell us. Hmmm
N: Offhoo mere behnoo. Aisa kuch nahi jo aap soch rahi ho. I was talking to pungi.
M: Ohh really then why this blushing. I have seen in T.V when boy friend sends romantic messeges to gf she blushes like this.

N beats mishti and murmurs that not bf mishtis he is not my bf he is my husband.
Then they try to know truth from naira but goes in vain. At the end they trust her and go to sleep in their respective room. Later naira has a romantic dream with kartik while some one asks her to get up and say 5 more mins love which made naitik shocked and he shout princess get up. Naira comes back to her senses and gets up quickly. Natik asks her about love and she says pungi used to her up in this way. After hearing her reply natiks calms down and asks her to get ready and also help gayu as the grooms would come in 2 hours. Naira sends a gudmorning selfi to kartik and tells his to b rejecting the girl and also not to call her as she would be busy.
Naira wore kartiks favourite blue colours long dress in which she looked like a princess(cinderella). Later on she helped Gayu in getting ready. Both sisters were looking stunning but naira looked more gorgeous than Gayu.

Later the boy and his family arrived and the singhanias warmly welcomed them. Every one chatted for a while and natik requested his princess to bring Gayu down. The was least interested in looking at Gayu so he didn’t turned. Yet the boys back was facing Naira and Gayu. Naira made Gayu sit next to boys mother and was about to see the boy when slipped and was to fall but was catched by the boys arms. These arms seemed well known to naira. Her face was covered with hairs. The boy was yet caring naira in his arms. Naira felt safe and familiar in his arms. She felt her Kartik around. The boy gently removed nairas hairs from her fac. Now both could see eachother and were shocked as the boy was non other then our Kartik.

K: Jaa…I mean Naira
N: Kartikk…..
Kartik made naira stand and was still in shock condition while same was the case with Naira. Naira was about to hug kartik tightly but he stopped her making her realize about family all around. But here naira was not being able to stop herself. Both kaira was lost in their own world when Natik questioned them that they know each other and they nodded in yes. Naira was about to tell truth bubt kartik stopped her saying that they met in rishikah and naira was his guide heart but natik and both families suspected something fishy. But stopped for mean time. Kaira were completely shattered as they didn’t wanted to break Gayus heart and Gayu was on cloudnine thinking of kartik as her husband and was staring kartik lovingly while he and his wife were looking at eachother worried.

Akshara signed naira to take gayu and kartik to gayus room so that they can talk while kartik made an excuse of going to washroom so akshara requests naira to take him.


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