KAIRA yrkkh (chapter 16)

So this is chp 16:
The episode starts with kaira ending the story of their love. Gayu didn’t wanted anyone to reply positively to Kaira, so started her drama.
G: how can u both do it to do it to us? How can u? Kartik u played with familys and our feelings too by saying that its your mothers wish not to marry right now and actually you hide the truth of your marriage from us? N naira u, u said that u and kartik were good friends and you were his guide, right? If u would tell me truth at first, I would never say yes or feel some thing for kartik.
MA: Gayu is right why u lied to us??

K: I am sorry dad and ….
G: and naira I have lost my parents firstly, but mama and mami loved me like their own daughter, till the time u didn’t u came.. but as u came u stealed their love from mee too… and now I liked kartik, u stealed him fro me too. Why naira why??
meanwhile gayu was blaming naira, kartik was stopping his angry hardly but as gayu slapped naira, kartik too slapped Gayu hard.
K: no one in this world has right to talk to my wife in such way and slap her. How dare u? Say sorry to her immediately
Naira tried to calm him down but now was of no use.

MA: Why shall she say sorry? She didn’t said anything wrong.
K: But she talked to my wife in such a wrong way and even slapped her. N is blaming her for wrong things. I wont leave her. Just say sorry
G: Why???

K: U have no right to blame her. U lost your parents as they died in a car accident. Naira didn’t stealed akshara anti or natik uncle from u. they are her parents and yes , let me tell u as naira left, u tried to take her place, she is taking her own place back not taking your rights. N talking about me, I was never yours. I am only made for my Jaan, my naira and no one else. I loved her, l love her and will always do. There is no space for u in my life no space.and what u said, naira stealed me from u, impossible, she can never steal me from any one, because I am only hers. U may understand it and say sorry to naira
Naira got very happy seeing kartik’s love for her and hugged him crying which went unbearable for family.
NA: wht r u doing naira. Leave him. U can’t hug any person like this.

N: He is not any person he is my husband papa, my husband.
NA: Shut up!!
N:by saying shut up, the fact can’t change, please forgive us and accept us heartedly, plzz. And yes uncle if u have any problem about your reputation, u may get us remarry, but we can’t live without each other.
Later Goenka and Singhania families bad worded about kaira, especially naira which kartik and Rahul weren’t able to digest so they said that they are leaving their families forever, but naira wanted to stay with families. Naira goes to naksh

N: Bhai! Plz u trust me plzz bhai plzz, I am sorry bhai, I am sorry.
Naksh was about to say no but natik requested him to say yes and told goenkas too that he has a plan. So now according to plan Suwarna and Naksh were with them while others were against. Naksh demanded some time from kaira and they gave him. Rahul felt something fishy and kept an eye on everyone.
Later every one was in one room, discussing something. Kaira and Rahul were outside. Rahul some how heard their convo.
NA: Manish ji, I have plan. We will keep kids away for some time and we will immediately search rishta naira and kartik. And after fiding proposal we will some how get them divorced.
NAK: but this is wrong, we are playing with their feelings, if they will get to k now the truth,they would never ever forgive us.
MA: This is the only way left to part them away Naksh.

NAK: Okay! We can try
Rahul was shocked, first he was about to tell the plan to kaira, but later he stopped. He made a plan too and was sure that kaira would be knowing each and every truth after it.

Hope so u liked it. Plz comment and tell. So r u guys excited for Rahul’s plan.
Take care! Keep smiling! Keep reading! Keep watching YRKKH! 

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